10 Essential Service Businesses to Start in 2024

See which of these essential service businesses ideas appeals to you and start moving towards having your own successful business today

Updated on January 13, 2024
10 Essential Service Businesses to Start in 2024

You might have heard that more people are working from home these days. This presents the perfect opportunity to take your remote working skills and apply them to a service-based business. But how can you establish a unique company that stands out? You must find something you are good at and enjoy doing it. You can start each of the below service businesses while continuing to work full-time. Many of them can also be started online. See which of these essential service businesses ideas appeals to you and start moving towards having your own successful business today.

Care for the Elderly: Essential Service Businesses to Start

Many seniors need help with such daily living situations as companionship, personal grooming, and cooking. And many families will pay good money for a carer to provide these services to their loved ones. You could even buy a senior care franchise where you don’t have to start the business from scratch. It’s a great business to run if you enjoy working with people.

Vacation Rentals

While renting out a house or an apartment is a bona fide option, you can also rent out one or more rooms. Inc. recommended this option as a way of reducing your monthly living expenses. If you don’t have a guest bedroom to rent out, you could transform your office or spare room into one. Aside from working on making your space guest-friendly, you’ll also need to manage guest interactions and online listings, clean up, and promote yourself online.

Handmade Items Service Businesses Ideas

If you can make such items as clothes, jewelry, and other crafts by hand, you could turn your talents into a business. It isn’t difficult to start selling on eBay and Etsy. Custom clothing, such as baby outfits or clothing for specific events, allows you to make some money. You could promote your business both online and to your local community.

Delivery Service: Essential Service Businesses to Start

If you own a vehicle, this is one of the best businesses to earn a living. So, we need to discover a niche, such as office supplies. You might be able to deliver on a bike if you’re dealing with lightweight products like food. You could also make some money driving for Lyft or Uber to provide extra funds while growing your delivery business.

Professional Organizer

As more people are decluttering and adopting a minimalist lifestyle, there’s a greater need for professional organizers. You can provide this service in your client’s home and/or office, helping them to organize their paperwork, workspaces, or entire homes and/or offices. You can charge $40-50 per house depending on your skill level, your location, and the organizing you will be doing. As a result, it is an essential service business to start this year for service businesses ideas.

Freelance Writing

Writing from your home is one of the best service-based businesses if you can write and know how to promote yourself. You can make a decent income if you can find clients who offer you work every month. You can write for websites, blogs, online and offline magazines, and more.

Flipping Websites

This business involves buying and selling websites or even just domain names. It’s an easy way to make money, but you would need to research and work out how to do it properly. It involves researching sales of sites that have already sold on online website marketplaces like Flippa. While it’s not technically a service business, you could turn it into one by becoming a website broker.

Repairing Gadgets: Essential Service Businesses to Start

If you’re handy at fixing things, this is a great business to run from home. Everyone has gadgets such as tablets and smartphones, yet hardly anyone knows how to fix them. That’s where you come in. You would need to order parts and instruction kits online from gadget repair companies and create a way to market yourself, but after doing so, you would have a steady stream of customers at your door.

Resume Writing

Many people have difficulty when it comes to writing their resume. If you have a way with words, you might want to consider offering your talents as a professional resume writer. However, you will need to do more than write, as editing and proofreading will also be required. Providing design skills to offer a complete resume makeover would also be a nice touch.

Bake Gourmet Treats

Who doesn’t love sweet food? If you have a knack for baking, you could start baking on the side and turn it into a full-time business over time. You can make cakes, cupcakes, gourmet cookies, and more and then offer them to local farmers’ markets, your local Facebook community page, and even Craigslist.

Eco-Friendly Home Solutions

Sustainability is more than a buzzword in 2024. Starting a business in eco-friendly home solutions, such as energy-efficient installations or sustainable landscaping, meets a growing consumer demand. Online content that emphasizes green living tips and eco-transformation stories can drive significant traffic to your website.

Personal Health and Wellness Services: Essential Service Businesses To Start

The personal health sector is booming. Whether it’s nutritional coaching, mental health counseling, or fitness training, there’s a substantial market for health and wellness experts. Share transformative journeys and health tips through your digital channels to captivate and inspire your audience.

Tech Support and Digital Literacy Training

As technology becomes more integral to daily life, there’s a growing need for tech support and digital literacy training. Catering to different age groups and proficiency levels can tap into an underserved market. Create engaging how-to videos and easy-to-follow tutorials to boost your online visibility.

Essential Service Businesses Conclusion

The service industry in 2024 offers a fertile ground for entrepreneurs ready to innovate and adapt. By choosing a niche that aligns with consumer demands and employing smart SEO tactics, you can carve out a successful and sustainable business in the digital landscape.