21 Warning Signs of A Low-Quality Web Host – Beginners Guide + Infographic

A low-quality web hosting provider company can break any site, so let's see the warning signs and a guide on how to identify a bad host

By Claudio Pires
Updated on September 15, 2022
21 Warning Signs of A Low-Quality Web Host – Beginners Guide + Infographic

For those just starting their journey online, committing innocent mistakes is common. Since one needs to juggle many things to ensure that their online business is set up the right way. Chances are high that you might make a few blunders in this process. And one such mistake that beginner bloggers and startups are prone to make is selecting a low-quality web hosting provider company or plan for their websites, so let’s explore the warning signs and a guide on how to identify a bad host with a nifty infographic.

Warning Signs of A Bad and Low-Quality Web Hosting Provider

Web hosting plays a huge role in ensuring that your site is functioning and performing optimally. It also ensures that your place is safe from all cyber threats. Additionally, it provides you with much-needed support in terms of storage and bandwidth. That ensures smooth scaling as your business grows.

But, the problem occurs when you have to choose from various available options. Selecting the right web host can be difficult for a novice. With no knowledge of what web hosting features to look for. And this, in turn, leads to you picking the wrong or bad web hosting. That could hinder the growth of your business.

Thus, to help you make the right decision. Here is a beginner’s guide highlighting the 21 warning signs of a low-quality web host. These signs will help you understand the essential hosting features that you need to look for when purchasing a web host for your website. It will also help you figure out if you have chosen a sub-standard hosting. In this case, you need to switch to another web host immediately. As a result, steer clear of issues that could harm your brand’s credibility.

Therefore, look at the infographic to know what these warning signs are. So, for more information, go to our Visualmodo blog and check out the complete hosting warning signs guide.

Low-Quality Web Hosts Offer a Poor Customer Services: Support as a Warning Sign of a Bad Hosting Provider

Web hosting customer service shall be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you just have questions about your billing cycle or are experiencing adware, viruses, or other glitches on your site, customer service should be able to help you get your site back up and running or answer questions about your billing fee account. If you can’t reach your web host’s customer service, there’s a problem, which means you have a low-quality web host.

A good web hosting company will provide 24/7 technical and customer support, including holidays. Having a business that treats you as a customer is essential to keeping your website up to date and updated on the web. If you can’t get in touch with your web hosting company’s customer service department, it may be time to contact a new web hosting company.

Website Presents a Slow Loading Time (Performance)

The time it takes for your website to load can determine whether a customer converts into a sale. There’s nothing more annoying than waiting for a website to load when you can jump to another website in seconds just by clicking the back button. If your website is taking too long to load, you may be running out of bandwidth on your hosting server. As a result, your low-quality host provider is cutting your site.

Cheaper web hosting companies sell shared hosting packages to multiple websites and reduce the processor and bandwidth on the server, making the website slower. Please switch your web host if your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load. So, this can guide you to sport bad web host services.

They Offer Free Plans

Not all free hosting companies are bad, but if your website is popular, most of them will follow you forever. The bad part is that they may not offer you a one-time upgrade plan but are more than happy to build a money-making scheme based on the success of your website.

Overall Reputation and Characteristics

If your review shows that the hosting company has a poor reputation overall or doesn’t offer the features you promised when you signed up, then you have good reason to stay away from them. Move out of a low-quality web host to protect your site and reputation online.

Infographic: 21 Warnings That Indicate It’s Time to (Switch) Your Web Hosting Right Away

Warning Signs bad hosting low quality provider
21 Warnings That Indicate It’s Time to (Switch) Your Web Hosting Right Away [Infographic]
  • One-click script installer is not available. This is important for installing various applications like WordPress, Joomla, etc.
  • Missing of backup functionality. Since hacking is a severe problem in the online world, backup/restore is an essential feature provided by all reliable web hosting providers.
  • Frequent unplanned downtime. This is the main characteristic of an incompetent web host.
  • Lack of professional technical/customer support. The hallmark of a good company is that it can support customers. When the support is poor, this is a clear indication that the web host is substandard.
  • Lack of necessary security features. As mentioned above, website security cannot be taken lightly, as it means that sensitive customer data can be lost in the event of a hack. So, it’s not worth the investment if a web host doesn’t offer robust security tools like antivirus, antimalware, spam, and leech protection.
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