10 Ways to Make Money on Instagram: Proven Strategies

Businesses are drawn to the engaged communities of social networking apps. Know the best proven strategies to make money on Instagram

10 Ways to Make Money on Instagram: Proven Strategies

Know the top 10 ways to make money on Instagram and proven strategies. Businesses are drawn to the engaged communities of social networking apps. Moreover, if your followers fit the profile of consumers a brand is trying to reach, you can earn some money. Not interested in going the influencer path? Try selling your products.

While the money these Instagram superstars can earn is astronomical, the income that non-celebrity people can earn isn’t necessarily payback.

According to the search marketing site, influencers with a million followers can earn as little as $670 per post. For example, an Instagram content creator with 100,000 followers can earn about $200 per post, while someone with 10,000 followers that can earn about $88 per post.

So the formula is more followers and + more posts = more money. 

Can you earn Instagram followers? You can make money on Instagram with 1000 followers. Acclaimed digital marketing expert Neil Patel says it’s all about engagement—that your followers like, share, and comment on your posts. 

“Even if he has 1,000 devoted followers, he has a good chance of making money,” he wrote on his blog. 

If you have an enthusiastic following, no matter how small, “brands are willing to invest because they are taking profitable action through their accounts,” Patel adds.

10 ways to make money on Instagram

1 – Get sponsored

Creating sponsored posts and stories is the main way Instagram users profit from their accounts. And for example, if your feed focuses on photos of your dog hiking, an outdoor gear company might want to pay you to post photos that show their products.

How to get sponsored on Instagram

So how do you find sponsors? In some cases, potential partners will contact you. So if you don’t want to wait to approach, check out the companies that can help you find brands and work with them.

Look for a service

Which store you use depends on your needs. Some agencies, like Mobile Media Lab, work directly with us, while others, like Influicity, connect with partners on a marketplace. Other services like Aspire help you manage all your affiliate relationships.

Be authentic

When looking for a partner or deciding on various offers, and aim for things you and those you influence would use. Your pet’s followers are more likely to trust your opinion of a dog trail backpack than gourmet cat food. Don’t worry about products you don’t like. If your dog rips an “indestructible” toy in an instant or bites every sweater you put on it, there’s no reason to recommend these things to others.

Find brands that fit your niche as specifically as possible. For example, fans of your outdoor dog might seek a lot of opinions on things for dogs in general, but they will trust you to know which protective boots work best for the winter.

Remember that sponsored posts and also stories on Instagram and held to the same standard in advertising as any other form of marketing. So be sure to include a disclosure with every paid post and story. You will do this by configuring branded content in your account settings and tagging your business partner.

2 – Promote your business to make money on Instagram

There’re many other ways to make money on Instagram. You can set up a business account and grow your business. For example, if he has an Etsy shop that sells crafts, or a food blog that generates ad revenue, a professional-looking Instagram account can boost advertising effectiveness. (This is also a popular way to make money on TikTok.) 

You can link from your profile to his Etsy or website, or promote specific products on your profile to attract more people. increase. If your account allows the Instagram Shopping feature, you can directly promote your products by tagging them.

3 – Get ready for success

Take bright photos of the product you’re trying to sell or the project you’re promoting to make it easier to find. Create a hashtag and see which competitors are using it. Moreover, encourage your customers to post photos of your products and tag them. 

So, you can also use Instagram’s Insights feature to learn more about your audience. For example, you can see how many people looked at your post and stats about people’s age and gender. 

The app features also help you find and connect with new customers. For example, pay to promote a post you want more people to see. You can even add a button to your profile with a link to your email address or phone number so your prospects can get in touch with you right away.

4 – Sell your scraps to make money on Instagram

You may not have a specific business you want to promote link to it in your Instagram bio. If not, link to your Poshmark or other seller profile. For example, many Instagram sellers use #shopmycloset to hawk their wares.

5 – Earn badges through Live videos

Another proven money strategy on Instagram is to earn money directly from your viewers by sharing real-time videos on Instagram’s Live feature. Showcase your talents, products, and more; viewers can purchase badges. This is a crucial tip to show your support. Badges are priced at $0.99, $1.99, or $4.99. A heart mark will be displayed next to the comment of the person who purchased it. 

Promote upcoming live video sessions through posts and stories to spread the news in advance. Then use the Q&A feature or greet commenters during your broadcast to increase engagement and hopefully more badges.

6 – Monetize your videos with ads to make money on Instagram

So another way to get paid is to allow brands to advertise on your videos. To set it up, go to your creator account settings and enable the monetization option for in-stream video ads. Please post your videos as usual. 

The amount you earn depends on how often your video appears in your feed. According to the Instagram for Business website, you get 55% of the revenue generated by each view.

And no compensation will pay if the video does not meet the requirements. And for example, videos must be at least 2 minutes long to be monetized. Instagram recommends 2-4 minutes as a guideline.

7 – Offer paid tutorials or masterclasses

This’s similar to linking to a blog vlog, but instead of making money indirectly (through commercials or YouTube ads on your page), your followers pay you directly for the services you provide.

And also, if you have a specific area of ​​expertise, we can offer online masterclasses that require paid tickets. This way of making money is common among fitness influencers. You can post short workouts for free and link paid full workouts to your routine.

8 – Promote special offers to make money on Instagram

Another proven money strategy on Instagram is online audiences are fans of bargains (and Instagram users love to shop: 44% of Instagrammers say they use the app to shop weekly). 

Use Instagram to showcase all the good things about your business, especially when it comes to sales. Posting a sale, promo code, or special offer on Instagram not only promotes it to your followers, but also makes it easy to share.

9 – Partner with other companies

Like partnering with creators, partnering with other companies gives people on both sides of the business the opportunity to interact with a broader consumer base. Try reaching out to other businesses like yours and running a contest or sweepstakes – it’s a great way to gain followers and connect with a new audience.

Partnership with creators

Another way of proven money strategies in Instagram influencer marketing allows you to share your business with your creator’s audience (and the creator is also introduced to your audience, which benefits everyone).

When researching people to collaborate with, make sure you pay attention to their content and values: you want to choose someone with goals that align with yours, so the partnership makes sense to clients and doesn’t feel like a weird marketing scheme.

10 – Link to your blog or vlog to make money on Instagram

Selling advertising space on your website – or making money from Youtube – can be super profitable. Moreover, you can use Instagram to direct your followers to this external website (hint: use the link tree to get the most out of this link on your website, Instagram bio).

Here are some quick examples:

  • A foodie who posts pictures of the food she cooks and also has a blog where she posts full recipes 
  • A YouTuber who posts vlog highlights on reels and provides a link to his YouTube channel for the full video 
  • A fashion influencer who posts his clothes on Instagram and links to his website to share where the clothes come from 
  • Outdoor adventurers who post beautiful landscapes and link to blogs detailing their best itineraries


I truly believe that Instagram is tied to a lot of money making opportunities. Success demands the use of the right tools and in conjunction with each other.

Whether it’s selling photos, sponsored posts, paying for exposure via reposts, or selling from your own online store, there are plenty of options for users with different numbers of followers.

And with a large audience that is only increasing, Instagram should continue to be a great platform to make money for years to come.