Statistics by Internet Live Stats show that Google gets over 63, 000 searches every second on a daily basis. It tells a lot of what good rankings on search engines could do to your business. It does not matter whether you have incorporated the best SERP tracking practices for your business or not; there is a lot you need to learn about SEO tips for you to get satisfactory results for that matter.

SEO can be traced back to 1958 and has with time gone through a series of evolution. Keeping up with the changes can prove to be a tricky play. However, many business owners have taken it upon themselves to get deep insight into SEO concepts that will make their businesses the cream of the crop in their niche.

In as much as different SEO tips and tactics apply to various industries, most of them are universal. The tactics are simple, cost-effective yet efficient for your online presence.

There are so many tips that can improve your business, but investments are also a massive part of growing as a company. This franchise would be the perfect investment for you and your company, especially when franchises are becoming more and more prominent in recent years.

Top 10 SEO tips to use for your business

10 SEO Tips You Need to Get Your Business Ahead of the Game
10 SEO Tips You Need to Get Your Business Ahead of the Game


  1.    Familiarize with your audience

Sounds simple, right? Well, you will be surprised to discover that it is among the concepts that you may have the least control over. Not to mean that you should side-line it. No! You need to get it right if you want to drive traffic to your website.

Remember that your search engine doesn’t give much care to the number of keywords you have managed to use in your content. It is more focused on the satisfaction of the users. For your business to be a success if you are using  this SEO tips, you need to understand what your audience prefers to engage in.

You will produce better content for the specific audience and drive more traffic to your website: which is good news. It means more potential customers, leads, sales and conversions!

  1.    Be original

Do not try so hard to make yourself sound like an industry expert. It will do you more harm than good. How so? You will end up losing your voice while trying to look like an expert. Remember that an industry expert will have everything working out fine because he will not lose his tone trying to play the part.

Customers will always judge your level of expertise by the value you provide them. So it is wise to pay more attention to giving your customers value other than focusing on how your content might be interpreted.

  1.    Do not get obsessed with keywords

There was a time that keyword density played a very significant role in the ranking of a website. It got to the point that webmasters started keyword stuffing, aimed at driving traffic to their pages. Note that it is web spam that could lead to your website being penalised.

Do not use keywords that are irrelevant to your content just because they tend to drive so much traffic to your site, lest you will end up with a high bounce rate: which is not a good look for your website.

It is better to use a minimum number of keywords that are beneficial to the users.

  1.    Request for reviews

Why do you need reviews whereas it is not a requirement? Reviews will not only let you know where you are as a business but will also allow your potential customers to see the positive comments on what you are offering.

It would be a good thing for your business if you encouraged your customers to review your products or services every time they make a purchase.

  1.    Work on your page loading speed

Ever had experience with a website that takes too long to load? Your most possible action would be to close that page and click on another site. Do not let your loading speed make you miss out on those sales.

Statistics show that 47 per cent of consumers expect a page to load in 2 seconds or less and might consider leaving your website if it takes longer. Remember that every visitor matters. Did you know that Google also uses page loading speed in ranking? Make a point of diagnosing what might be making your site to take ages to load.

10 SEO Tips You Need to Get Your Business Ahead of the Game
10 SEO Tips You Need to Get Your Business Ahead of the Game


  1.    Incorporate pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

Do you want to attract direct traffic to your website? Then PPC would be the best way to go about it. Why is it the best pick? First of all, it is cost-effective: you do not need something that will cause financial strain to your small business.

You will also be able to target a particular audience in light of demographics and gives you the choice of making adjustments to improve on what you have. Last but not least, you will reap the benefits of pay-per-click faster than you anticipated. You can trust on PPC to bring home the bacon!

  1.    Make use of the digital rabbit hole technique

What does the term digital rabbit hole mean? In simple terms, it refers to a long exploratory path that is characterised by many connections. You should make your website a rabbit hole. The catch is to make your visitors stay longer on your site and increase their chances of purchasing your product.

You can enchant them by including some entertaining blogs and news on your website. This visitors will stay longer on your site without realising.

  1.    Establish a business blog

Your website will have excellent visibility if your content is quality. Since the primary objective of SEO is driving traffic to your site, adding a blog to your website would be an excellent idea.

Initially, it was quite pricey to get a blog integrated into a website. A lot has changed since today there are inexpensive ways of achieving that. It means that nothing is getting in the way of adding a blog.

Note that people tend to be impertinent about so many different topics, which is why you should take advantage of that. Adding a blog will widen your social presence and traffic. Getting a little creative like integrating call-to-action is also allowed. That is how you will end up getting new business opportunities.

  1.    Know your competition

You should watch your competitors like a hawk! You know how the saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. If you want your businesses to be successful on SEO grounds, you have to keep a close eye on your competition. It does not in any way mean that you are to watch your competition so that you may do what they are doing. Keep in mind that authenticity is a must.

What exactly are you supposed to look for?

  1.    The first thing you need to do is to identify your competition. You cannot work with a vague idea. You are supposed to work on the basis of your keywords. Ask yourself questions like which websites are using the same keywords you are using? And are they scoring?
  2.    The next step will be to analyse your competition. Get an in-depth insight into their keyword density and value. That way, you will be able to point out their weakest and strongest points.

Last but not least, track the SEO performance of your competitor. You need to monitor their projects, brand, themes and even individual projects. What is the significance of grouping their information as such? It is easier to understand your competitor that way.

There will be so much to borrow from them. You will be able to use that information to modify your keywords and understand which type of content works with a particular audience. Note that competitor analysis should not be a one-time thing, it has to be regular. Not only will it help you outrank each other, but it will also result in the growth of your niche.

  1.    Be patient

Last but not least, do not expect to see SEO results as soon as you embark on it. If you are new, especially, it will take some time and effort to build trust and authority, and it is until then that your website will be able to outrank pre-existing ones.

It is good that you know that your current efforts may bear fruits after days, weeks or even months. Do not be tempted to get yourself into illicit activities to get your website a good position on the search results. Just like other endeavours, it will take time before it is on its feet. Patience is a virtue.

SEO is a broad subject, and there is so much to learn. Developers have also come up with various tools meant to better your SEO experience and help you grow through it. You can also work with backlinks and outbound links to drive more traffic to your website. Whatever you do, ensure that you adhere to the guidelines put in place. Violating them will only make your site to go down swinging, regardless of the efforts you have devoted to it.

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