3 Notable Pros and Cons of Streaming Services

Streaming platforms, such as Netflix or Disney+, are changing how we consume our media. The popularity of these services has increased even

Updated on April 16, 2024
3 Notable Pros and Cons of Streaming Services

Streaming platforms, such as Netflix or Disney+, are changing how we consume our media. The popularity of these services has increased even more during the pandemic after movie theaters as well as other places of entertainment had to close down, and people were seeking fun ways to pass the time at home.

The trends also suggest that streaming sites are not going away in the future. But what makes them so popular? And are they really all that great? How are streaming platforms changing how we consume our media?

Below, you will find 3 notable pros and cons of streaming services that should help you get a better understanding of them.

Streaming Pros:

1 – No Ads

The first advantage, and one that stands out the most, is not having to watch ads. On traditional TV, you would have to sit through commercial breaks and waste time. Well, streaming sites offer a different experience, and no ads are one of the primary reasons behind the popularity of Netflix and its peers.

You can select the content you want and watch it right away. Transitioning from one episode to another is hassle-free. It is as simple as a click of a button.

2 – Convenience

One could argue that not dealing with ads can fall in the convenience category, but there is much more that makes streaming platforms convenient. 

For starters, you do not have to bother downloading and storing movies and TV shows on your device.

As far as the tips and tricks of freeing up drive storage on your computer go, streaming platforms offer a great alternative to hoarding large media files.

Next, you can create a personalized viewing experience. As soon as you run out of stuff to watch, you can check the recommendations tab that provides suggestions based on your past viewings. 

Most streaming services are available not just on desktop computers. Moreover, Native iOS and Android apps make it possible to consume media on smartphones and tablets. For instance, if you are traveling and do not have a computer with you; a mobile device is still good enough to watch movies or TV shows in high quality. 

3 – Variety

Variety is another significant advantage. We, as consumers, get access to a plethora of different TV shows, movies, and documentaries. Since there are different streaming services; they are putting a lot of effort into creating original content to attract more customers.

Sure, there are plenty of bad movies and TV shows, but the good stuff still gets released regularly. And as streaming platforms grow, so do their budgets to hire the best in the entertainment industry

So, it is also worth noting that you can find a lot of classics on streaming services. Streaming platforms hold rights to popular shows and movies of the past, but it is a worthy investment because the demand to watch these favorites of older times is still quite noticeable. 

Streaming Cons

1– Money

Now that we have the good things out of the way let’s focus a bit on some negative sides of streaming platforms. 

So, one thing that is difficult to ignore is the money you have to invest. The problem is particularly noticeable if you want to gain access to different services. It is not just movies and TV shows. Sports and music have their streaming platforms too, and when you add everything up, the costs can get pretty high.

Streaming services are trying to circumvent the payment issue by offering various plans, such as Family, that allow multiple people to use the account, but even that is not necessarily a good solution.

All in all, if you want to get the most out of everything that the streaming services have to offer, expect to thin your wallet.

2 – Addiction with Streaming

Addiction can also be a problem. So, if you get into the habit of watching too many TV shows or movies; it is possible to lose interest in other activities. So, sitting in front of a computer or TV all day is not good for your health. Add the fact that you will likely be eating and drinking, and it becomes clear how such addiction can snowball and cause you health issues.

3 – Internet Connection

The last thing to mention in the con section would have to be the internet connection. Some services have the feature to download and store content on the device, but even so, the content lasts for a limited time.

You need an internet connection to access streaming services. In addition, having poor internet causes buffering and other streaming problems, which means an overall poor viewing experience. 

Streaming Conclusion

All in all, streaming platforms are changing the way we consume our media, and while streaming services offer an excellent way to consume media, they still fall short in some areas. It is difficult to tell whether these shortcomings are going to disappear in the future, but they are not enough to stop the rising popularity of streaming platforms. Make yourself feeling safe with VeePN