4 Different Ways to Add Background Images in WordPress

You can add background images to your WordPress website in different ways. Doing that makes your website more attractive for visitors

By Claudio Pires
Updated on January 5, 2023
4 Different Ways to Add Background Images in WordPress

You can add background images to your WordPress website in different ways. Doing that makes your website more attractive. It also helps you attract your website visitor’s attention and engage with them through your content.

In addition, you can personalize your WordPress website or blog using a background image to match the requirements of your brand. For instance, you can use your product or business images as your website background image.

However, you should make sure that you have used the right background images that do not make it difficult for your visitors to read your content. But where can you get high-quality background images?

Where to Get High-Quality Background Images

Some people hire graphic designers to design images for use on their websites. This is one of the safest ways of getting high-quality images, even though it depends on the skills of your graphic designer.

However, not everyone has enough money to hire a graphic designer. Such people and businesses can also get high-quality background images. Using several online tools and websites, you can get images that you can use on your WordPress website.

Other sites such as Freepik have a variety of images, including cool backgrounds for your computer and any other platform you might want to use them on. However, be careful with the copyright of some images on some online websites.

Adding Background Images in WordPress

1. Use FSE (Full Site Editor)

This is one of the easiest ways of adding a background image to a WordPress website but only for those who use a block-based theme. Using the full site editor, you can edit the design of your website using blocks.

It works the same way you use the WordPress editor to edit a page or a blog post. To access the full site editor, you need to visit the Editor option under Appearance on your WordPress admin dashboard.

After that, click the plus sign at the top of the full site editor. This allows you to include a cover block in your WordPress template. After that, choose the Media Library or Upload button to add a background image to your WordPress.

2. Use WordPress Customizer

If you are using a WordPress theme, you probably have your own background support. It is a feature designed to help you add a background image to your WordPress website. If you have this feature, do not use any other method when adding background images in WordPress.

Those who lack this feature can use the first option discussed above. To access Customizer, visit your WordPress admin dashboard and click or just point at Appearance. You will see Customizer under the dropdown menu.

Here, you will access different WordPress settings. You can customize them from the left-hand side of the window. While doing that, you will see a live preview on the right-hand side of the screen. Remember to save your changes when you are done.

3. Use a WordPress Plugin

Even though we have said that the methods discussed above are easy, using a WordPress plugin is more flexible. There are different plugins you can use for this, just make sure that you are using the right one.

An example of a good plugin is Full Screen Background Pro. You need to first install and activate the plugin. After that, you can access the plugin from your WordPress admin dashboard. It comes with a host of features.

For instance, it allows you to set different background images for your pages, posts, categories, tags, and many others. The background images are set depending on the size of the screen and adjust themselves to fit into small screens such as those of mobile devices.

4. Use WordPress Theme Builder

This method depends on the WordPress theme you are using. You, therefore, need to find out from your theme developers whether your theme has a theme builder or not. Theme builders are easy to use. You do not have to touch a single line of code.

Using your theme builder, you can customize your WordPress website, change or add background images, and change the content without writing any code. All you need is the right background images uploaded to WordPress.

In conclusion, you can also add background images in WordPress through the use of CSS Hero. This is another plugin that allows users to make changes to WordPress without writing code. 

Background images on your WordPress website are important depending on your brand. As you can see above, you can add them easily without coding.

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