10 Serif Fonts To Use For Your Design Projects

There are different types of serif in typography design, such as vintage, slab, & more, let's check the 10 best fonts to use for projects

By Larissa Lopes
Updated on September 17, 2022
10 Serif Fonts To Use For Your Design Projects

There are different types of serifs, such as vintage serif, slab serif, transitional serif, did one, or modern serif. Serifs are the tiny strokes at the end of each letter, making it a more readable font, especially when optimized for the correct font size and display medium. Using your designs’ best serif font styles, your projects can stylistically convey heritage, history, form, and classic taste. So keep reading and check out 10 serif fonts to use for your design projects.

Get professional results for your design projects with this timeless font. From classic serif fonts to more experimental shapes, Creative Market has the serif fonts that best suit your aesthetic. Follow below to learn more about the best serif fonts to help your project stand out.

So, when is the best time to use a serif font?

There are no restrictions on using serif fonts in your designs. Although it uses modern serif fonts mostly for formal projects, you can still try this font for casual designs. You can use serif fonts in various projects, from logo development to web design, posters, and other print projects. Serif fonts are timeless classics for personal or commercial projects that you can use to create stunning designs.

What are the best serif fonts?

The best serif fonts can add personality to your typeface design. It should be eye-catching and add uniqueness and style to your project. And for this reason, there are a wide variety of serif fonts on the market, from slab serif to bouncy brush fonts, each with its unique look that can make your project stand out.

You can find fonts with the best serifs on Creative Fabrica. You can download these fonts for your design work.

List of serif fonts for logo, print, and web design

When choosing a serif font, you must consider your project’s overall functionality and aesthetics. Serif fonts are available in various styles and weights, so you must match your chosen font to your project’s needs. At the same time, some serif types adapt for print and web materials and can use other serif types for logo and branding development. The only thing to remember is that serif fonts are less legible in small sizes. Moreover, you need to ensure that the text has the right amount of leading or line spacing to improve readability.

At Creative Market, you’ll find hundreds of popular serif fonts perfect for any project. Below is a list of the 10 serif fonts to use for your design projects.

1 – Merriweather


Designed with the aid of using Eben Sorkin, Merriweather is a serif typeface designed for display screen reading. It features large x-height, slightly shortened letterforms, and chunky serifs and is available in four weights and accompanying italics. There is also a sans-serif version of Merriweather Sans that works well with this serif family.

2 – Awesome Content Font

Awesome Content Font

Break the rules with Awesome Content – a quirky, bold display font! This incredible, bold typeface will go perfectly on your next album art, poster, or business card.

3 – Playfair Display

10 Serif Fonts to Use For Your Design Projects

One of the serif fonts is Playfair Display, a transitional serif font inspired by John Baskerville and Scotch Roman designs. Downloaded font files on Google include a complete set of small caps, common, and discretionary ligatures.

It comes in 6 different weights along with its italicized versions and as a variable font. Being a display font, Playfair is suitable for use in large sizes in displays and titles. 

4 – Shy Kitty Font

Shy Kitty Font

The most adorable font you have ever seen! Add a little creativity to your designs with Shy Kitty. This font is her PUA encoded, so all glyphs and swashes are easily accessible.

5 – PT Serif

10 Serif Fonts to Use For Your Design Projects

Designed by Alexandra Korolkova, Olga Umpeleva, and also Vladimir Yefimov, PT Serif is a transitional serif typeface. It includes code pages from Western, Central, and Cyrillic Europe, in addition to the characters of each title language in the Russian Federation, which makes it a unique and very important tool for modern digital communications. Designed for use with PT Sans, the font family comes in three main variations: normal, narrow, and subtitle.

6 – Lora


Lora is a balanced modern serif typeface with calligraphic roots. So, Designed by Cyreal, Lora conveys the mood of contemporary stories and art in his essays.

7 – EB Garamond Serif Fonts

10 Serif Fonts ato Use For Your Design Projects

EB Garamond is a classic Garamond style serif font that was designed to create a revival of Claude Garamont’s famous humanist fonts from the mid-16th century. Based on Berner’s 1592 specimen drawings, it provides a free version of the Garamond typefaces available under the Open Font License.

Designed by Georg Duffner, this typeface covers Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic typefaces expanded in different styles (regular, italic, bold, bold italic) and design sizes.

8 – Calming Serif Fonts

10 Serif Fonts to Use For Your Design Projects

Calming Serif has some alternates and ligatures, so you can combine them to make a perfect typography design. It is ideal for your upcoming projects, such as luxury logo and branding, classy editorial design, woman magazine, cosmetic brand, fashion promotional, art gallery branding, museum, historic architecture, boutique branding, stationery design, blog design, modern advertising design, card invitation, art quote, home decor, book/cover title, special events and any more.

This font is PUA encoded, which means you can access all of the fantastic glyphs and ligatures with ease!

9 – Bellefair

10 Serif Fonts ato Use For Your Design Projects

Large, elegant, and romantic, Bellefair was created by Nick Shinn of Canadian foundry Shinntype and takes inspiration from 19th century and Art Nouveau typefaces. Originally designed as a Latin typeface, Liron Lavi Turkenich later developed a Hebrew version of the typeface that proved an excellent fit in terms of weight and style.

If you are looking for a modern typeface such as Didot or Bodoni or a good alternative to his Didone typeface, Bellefair is for you.

10 – Pro Serif Fonts

10 Serif Fonts ato Use For Your Design Projects

Source Serif Pro is an open-source typeface created by Frank Grießhammer for Adobe Systems. The transition-style serif font complements the Source Sans Pro family, another popular free sans serif font.

Source Serif Pro features simplified letterforms that are highly readable on screen or paper. In addition, it comes in various styles, from extra light to black.