4 Great Employer Branding Examples for 2021

Employer branding reflects how potential, current, and former employees perceive you as an employer. See 4 great employer branding examples.


Employer branding reflects how potential, current, and former employees perceive you as an employer. In other words, it is about your reputation as an employer, whether positive or negative. Luckily, there are ways to influence this image, and this is where employer branding comes in. In this article, we’ll share four great employer branding examples for this year.


Having a well-known or strong employer brand can help job seekers find you. So, can help you make contact with candidates who may consider changing jobs. In addition, can help convince talents to choose you as their new workplace.

In this article, we look at four great employer branding examples for 2021.

Let the Focus Be on Your Employees

We all know that to successfully build excellent employer branding, the primary focus must be on your employees. They are the cornerstone of every business and research has shown that frequent recognition of employees contributes. So, to increased employee satisfaction, better productivity, and quality services.

Ultimately, your employees are what can make or break your brand. Since work can be stressful at times, your employees must feel motivated. Recognized, and feel like they’re having fun once in a while.

If you have employees working from different corners of the world. Allowing them to socialize with far-away colleagues can be challenging but in no way unattainable. You can hold virtual gatherings and get inspired by fun virtual holiday party ideas to help colleagues reconnect. So, have amazing get-togethers thanks to the internet. In addition, such ideas will allow new teammates to get to know one another on a more personal level and bond with each other.

Improve Your Reputation: Employer Branding Examples

Trying to portray a certain image when completely different perceptions rule is like cycling uphill. In 2021, you need to make sure you have a good reputation as an employer. By investing time and care in job seekers and current employees.

Improve the experience so that everyone who applies for a job with you feels seen and heard. When they come out from a meeting with you, they should feel more informed about who you are and what you stand for.

A couple of tricks to quickly improve the experience is to always give feedback on submitted applications. Provide feedback to those who came to the interview, and consult with new employees about what they experienced as less positive during the recruitment process so that you can improve these aspects.

Don’t forget your existing employees and communicate with them about work culture and expectations. Your HR team and managers should hold employee interviews, and look for ways to improve their work and to advance different parts of the puzzle to have satisfied and happy colleagues.

A good reputation with internal support will greatly contribute to giving your employer branding a boost.

Active Information Efforts

The fact that everyone agrees on who you are and that the employees are fully aware of the concept is often not enough for more people to get to know what you stand for. This is where channels such as career pages and social media come into play.

For curious job seekers, it should be easy to get to know you and quickly learn basic things, such as where you have an office, what industry you are active in, and what employees think and feel, without having to do much digging online.

The career page should be a separate place completely dedicated to you as an employer. You can create expectations among job seekers about what it’s like to work for you by using pictures, different content, and information. Social media, such as a company page on LinkedIn or an account on Instagram, can help showcase more of your surroundings and your employees.

Invest in Employee Health and Build a Healthy Culture

It takes more than an employee wellness program and a gym membership to be a health-promoting employer. But the time and money you invest in employee health is an investment in staff and the company’s brand.

In 2021, you should invest in things that improve the health of your employees in the long run and invest energy in building a culture where employees work during working hours and are free of any work obligations in their leisure time. It will benefit you as an employer as well as your employees.

Employer Branding Examples: Final Thoughts

In order to profile yourself as an attractive employer, you have to work strategically and methodically on employer branding. To succeed, clearly set goals are needed, followed by an analysis, strategy, and activity plan. Stick to the plan, but be prepared to change it if it doesn’t give the desired result.

The few examples we mentioned above for 2021 might inspire you when thinking of ways to build your employer brand.