11 Useful WordPress Tips For Beginners

WP is one of the leaders and one of the most used tools. In this article, we'll see ten useful WordPress tips and ideas for beginners.

Useful WordPress Tips For Beginners

Let’s share useful and good info for WordPress users. Everything is WordPress, which is a content administration system (CMS). With it, you can create a web page. For example, for your online business, you can also build a blog to implement SEO and improve the positioning of your website. So we can say that with WordPress, you can get the static status of the web page and the active status of the blog. WP is one of the leaders and one of the most used tools by web designers. If you are new to this then we suggest taking professional help from good sources like Cude Design. In this article, we’ll see ten useful WordPress tips and ideas for beginners.

I want to tell you: 1 out of every four websites on the Internet is with it. With this CMS, you can have a very professional corporate website. Help you use plugins, widgets, and most importantly, thousands of existing templates that can be customized according to your preferences. In addition, before it was developed and designed by experts, anyone could handle and edit it afterward. Therefore, it is easy to operate.

WP Tools and Options: Useful WordPress beginners tips

Its main features and advantages are: It can be used and edited for free. Although it has a paid version, you are free to use it if you want. It is easy to install and update. You can maintain users and give them individual permissions, which operations they can perform. Customize the design as you like. Allows you to create content. 

Readers can subscribe to the RSS news system. Users can post comments. 10 WordPress tips So far, we have told you what WP is, and then we will explain those curiosities that I don’t want you to say to others. Can you promise me?

1 You can activate the maintenance mode of WordPress

If you need to reform your website and don’t want to improve when users enter, you can activate the maintenance mode. This URL will redirect them to a page and display a message indicating this and ask them to come back later when we are ready.

2 Adaptative Layouts (Responsive)

Considering that the vast majority of the world’s population uses smartphones to access the Internet, you must be ready. On the one hand is the UI pattern, which helps this design and solves the problems. It will improve the navigation of users entering your site and make them feel at ease. In turn, the average dwell time may increase.

On the other hand, we have mobile-first. Web design is responsible for creating smartphones, which is already an obligation, not a choice. For responsive design, you can hire a professional website designer. We can start with this Mobile First model and then adjust it to desktop mode.

3 Break slate into parts rule

If we divide the screen evenly into nine parts, we can better organize the web pages. We can investigate what the users pay the most, see where we put the things we want to highlight, leave blanks, etc.

4 Make it simple and elegant

When someone starts to add some very flashy elements to a web page, they are a rookie. Because the most aesthetic is the opposite, it is best to use fewer fonts and colors, no more than 4, and coordinate with its colors. 

5 Safe 2FA: Useful WordPress beginners tips

One of the reasons WP is so popular worldwide is its robust security because authentication is into two steps. It includes two elements to access your page. It can be two passwords, or one password, and one question. The owner of WP determines this. 

6 Two Backups, please 

Related to the previous point, even if it is super secure, there are always places where the best hackers in the world can steal the network from you. So at the end of the day, WP will always make a backup for you just in case. 

7 Access Options: Useful WordPress beginners tips

You can change the URL to enter the “wp-admin” that everyone uses for another URL, so they won’t know how to enter your website. You can also change the input method. Let me explain, the WP username is usually required to access, but you can change it, for example, to access it via email. 

8 You can hide the WordPress version number

More security tips. You can hide the WP version number. They are more likely to attack the Internet. If the hacker knows that number, Install the Remove WordPress Version plugin and worry less. 

9 You can plan the post

By installing plugins such as Edit Calendar, you can prepare blog posts and schedule them to be present at any time in your calendar. If you have a blog that you frequently publish in and need order and an organization, this will go very smoothly. For example, be nice to me, haha.

10 Spam protection: Useful WordPress beginners tips

With the help of other plugins such as Anti-SPAM, you can block all comments from the robot, and real people do not need to control the verification code. Anti-Spam will automatically detect the robot’s behavior. We have told you ten secrets, but there are more. We may keep them in another position.

11 Install custom themes and plugins

You can install and step unlimited plugins and custom themes on your site to customize it and it designs in powder to create something useful and unique.