10 Mistakes To Avoid While Making An Explainer Video

In this article, we will show you best practices when creating an explainer video, the most common mistakes, and how to avoid them

Updated on July 7, 2023
10 Mistakes To Avoid While Making An Explainer Video

Video marketing is currently at boom. More than 81% of businesses rely on videos for marketing their brand. And 59% of the professionals choose to watch a video rather than read a text. All these stats indicate how explainer video marketing dominates all other marketing media types. This article will show you best practices when creating an explainer video, the most common mistakes, and how to avoid them.

In video marketing, making communication with your customers is very important. Communication can be quickly done with the help of videos. They are perfect for conveying your message to your consumers.

These videos are engaging and get many shares and views on social media platforms daily. Now, you are about to start making your video. You are excited about it. We don’t want to stop you, but take time to review and avoid these common mistakes you may make while creating an explainer video.

Making An Explainer Video – Common Mistakes

1- Targeting The Trong Audience:

While making an explainer video, you must first keep your target audience in mind. You must understand your audience’s likes and dislikes. There is no point in targeting people between the age of 45 to 60 if your potential customers are students going to university.

10 Mistakes To Avoid While Making An Explainer Video - Power of video

Following questions you must ask yourself before making an explainer video:

  • What is your product?
  • What problem your product solves?
  • Which language does your audience speak?

So, first of all, study your potential customers and then start making an explainer video. We all know the importance of the characters in explainer videos. Use the power of characters inside your video.

That means making the characters that represent your customers. In the above case, as your audience is students, insert similar characters in your explainer video.  Many efforts are taken behind the scenes to create the best explainer videos.

2- A Bad Script:

The second mistake businesses make while making an explainer video is not writing a real script. A well-written script leads to the creation of a perfect explainer video.

We can say that everything depends on the script. You can hire scriptwriters to write a script for you or write it yourself.

But, while writing a script, you must know about your product and how to sell it. Your script must not look like a sales pitch. You can also use story-telling while writing your script.

3- Over-Using Animations:

Animated explainer videos are great for selling your product or service. Most professionals often try to add the animation above a specific limit inside the video.

The animation is not bad, but if you overuse it, your video can’t adequately convey your message. So, use the animations whenever it is required. In addition to the animation as per your storyline.

4- Don’t Make A Long Explainer Video:

How many of you think that long-video works? The length of your explainer video must be between 60 seconds to 90 seconds. And many big companies ensure to create an explainer video of this length. Your video must be short and engaging.

Long videos of 5 to 10 minutes can be used for showing the demo of your product or software. You can also use long-explainer videos for tutorials and training.

5- Taking About The Features:

The features of your product are essential for you and your customer, but in fact, people are more interested in knowing the benefits of your product.

Instead of talking about the features, talk about the benefits. If people understand the benefits of your product and how your service can solve their problems, they will make a purchase.

Also, try to add a call to action inside your video. Call to action means texts “get access,” “buy now,” “get a free copy,” etc. These calls to action can increase your conversions and boost your revenue.

10 Mistakes To Avoid While Making An Explainer Video - Market fo online video

6- Not Delivering Value On Your Explainer Video

When selling your service or product, you have to understand the importance of providing value. Give value first, and then make a pitch.

For example, if you are selling a weight loss supplement, then first creates videos on “how to lose weight,” “weight loss diet,” and “best weight loss supplements.”

Once you have made videos on the above three topics, you can make a sales pitch for selling your weight loss supplement. You can use this strategy for selling any product through explainer videos.

Delivering value through an explainer video is essential if you want to do long-term business. Everyone can make an explainer video, but now everyone can give you a lot of unique value that you can provide.

7- Avoiding Professional Voiceover:

Narration is another crucial best practices factor determining your explainer video success. A professional voiceover is a must for marketing any business through an explainer video.

The voice must match the tone of your video and your brand. On the internet, you can find many professional voiceover artists on man

Voiceover is another crucial factor that decides the success of your explainer video. A professional voiceover is a must for marketing any business through an explainer video.

The voice must match the tone of your video and your brand. You can find professional voiceover artists on the internet on many sites like UpWork, Fiverr, etc.

The voice must have a high tone at the important words. The speech rate of the voiceover artist must be understandable.

Also, give attention to the native language of your customers. Spanish will be their first language if your customers live in Spain. So, now hire someone who can speak Spanish fluently.

Additionally, if hiring a professional voiceover artist is not feasible for your business, you can consider using a text to speech software. With this technology, you can create a voiceover for your explainer video without needing a human voiceover artist, making it a cost-effective option for businesses on a tight budget.

8- Forgetting To Add Music:

Music can make your explainer video a super hit. Or it can also make your video a flop.

We, humans, love music. Pleasant background music can make your video positive and help you sell your product. But don’t just add music. Also, try to add some humor inside your video. Don’t make an explainer video that can make your viewers serious. A crispy and engaging explainer video can be created using proper music.

9- Taking Help From A Poor-Quality Explainer Video Company:

Sometimes, businesses take advice from explainer video companies delivering poor-quality explainer videos.

Finding a company that creates a perfect video for your business is challenging. Before dealing with any company, ensure they have a good portfolio and positive reviews on their website, Facebook pages, and other platforms.

By the way, several best practices and tools can help you create an explainer video. If you have little money to invest, try tools like Moovly, Animaker, Easy Sketch Pro, etc. Almost all the explainer video creation tools cost less than $100.

But if you are a big company, it is worth getting help from professional animators, designers, or large companies in the video industry.

10- Less Use Of Creativity:

Everyone among us is creative in different areas. But not all of us use creativity. An innovative and unique explainer video will help in raising brand awareness. Almost all the big brands worldwide use creativity to grow their business continuously.

So, use creativity inside your video and make it one of your best creations. You can revise your video many times until you are satisfied with its quality.

Final Words About Explainer Video Making

Thus, these are some mistakes that you can avoid while creating an explainer video. A stunning and excellent video can skyrocket your business. Hence, please focus on quality content and deliver value through your explainer videos.

We hope this article, with best practices when creating a video explainer of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them, has been of help to you.