10 Best Graphic Design Resume Tips

A few seconds is all you have to make an impression on a recruiter. Here are some graphic design resume tips to help you achieve this feat.

10 Best Graphic Design Resume Tips

A few seconds is all you have to make an impression on a recruiter before he drops your resume for the next one. So, it’s crucial that your document is of high quality and stands out from the pack. Here are some graphic design resume tips to help you achieve this feat.

10 Best Graphic Design Resume Tips

1 Keep Things Striking and not Flashy 

Yes, you’re a graphic designer, and your resume template needs to stand out. Your formatting choice shows recruiters what you bring to the table serving as an interview before the main event. But going overboard with your design can come off as too flashy and amateurish. It would help if you considered layouts that are stylish and yet don’t bury your information. 

2 Include Your Contact Information

Right off the bat, your resume should include your contact information. You wouldn’t want to be unreachable for that interview call, now would you? Contact details such as your name, phone number, and professional email addresses should feature in your document.

Many job seekers often make the mistake of riddling their write-ups with links. Such an approach could distract or, worse, turn off recruiters. You can add your connections, such as your designed blog or LinkedIn profile, neatly to your contact information.

3 Take the Simple Approach: Graphic Design Resume Tips

You’ve achieved a lot over the years as a graphic designer, but not all your experiences are relevant to your potential job. It’s best to keep things simple and avoid extraneous details to your document. An ideal CV would be no more than a page, often against a two-column layout. 

In some cases, you can have your information spread across two pages. But you’ll need to ensure your contact information appears on both of them.

4 Have a Professional Help Out

Resume writing sites are popular with designers looking to put their best foot forward when job hunting. These services help them prepare a high-quality document that meets the highest standards of recruiting teams, including ATS keywords. Having top resume writing sites assist you in improving your chances of an interview call, highlighting your job experience in the best light possible. 

5 Share Your Success: Graphic Design Resume Tips

What were your accomplishments with previous employers? Find a way to show off your results from previous jobs instead of making a list of your positions. The best approach is to quantify your results and accomplishments and add stats where possible to show growth. 

6 Tailor Your Skills

Find creative ways to tailor your experience and skills from your previous job to match those recruiters need in the new job. Top companies use Applicant Tracking Systems to recruit potential candidates for a position. If you’re looking to rank high on such software, your resume has to feature specific keywords about the job. 

As a graphic designer, you can work in multiple industries. If you’re making a switch and finding it challenging to translate your experience, top resume writing sites can help you out. 

7 Add Relevant Educational Information 

When highlighting your educational background, it’s best you only list out relevant information. Here’s a guide. 

8 Simple and Concise: Graphic Design Resume Tips

Your document’s readability is a top priority, and keeping your write-ups clear and concise can get you an excellent score. Use only general or industry-specific words and phrases known in your potential industry. So, not those from your previous job experience. 

Only add information that adds value to your chances of receiving a call-up. So highlighting your college society or that chess award is a path you should avoid. Recruiters also expect that you’re proficient with some of the best design software as a professional, so it’s best not to go listing out applications in your document. 

9 Add a Cover Letter 

Your cover letter offers you the chance to convince the recruiter that you’re the best candidate of the bunch. So, here’s where you discuss the value you’d be adding to the firm if you came on board. 

10 Review Your Document 

Take the time to proofread your graphic design resume for mistakes, misspellings, or inaccurate information; passing one riddled with errors is unprofessional and would hurt your chances of getting an interview. In addition, you can have top resume writing sites proofread your content as many people do to ensure the perfect edits. 

Graphic Design Resume Tips Final Thoughts

Graphics designers aim to provide excellent content appealingly, and it’s best to take the same approach with your resume. Try emulating the following tips to improve your chances of landing that dream job.

  • Firstly, avoiding extraneous information
  • Secondly, keep things simple and aim for a single page resume
  • Quantify your accomplishments
  • Finally, get assistance