10 Social Media Mistakes By Companies – Brand Damage On Social Media

Hey, watch out! Don't repeat these ten social media branding mistakes by companies and brand damage on social media

By Larissa Lopes
Updated on September 13, 2022
10 Social Media Mistakes By Companies – Brand Damage On Social Media

Hey, watch out! Don’t repeat these ten social media branding mistakes by companies and brand damage on social media.

When the Titanic goes down – you don’t look for another Titanic to save you.

You run towards the lifeguards.

They’re cheap…
Easy to access…
And very handy…

Social media are pretty much like lifeguards for your business.

So, they can save you from drowning at a budget-friendly rate.

And you already know how easily accessible they’re.

Branding companies make sure they power their carriers with these life-saving tools.

Even SEO companies and web design companies are fueling their businesses on social media.

Interesting how everyone is flocking towards social media marketing. Isn’t it?

And it’s understandable because

  • There’s no limit to finding new customers
  • And also, you can market at a low cost
  • Return on investment is great
  • You have branding visibility on social platforms
  • There’s a better appeal to search engine ranking

But… If You Don’t Know How To Use Them, You’re Playing With Fire.

Your business goes to social media with immense responsibility.

One small mistake and everything can bite the dust.

So it would help if you avoided all the social media mistakes that even top branding agencies make.

And also, don’t go on social media saying “something is better than nothing.”

Because you can’t go half-hearted when it comes to branding.

So, you want customers to fall for you and your services.

Mistakes would only goof up your plan.

So what are we waiting for? First, let’s check out social media branding mistakes to avoid.

Social media mistakes #1: There’s no plan

The biggest mistake you can commit on social media is to go planless without any clue.

Moreover, do you see those business accounts having 50k or 100k followers?

They don’t appear successful overnight.

And also, they pre-plan effective social media marketing strategies to maximize their efforts.

And then they run their plans for months or even years.

You want to replicate the same efforts.

Here’s how you can do it.

Start with auditing your current social presence

  • What network are you active on?
  • Which network is most valuable?
  • Where does your profile stand against competitors?
  • Is your existing account optimized?

So, know who your ideal audience is. Create a persona based on

  • Age
  • Location
  • Income
  • Job Title

Also, identify metrics to measure your success. For example:

  • Reach
  • Conversion rate
  • Sentiment
  • Brand Mentions

So, make beautiful content

  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Images
  • Interviews

And also set your goals.

  • Is it for brand recognition?
  • Or you’re going for sales?
  • Or is it only for engagement?

Once you’ve planned all this— your social media branding will be off to a flyer.

Mistake #2: Your brand culture is missing the point

You don’t go about shooting posts after posts on social media.

And also, there has to be a brand culture.

Ask yourself…

  • What’s your purpose on social media?
  • Are you getting too salesy?
  • Are you sharing unprofessional and inappropriate messages?
  • How will you manage comments and negativity?

Moreover, these questions answer the kind of brand culture you’re looking to have. So, don’t repeat these ten social media branding mistakes by companies and brand damage on social media.

How to make a mark with brand culture

  • Observe the brands you follow
  • Also, see how they engage with customers
  • Balance your expertise
  • Boast your work (in the limit)
  • Also, post about your clients
  • Entertain your followers

Look! Everything you do on social media creates your culture.

You have to keep it positive and consistent. So, that’s it.

Social media mistakes #3: Your brand voice has a lot of hiccups

So, what you talk about and write is what you become in the eyes of your customers.

Are you funny? Or Playful?

Or are you an intellectual, witty personality?

Moreover, you have to decide the type of brand voice you’re looking to have.

And then, you’ve to follow the consistency rule throughout all the social media platforms.

But many top branding companies trade off tonal consistency just because “they had to follow the posting schedule.”

Hey! You can afford to lag on your schedule, not on your tone!

That’s a grave mistake you’ll make.

Tips to make social media voice

  • Get your adjectives straight
  • Also, write as you explain it to your granny
  • Sound real and avoid jargon
  • So, don’t use click baits; drop the drama— flat!
  • Talk and write based on the reader’s point of view
  • Always listen and respond

Moreover, top branding companies focus on brand voice to keep themselves heard.

Mistake #4: You settle with bad brand experience

So, the ultimate goal of your social media branding is not to annoy the customers.

But don’t doubt your capabilities.

Moreover, you can annoy them if you ignore brand experiences.

And also, even 90% of experts believe brand experience is far superior to posting random stuff.

Don’t trust us?

  • Why do you think brands try to look funny?
  • Why have they adopted meme culture?
  • What’s so great about cat and dog videos?

So, the idea is pretty simple.

Brands want to

  • entertain you
  • give the moment of joy and relaxation
  • provide viewer experience

So, you want to create a brand experience they share with friends and families, which fits in their memories.

Tactics for a unique brand experience

  • Focus on fluid content
  • Also, make dynamic medi
  • Explainer videos
  • Educational videos
  • Experience videos
  • Also, product videos
  • Don’t compromise on engaging content
  • Hold contents
  • Also, have a brand swag
  • Go live and connect

Social media mistakes #5: You’re inconsistent

You’re apple on Facebook and orange on Instagram.


Your reputation stales like those fruits.

And also, you must ensure your brand stays consistent across all social media platforms.

Think of all the elements related to your brand.

  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Brand Voice
  • Images
  • Music
  • Hashtags
  • Live to stream

The list goes on and on.

So, see if they’re consistent on all the platforms.

It’s more about how you present yourself every time.

How to manage brand consistency

  • Begin with defining your message and brand first
  • Also, make use of your logo on the profile picture
  • Let dedicated branding companies handle your portfolio
  • Schedule your post well in advance
  • Also, let content pass through the two-three step approval process
  • Make posts brand-focused
  • Have your checklist well in advance
  • Also, avoid automation, get experts under the house

You can’t take consistency lightly…

So, you’re doing all this to ensure your message carries through on all the platforms.

Five Other Social Media Mistakes

  1. You cater everything to the wrong audience
  2. You ignore your followers and their concerns
  3. You fail to handle negative comments
  4. Overpromote yourself rather than adding value to the visitors
  5. You don’t evaluate reactions after posting

So, social media is not as easy as waking up today and posting things as you do for your personal profiles. Moreover, don’t repeat these ten social media branding mistakes that companies and brand damage on social media.

But it gets a lot easier when you stop taking it as a task and start enjoying it like an activity.

So tell us about the mistakes you made in your learning.