10 Ways PDF Converters Can Help Your Business

Documents digitization is a norm for any business in the world. Check the top ways that PDF converters can help your business & its benefits.

10 Ways PDF Converters Can Help Your Business

Digitization of documents has become the norm for any business in the modern world. Gone are the days of burying your head in a heap of paperwork. Most documentation is now done digitally. A good question to ask yourself is, are you making good use of the technologies available? Check the top 10 ways that PDF converters can help your business and its benefits.

One digital solution that will make your business operations smoother and faster is the PDF converter. PDF has become a universally accepted document format used for storing and sharing vital business information. There are many ways this technology will benefit your business but first, let’s find out what it is and how it works.  

What are PDF converters

What are PDF converters

Many free applications on the internet that allow you only to open and read PDF documents. However, to edit a PDF or alter it in any way, you need a PDF converter. With this tool, you can modify your text, add new text, sign documents electronically, include watermarks, convert your files from Word Doc to PDF, PPT to PDF, XLSX to PDF and vice versa. This software helps improve your work processes and boosts efficiency

10 ways PDF converters can help your business

If you’re still unsure of the suitability of this digital solution for you, take a look at the benefits it can bring to your business and see if you’ll change your mind. 

1 It allows you to convert PDF to Word Doc

A lot of free applications allow you to convert Word Doc to PDF. However, to convert a PDF to Word, you need a converter. Sometimes, you need to change your document format from PDF to Word Doc to be able to thoroughly edit it. Not only that, you can also reformat the document more professionally in Word Doc. This feature is only available on a converter. 

Why would you need to convert PDF to Word Doc

Many business professionals prefer PDF to Word Doc for many reasons. Some of these reasons are present below. 

It works better with screen readers

It works better with screen readers

If you need to send a PDF file to a client who uses a screen reader, it is best to send it in Word Doc form. This is because some screen readers cannot read PDFs. To avoid inconveniences, convert the document to a Word Doc before sending.

It is more reliable

The reliability factor is also a reason people prefer PDF to Word Doc. You can trust that your confidential information will be devoid of any tampering if it is in PDF format. 

It is easier to create and use

PDFs are easier to create, copy, transfer or share than Word Doc and other file formats.

2. PDF converters help business & benefits: Stores your data securely

Data storage is more secure in PDF formats. For example, if you create an important document in Word Doc, anyone can tamper with it and change the information. However, that is not the case with PDF files. A converter comes with advanced encryption. You can add a password to your file, debarring anyone without authorization from accessing it. This is very helpful for confidential files like business agreements, proposals and financial documents. 

3. It retains the formatting of your document

If you open a Word Doc on another device, chances are that the formatting would have it out. This is not so with PDFs. With a converter, you can easily change your document from Word Doc to PDF and retain your formatting. 

Doing this keeps the order and arrangement of your information intact and unscattered. This saves you the confusion and time wastage that comes with dealing with a distorted document. For instance, if you’re sending an invoice or any of the most popular PDF forms, any distortion can make the company lose money. 

4. PDF converters help business & benefits: Makes document digitization easier

It makes document digitization easier

Everyone is moving away from the paper era, and rightly so. However, how do you convert your paper documents to digital ones fast and effortlessly? The answer is simple: use a PDF converter. 

A converter makes document digitization seamless. With it, you’re up from having to type every bit of information on paper by hand. All you need to do is scan your document and file them in a secure location. 

5. It makes your document accessible on most devices and applications

Unlike other document formats like Word Doc, you can open a PDF document on almost any device and app. Most devices and applications are compatible with a PDF format. You can even use PDFs on web pages

A converter helps you convert documents from other forms into PDF, making it acceptable across board. With it, you won’t have to worry about business partners or clients being able to open a document sent to them. This makes business communication and document-sharing seamless. 

6. PDF converters help business & benefits: Allows you sign electronically

Just some years back, people needed to physically sign official documents and courier them to the recipient before agreements were made. Now, with this software, electronic signatures are possible, making business transactions more convenient and time-efficient. You don’t need to wait for hours or even days to receive a signed document when your partner or client can easily sign online and send it to you digitally. 

7. It lets you send files easily

Have you ever tried to send a document and it was too heavy to send? A converter solves this problem. You can compress it so that it will be easy to send. The inconvenience of limiting what you attach to emails is over; your converter fixes it. Also, you can split your documents and send them in bits with a converter. 

8. It saves space on your devices 

Large files can take up too much space on the hard drive of your device. This can slow your device down and deny you precious space you can use for other files. A converter can help you save some space. To enjoy this benefit, simply compress your files before saving them.

9. PDF converters help business & more benefits: Makes editing easy

A converter makes it easy for you to edit your documents. For example, you might need to edit your annual report generated as an XLSX but filed as a PDF. All you have to do is convert the document to XLSX, do your editing and convert it back to PDF for safe storage. This seamless process helps make documentation much easier

10. It saves time and money

One of the advantages of digital solutions is to save time and money and the PDF converter does just that. The converter saves hours of manpower that could have been expended on routine tasks. Additionally, the cost of printing papers and mailing documents are saved with this tool. Time saved by using a converter is diverted into more vital business operations, making the company more money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on How PDF Converters Help Business

What is PDF converter used for?

A PDF converter plays the role of a translator. It digitally transforms the content of a PDF file into another format and vice versa.

How can PDF be used in a company?

PDFs can be used for file sharing, file storage, sending email attachments and better document management.

What does PDF stand for in business?

A Portable Document Format (PDF) is a type of file with the components of a printed document. It is an electronic image that can be viewed, printed, navigated and sent to others. 

Why is PDF better than Word?

A PDF document is considered better than a Word document because it is accepted by professional printers unlike Word documents. Additionally, the print-ready format of PDFs makes it possible to forward them to printers in another unit or even country without needing adjustments on the other side. 

What are the three types of PDF?

The three types of PDFs are:

  • Real PDFs
  • Scanned PDFs
  • Scannable PDFs

Do employers prefer PDF?

Usually, employers will tell you what format your resume should be in. However, if they don’t specify, always send it in PDF. Keeping your resume in this format will secure your information and keep it safe from any alteration. It will also be easily accessed as PDFs are compatible with most devices and applications.

What is the biggest advantage of PDFs?

The most significant advantage of PDFs is that it is easy to read, create and use by anyone. 

Start using PDF converters for business growth

The digital transformation of your business is not complete until you start using PDF converters. It improves your work processes, makes you more productive and helps deliver better value. Specific advantages of adopting this software include easy conversion from one format to the other, secure data storage and format retention.

Other benefits of using a converter are easier document digitization, compatibility with most devices and applications, e-signature, easy sending, space-saving, editing feature and time- and money-saving. Begin to use this super-helpful tool and see the difference in your business. 

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