10 Simple Image Editing Techniques You Can Do Online for Free

Check the best 10 image, picture and photo editing techniques that you can do online for free without invest in a pricey software program

10 Simple Image Editing Techniques You Can Do Online for Free picture photo

Are you looking to edit images for your website but don’t want to invest in a pricey software program? You’re in luck! There are plenty of free online image editing tools to help you get the job done. Many of them use techniques that don’t require any editing or design skills. Check the best 10 image, picture and photo editing techniques that you can do online for free.

10 Simple Editing Techniques 

While going through your website improvement checklist, don’t forget to make room for your site’s visuals. 

These 10 simple editing techniques can help take your content to the next level.

1. Crop Images 

Cropping removes unwanted or distracted areas and places emphasis on one focal point. To make sure you don’t lose any detail in the process, start with a large image. Try to follow the rule of thirds when cropping, as it makes your image more visually appealing and symmetrical. 

2. Add Text 

Adding text is a feature nearly all free editing tools have, but this feature won’t make text stand out. You’ll need to add something more. If you want to add text on top of an image. Moreover, blur the background. If you’re placing text on a neutral background, add a black outline to make it pop.

3. Add Filters: Simple Image, Picture & Photo Editing Online Techniques

Social media websites like Instagram are famous for their image filters. Filters are a non-editors best friend because they are what you call presets that can make any photo look better. While some tools only change the image’s warmth, others will produce a cartoon-like effect on a still-life or change your hair color or length.

4. Adjust Colors 

Creators can change the color of an image or object in an image by using free image editing tools online. They can also adjust the saturation, which affects a color’s intensity. In addition, If the photo is highly saturated, the colors are brighter. Low saturation can turn a color photo black and white. 

5. Retouch Images 

Plenty of free online tools let you retouch images with one click. If you need to smooth out wrinkles or remove blemishes, the retouching tool will come in handy. So, for a more advanced editing job, use a healing brush or clone stamp. Pattern stamps can also remove imperfections. 

6. Add Contrast

The contrast in photography means “difference.” You can create contrast through different tones or colors. When you turn the contrast up, you’ll produce darker darks and lighter lights. This will produce dramatic shadows. With that said, too much contrast can blow out an image.

7. Add Borders: Simple Image, Picture & Photo Editing Online Techniques

With borders, creatives can enhance an image’s shape and style. You can add traditional square borders or round borders, or non-traditional border shapes (like stars) to adjust the mood of any project. Finally, consider using a neutral color for the border if your image is very colorful.

8. Merge Images 

Creatives can merge two or more photos into one using online editing tools. This tool helps you eliminate objects or people from the finished product. You can also merge images to add objects or edit marketing material. For example, adding more trees to a forest or clouds to the sky.

9. Create Collages: Simple Image, Picture & Photo Editing Techniques

Collages are a fun way to show off multiple photos in one image. Free online photo editors come with templates that let you insert images in an attractive way. To create a stunning collage, play with the color. Use contrasting colors to separate focal point images from the background.

10. Enhance Brightness

For a photographer, lighting is one of the hardest things to get right. With editing software, you can make this problem disappear. If an image is too dark, you can adjust the brightness higher, showing off more detail. If you want something more dramatic, adjust the brightness down.