10 WordPress Hacks Each College Student Should Know

Are you planning to run a blog on WordPress? In this article, you'll learn 10 WordPress hacks that each college student should know.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
10 WordPress Hacks Each College Student Should Know

Are you planning to run a blog on WordPress? Or, you are a resident of this platform, but your content doesn’t attract many users and readers. WordPress accommodates many bloggers and businesses that promote their services and stories. Therefore, it is crucial to differentiate from all of them to become readable and likable. In this article, you’ll learn 10 WordPress hacks that each college student should know.

10 WordPress Hacks Each College Student Should Know

Read this guide to learn about 10 essential hacks to make your WordPress blog interesting. Please note, hacks stand for positive tips without any damage to the code the platform is written on. Such intentions should be avoided at all times since legal consequences may easily apply.

10 Super Hacks for Your WordPress Site

Let’s give a short description of the WordPress purpose. WordPress is a content management software. It helps to build and run a site on it. For instance, BBC, The New York Times are residing there and they two have many visitors and are popular. Speaking of students’ usage of the platform, they may simply run their blogs there. Otherwise, prominent students like to run sites of their start-ups for promotion. How to enhance your blog?

№1 Be an SEO: WordPress Hacks For College Student

The only interesting content is gaining the lead on the platform. You can post hundreds of messages that cover engaging content, however, it won’t be seen by others. SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization helps to promote your blog within the first pages of the search engine. To achieve that, you should work on the keywords and phrases. Each of your posts should have a certain number of repeating keywords that will make your blog more visible.

№2 Stick to One Style

No need to edit your posts differently. If you write your second or third post, ensure it has a similar structure to the previous ones. A reader will love you for that and will comprehend your content much better. For instance, a text that is divided into blocks, and has tables, pictures, etc is easier to understand. The same concerns the type of fonts you should use. Make your blog in one font.

The best fonts for blogs are:

  • Roboto;
  • Oswald;
  • Open Sans.

Avoid Comics-style fonts since they are hard to read.

№3 Edit photos: WordPress Tips For College Student

Forget about uploading raw photos which you take directly from Google. WordPress has a good plugin called NextGEN Gallery plugin. You may use it for photos, add tags, change titles, colors among others. Beyond that, be extremely careful with copyright. Whenever you download one photo, ensure you won’t be sued for that if you use it for your blog.

№4 Provide Links to Your Social Media

Your WordPress site should have contact information. So, people are most interested in links to social media. If you run a blog where you advertise your services as a professional, a link to LinkedIn will be great. Otherwise, just add links to Instagram, Facebook, and your email. Such a hack gives a reader understanding that you are a real person, and don’t hide yourself or your persona.

№5 Organize Your Content and Workload

If you run a blog with other writers or students, ensure the organization is top-notch. Each post can be tagged as Pending Review, Draft, and Published. Therefore, you may overlook what is pending and make corrections if needed. Your dashboard will serve you well because all the posts and texts are going through you, strange it may sound. Another thing to mention is that you may optimize your content by relying on essay experts in Custom Writings writing service. For instance, when you lack inspiration for posts.

№6 Edit Your Toolbar: WordPress Tips For College Student

As was hinted above, all your posts should look the same, with the same structure. To enhance your editing experience, you may use a plugin called TinyMCE Advanced. Because it allows allocating only necessary tools for writing and editing. So, you won’t spend ages looking for quote editing or tablets, etc.

№7 Memorize Keyboard Shortcuts

Similar to the toolbar, you should learn more about keyboard shortcuts. In particular, they are useful for managing and moderating the comments under the posts. By pressing shortcuts, you may immediately approve the comment or mark one as spam.

№8 Do the Diagnostics: WordPress Tips For College Student

Whenever you want to be healthy, you always go for health check-ups. The same concerns your WordPress blog. You should check the speed of your site. If it is too low, readers won’t stay with you. If you run an e-commerce site, and your speed is moderate, believe us you won’t have any transactions and then profit. Check the speed with the WP engine.

According to Lauren Bradshaw, an academic writing expert “The diagnostics of websites including ours helps more students reach our services and order assignment help. In addition, we work on our website speed, and you may see us in the first pages of the search engine.”

№9 Overlook Links

If you regularly share with readers any links, they should be always working. Make a habit of overlooking your links once a week or month to ensure the link will redirect the reader to the necessary site. If you avoid such a procedure, a reader will find your posts “just to write and forget”.

№10 Go for Premium Themes

Premium themes are the ones that deprive users of headaches. Yes, you should pay for them but your SEO will become greater.

What else? Normally, the WordPress platform by specialists. Yet, if you are a student you may proceed with it as well. So, prior to starting your business out there, it is highly recommended to watch some videos about it, for instance, using YouTube. Moreover, you may learn how to build a website there without any programming skills (okay, it might take some time but the result will be worthy).

Finally, good luck with your site/blog optimization. Follow these hacks, and enlarge your audience and one-day profit.

Claudio Pires

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