10 Tried And Tested Techniques That SEO Experts Swear By

SEO is one of the best methods to attract proper attention from customers. We'll explore they top 10 techniques that SEO experts swear by.

Updated on December 31, 2023
10 Tried And Tested Techniques That SEO Experts Swear By

As competition for advertising spikes, companies and marketers find themselves looking for ways to attract more sales. An efficient way to ensure this is through search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is one of the commonly used methods by marketers to attract proper attention from customers. In his article we’ll explore they top teen techniques that SEO experts swear by.

However, if you aren’t familiar with SEO optimization techniques, it’s better to look for SEO experts to help you with this. For instance, Matt Jackson is an SEO expert from the UK who is focused on improving client rankings, and staying ahead of Google updates. When talking about SEO optimization, we can’t deny that it’s a fruitful method to gain more audience to your site.

Best SEO Tricks To Consider

The easier it is for your content to be found by users, the better you’ll be ranked. One of the best methods to enhance visibility on your site is through SEO optimization. In business, for instance, it has been mentioned severally that online research is usually the first step when people want to purchase something. Therefore, it would be beneficial for your site if your content appeared within the first results in search engines. 

SEO tactics often get updated by search engines. It would help if you considered SEO audits to ensure that you are at par with the current trends. By doing this, you’ll make it possible for your site to drive sales, visitors, and new leads by amplifying your search engine ranking. 

Below are other practices that SEO marketers use to ensure maximum traffic to their sites:

1 Enhancing Site Speeds: SEO Experts Techniques

The faster a page loads, the more your customers are satisfied. Gone are the days when people used to wait more than three minutes for a page to open. Many organizations and promoters have realized that removing content that slows down a page’s loading time is beneficial. These could be scripts, unoptimized images, terrible hosting, excess adverts, and the like.

By eliminating non-essential plugins and clutter from your page, you increase the loading speed of your site. Additionally, you can add widgets that are beneficial to the customers. 

2 Linking To Authority Sites

Linking to authority sites doesn’t mean that customers will not view your content. It also helps customers be more affirmative and confident that your content is good. This is because other authority sites act as a scale to your content. Again, it shows that you have done your homework sufficiently in terms of research.

Having outbound authoritative links is a known SEO practice. By doing so, you also encourage others to link your content. It’s, however, advised to use less authoritative links than have many poor linkages. Furthermore, encourage other bloggers to link their content to your site.

3 Create Captivating Landing Pages: SEO Experts Techniques

It’s a good feeling to know that people are reading your content. It’s advisable to create enticing headers for your materials. The more captivating it is, the more people will want to read your content. 

This can easily be done using illustrations and infographics. Besides, testimonials are also a great way to create credibility for your content. Also, focus more on your call-to-action buttons to increase conversions.

4 Keep The Titles Short And Precise

With the growth of mobile phones, people don’t need to have laptops and computers to be on the internet. This means that content creators need to ensure that titles are short for mobile compatibility. Shorter titles plus shorter URLs provide a better experience in today’s time than a few years back.

5 User-Friendly Site Material: SEO Experts Techniques

Aside from ensuring that your content meets search engine standards, ensure that your data relates to the end-user. Information that matters attracts even more people to your site and hence more awareness and increased site visits.

On the other hand, search engines reward this by having that relevant material within the first search results. This is because the search engines always follow the users. If you have quality content, the more clicks you’ll have. So, if search engines notice higher reads by many users, then your ranking goes up.

6 Employ The Right Keywords 

Keywords are phrases or words that search engine users commonly use when searching for items or information online. Having proper keywords ensures that customers can easily find your page. In turn, you can increase conversions. To find proper keywords to use on your page, use keyword planners to identify the best ones to use. Additionally, you can scroll through high-ranking competitor sites to find the most effective words or phrases.

Image files also need to have suitable keywords to attract traffic. Most search engines have a whole section solely devoted to images. Therefore, it would be prudent to incorporate the right keywords in your pictures. It’s because images are a significant factor in search engine optimization.

7 Consider Reporting Systems: SEO Experts Techniques

Reporting systems using search engine analytics are an excellent way to gauge what your customers are looking for and where they are exploring. Furthermore, it’ll provide information on what you need to adjust to create more targeted content that users are after.

8 Take Advantage Of Well-Structured Meta Descriptions

A meta description is, in simple terms, a summary of your page’s content that’s helpful to search engines and internet users. Usually, this is the content appearing after a topic on search engine results pages (SERPs). Ensuring suitable meta descriptions can serve as an advertising tool to encourage clicks.

Considering that meta descriptions are what users see first in SERPs, they should be very well structured to capture the reader’s eye. Ensure that your content corresponds to the meta description you have put to avoid penalization from search engines.

9 Use Of Simple URLs

Don’t make the mistake of using long URLs with irrelevant characters and numbers. Make sure that URLs are friendly to both search engines and end-users. To ensure this, have them short, with relevant information. It’ll make them simple to read for both the end-user and the search engines. 

10 Using Social Media Signals: SEO Experts Techniques

Social media is an integral element in SEO marketing strategies. Hence, many marketers tend to use social media to increase traffic to their sites. By sharing fresh content through social media, promoters and bloggers can reach a wider audience quickly.

By linking social media channels to your sites, many marketers can create a larger audience by encouraging them to share their content. Also, asking influencers to mention your products or services will help your site gather more traffic that can be converted into leads. 


This guide offers some of the tried and tested approaches that SEO experts follow. It’s clear that using shorter URLs and having catchy meta descriptions can help generate traffic to your content. Also, reporting systems, authority sites, short titles, and proper keywording can be beneficial. Lastly, ensure captivating landing pages, faster-loading speeds, and valuable content on your site to promote customer engagement.