15 Best Lightroom Presets For Easy And Fast Photo Editing

Download these Lightroom presets to improve images quickly and hassle-free. We'll share the 15 best Lightroom presets for fast photo editing

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
15 Best Lightroom Presets For Easy And Fast Photo Editing

Applying Lightroom presets will help you make professional and consistent color grading of your photos and edit the whole photoshoot more quickly. Presets speed up photo post-processing and allow you to apply various effects as b&w, monochrome, film, pastel, etc. There are many filters specifically designed for portrait, wedding, or street photography. In this article, we’ll share the 15 best Lightroom presets for easy and fast photo editing.

Top Lightroom Presets You Should Have in Your Toolkit 

This is a list of must-have Lightroom presets that you can apply in either the Mobile App or 4-6, and CC versions of the Desktop Program.

If you need to quickly adjust the tonality in photos, then the fastest way to do it is to import ready-made presets into Lightroom. After downloading a filter from the web, add it to Lightroom. To upload filters to the Develop Lightroom module, right-click on the Presets panel. So, Choose Import in the drop-down menu.

You will see the Import Presets window. Now, you can find the new filters in the Presets panel. In addition, they are available in .lrtemplate and .xmp. formats that are compatible with various versions of Mac and Windows programs.

1. Portrait Pro Collection

Portrait Pro Collection Lightroom Presets For Fast Photo Editing

The photography to use for: portrait

These presets mix and optimize light, tone, and colors. Each of them can enhance the tone of the skin, which makes them perfect for portraits, selfies, studio portraits, and more. Moreover, this collection can help a photographer improve the portrait, emphasize facial features, and make images clearer and more vivid.

Some presets for brightness adjustment can slightly raise the brightness making the skin tone look more natural. Besides, by raising brightness you can also mask wrinkles, pores, and other skin defects. 

2. Wedding Classic Collection Lightroom Presets For Fast Photo Editing

The photography to use for: wedding, engagement

This collection optimizes the light and color in wedding photos. In addition, by using these spectacular Lightroom presets you can make your shot look bright, festive, and like it was processed by a famous wedding photographer. The selection is great for both indoor and outdoor photos, regardless of the type of lighting. 

3. Newborn Collection

Newborn Collection

The photography to use for: children, newborn

This collection of filters allows you to add gorgeous, exciting colors to your children’s photos. Bright and natural tones can help convey the atmosphere of a carefree childhood. So, this collection includes a variety of options with deep dark tones, increased contrast and detail, warm tones to make the skin smoother, and balanced whites to reduce highlights. 

Here, you will also find presets for working with white and colored backgrounds that are perfect for enhancing photos taken in the studio and outdoors.

4. Majestic Landscape Collection Lightroom Presets For Fast Photo Editing

Majestic Landscape Collection

The photography to use for: architecture, landscapes

This collection includes the best Lightroom presets designed for editing photos shot under various weather conditions. They are great for enhancing landscape images taken in fog. In addition to frost, mist, dusk, and much more. 

With these filters, you can make your photography vivid and visually attractive. So, the configurations are optimized for various seasons. Finally, you can improve nature photos taking into account various seasonal color schemes. 

5. Real Estate Collection

Real Estate Collection

The photography to use for: real estate, landscape

This collection has different options for adjusting lights and shadows depending on the composition and lighting of a picture. So, with these presets, you can make the interior in a dark room brighter or correct overexposed photos of building facades. You can correct any exposure defect, including color, tone, contrast, as well as reduce noise, and fix other settings. 

These Adobe Lightroom presets for real estate and landscape photography are easy to adjust according to the requirements of every photographer. 

6. Dark Moody Collection Lightroom Presets For Fast Photo Editing

Dark Moody Collection

The photography to use for: food blogging, interior design, landscape

This collection of presets will meet all your photo editing needs. Thanks to accents on dark tones and shadows, your photos will look mysterious and deep. Moreover, this bundle allows you to enhance shots by adding dark and moody colors, making the skin tone warm, intensifying earthy hues. With it, you can create your own original photography style.

Apply these Dark Lightroom Presets for making your outdoor and indoor shots look more dramatic. So, this bundle is perfect for portraits as it allows you to improve facial features and make the model’s skin look perfect. 

7. HDR Effect Collection

HDR Effect Collection

The photography to use for: architecture, street photography

This kit of Lightroom presets expands the dynamic range of your photos and highlights fine details. In addition, High-contrast, crisp textures give an image a dramatic look. 

Use this bundle for transforming city shots into bright, professional photos with cold and warm tones. Moreover, HDR Effect Collection is great for highlighting modern or bold aesthetics in architecture and street photography.

8. Honey Moon Collection Lightroom Presets For Fast Photo Editing

Honey Moon Collection Lightroom Presets For Fast Photo Editing

The photography to use for: fashion, engagement

These are probably the best Adobe Lightroom presets for creating a warm and romantic atmosphere in your shots. You can use it to enhance all types of engagement or wedding photos. In conclusion, with these filters, you can add some warmth to your photos, increase brightness in red, orange, or yellow channels.

The soft and romantic color scheme will make your photos look amazing. These colors can add some vintage atmosphere of old films to your images. Finally, Keep in mind that the effect may vary depending on the image.

9. Monochrome Collection

Monochrome Collection Lightroom Presets For Fast Photo Editing

The photography to use for: wedding, fashion, street 

You can apply the filters from this monochrome collection to your photos to add a nostalgic and sentimental touch. By adding deep dark tones, you can make your pictures look more eye-catching. These black-and-white Lightroom presets are perfect for experienced photographers since they will help them meet the most sophisticated clients’ needs.

10. Interior Collection

Interior Collection Lightroom Presets For Fast Photo Editing

The photography to use for: interior, real estate

These filters can correct the color scheme, fix lighting and shadows without affecting the quality of the initial shot. Besides, this bundle is an optimal choice for backlit photos. 

These filters will add rich colors to your pictures and allow you to keep every detail in focus. Thanks to deep colors, perfect black, contrast, and exposure, your architecture, real estate, or urban photos will acquire a unique look.

11. Film Collection

Film Collection Lightroom Presets For Fast Photo Editing

The photography to use for: wedding, portrait, landscape

These presents will give your photography a cinematic look by adding warmer highlights and colder shadows. Besides, with this bundle, you can reduce saturation thus creating a matte effect. 

Choose this collection if you wish to add a vintage look to your images without washing out colors completely. In addition, these filters are great for various types of photos, including portraits and nature images.

12. Matte Collection

Matte Collection

The photography to use for: landscapes, portraits

These are probably the best Lightroom presets for lowering contrast without affecting original colors. With them, you can slightly adjust the light and shadows.

This kit is perfect for automatic skin retouching. By applying it, you can give your photography a professional touch, mute or shade color gamut, eliminate defects, highlight details, even when the images were shot with a phone or under bad lighting conditions.

13. Vintage Love Collection

Vintage Love Collection Lightroom Presets For Fast Photo Editing

The photography to use for: bridal, love story

This collection of vintage Lightroom presets adds mystery to your photos and gives them a warm, nostalgic look. They work best with photographs that feature many components in blue color, such as sea, sky, and so on.

The kit allows adjusting the saturation and sharpness with one click. Use this collection for softening blacks or adding a split tone effect. So, these presets are often used for editing love stories as they allow you to add a dreamy and delicate touch by smoothing blacks.

14. Chocolate Effect Collection

Chocolate Effect Collection

The photography to use for: bridal, love story

By using this collection of filters, you can add an individual touch to your photography by adjusting red and orange shades. Warm chocolate tones create an eye-pleasing look and enhance skin tones.

With this kit, you can embellish nature photos by adjusting black, white, and chocolate colors. Firstly, use this bundle for adding a vintage atmosphere to your shots by adjusting black, white, and natural chocolate colors.

Secondly, this collection consists of the best Lightroom presets for improving wedding photos. With them, you can emphasize the natural look of your pictures, the main idea and details, etc. 

15. Orange and Teal Collection

Orange and Teal Collection

The photography to use for: portraits, seascapes

This is one of the trendiest Instagram preset collections that will make your seaside photos look professional. The kit is perfect for photos of the sky or sea, as these filters can make the blue color stand out against the nude shade background. You can achieve such an effect by moving Oranges/Yellows into the highlights and Blues/Teals into the shadows. Finally, the resulted contrast will intensify the colors in the photo. 

The collection allows you to adjust colors and shades, as well as increase the contrast without affecting the quality of the original image. 


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