13 Helpful Sites Every Student Should Bookmark

Nowadays, education has become more accessible with lots of online resources. Here are 13 sites that every student should bookmark and know

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
13 Helpful Sites Every Student Should Bookmark

Nowadays, education has become more accessible with lots of online resources. Students can find a great number of publications, studies, or pieces of advice on almost any part of the college experience. Starting from a proofreading service and up to free presentation builders, there are plenty of websites to add to your bookmarks. Here are 13 helpful sites that every student should bookmark and know about.

13 Helpful Sites Every Student Should Bookmark

Google Scholar

It is not a website, but a search engine. Yet, it is an excellent tool to find credible academic resources for your studies.

It shows only peer-reviewed and relevant articles, books, or research publications. It saves lots of time when you are looking for great sources for your essay or other assignments. And there is an opportunity to form a reference right on the search page for the source you used.

Brainly: Sites For Student Bookmark

When you are struggling with homework or have a question, this is a place to go. It is a question-answer platform that connects students all over the world. One can get help with their projects or get a piece of advice on how to do it right.

Before submitting your post, you can browse the related ones; maybe someone has already answered that. There is also a chat feature, so you can talk right to the person who is helping you.


Those who want to deepen their knowledge or learn new skills will love that. It is one of the best online academic course platforms out there. All the programs are designed by top university professors. The best part is that they are free to follow and learn.

If you’d like to get certification afterward, you’ll need to pay for that. However, as long as you are educating yourself, there are lots of programs to choose from.

Student Recipes: Sites For Student Bookmark

Cooking at home is one of the pain points of student life. First of all, students do not always have a budget for fancy recipes that feature exotic fruits or rare ingredients. Secondly, not everyone has even basic cooking skills. In that case, this website is the way to go.

It is designed specifically for students. It means that recipes are affordable, fast, and easy to cook. By far, it is one of the best ways to save some money on eating out and stay healthier without fast food.

Student Rate

This platform helps to find the best deals and discounts for anything you might need, from textbooks and computers to university loans. It is easy to navigate; the deals are sorted according to categories. You can also follow specific categories to know when new offers are available.

Iris AI

It is another excellent website that helps to make your research process a breeze. In addition, an AI-based platform that helps to find any related studies online according to your topic. It is free to use, which is always a plus.

Additionally, one can search using not only titles or subjects but also links to published articles, YouTube, or TED Talk videos. It is time-saving and very effective.

Grammarly: Sites For Student Bookmark

A lot of students already know about this service, but it is still worth mentioning. Basically, it is an editing and proofreading tool that helps make sure that your writing is on top.

There is a free version that is enough to eliminate any spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. And one can even download it as an app or a browser application. It is one of the things that you will use almost every day in college.


On this website, one can find thousands of texts with expired copyright. There are more than 50,000 of them to be more specific. One can find some literary works for their studies or just something good to read in their spare time.

Bartleby: Sites For Student Bookmark

It is another great online library of classic literature, non-fiction, and various reference texts. It is especially valuable for humanities students dealing with lots of classical texts. Yet, it can also serve as a great way to find something to read for free even in your spare time. After all, books cost a lot, while classics are often offered for free.


Accommodation is another pain point of college. If you are looking for a new place, this website will get you covered. Like previously mentioned platforms, it is made with students in mind and their specific requirements.

This is a perfect housing marketplace to find good deals that are comfortable, near the campus, and affordable. One of the most exciting features is that you can search based on your college, so you’ll get results in the desired location. The platform is free to use.

Prezi.com: Sites For Student Bookmark

It is a simple but quite helpful resource. It is a free presentation builder website that has lots of options. So there is no need to use PowerPoint anymore. If you want to create a dashing presentation for class, this resource is for you.

The Ultimate Health Food Guide

Living on your own has a lot of perks, but also challenges. One of them is staying healthy with the available budget. This site is an excellent resource when it comes to learning about dietary recommendations and what foods to choose.

After all, one might have some misconceptions about foods that are potentially harmful. If you want to stay on a well-balanced and healthy side with your nutrition, check it out.


It is a perfect budgeting tool that helps to keep track of your spendings. Overall, it is a great thing to be more aware of your finances and learn how to be responsible for them. It also helps to save some money and cut unnecessary expenses.

Sites For Student Bookmark Summary

These online resources are free to use and mostly designed for students specifically. They can help you to be more productive with your studies and do assignments faster. Some of them help to find the best deals regarding books or accommodation. You can find in this list anything you need, from a free library and healthy recipes to budgeting tools.

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