4 Jobs That You Can Outsource As a Small Business

From a cost-cutting perspective, outsourcing makes perfect sense. Here you'll see 4 jobs that you can outsource as a small business.


In theory, outsourcing is a simple concept: a business hires a person or firm from outside of their company to fulfill specific tasks. Outsourcing can be on a one-off basis or ongoing and can be paid per deliverable or per hour. The scope for outsourcing is massive, so why did it only become popular in the late 1980s? In this article, you’ll see 4 jobs that you can outsource as a small business.

4 Jobs That You Can Outsource As a Small Business

The advent of the internet throughout the 1990s made outsourcing far more straightforward. No longer were companies limited to using their in-house designer, or even the mom-and-pop shop down the road, as they could extend their reach to anyone with a computer that was within their home state, the country, or even internationally.

From a cost-cutting perspective, outsourcing makes perfect sense. Companies can stick to what they do best and pull in the specialized skills of outsiders only when needed and often at a fraction of the cost of domestically available labor. While there is a valid counterargument, there is no doubt that outsourcing can give small businesses a significant leg up when used strategically. Read on for jobs that you can outsource as a small business.

Accounting and bookkeeping

As a small business proprietor, you likely have numerous tasks on the go at any given time, and keeping an accurate record of your accounts may take a back seat. Search for an “accountant near me” to determine how you can pass over your bookkeeping requirements to an expert. They will keep you accountable and might find ways to save your business money in the process.

Marketing Jobs to Outsource as a Small Business

Like accounting, it is all too easy to put marketing requirements. Aside when you have more urgent tasks that need attention. In addition, today’s online marketing environment requires consistent brand monitoring and content creation, making it all too easy to misjudge where to allocate your limited marketing funds. Marketing requirements can be outsourced on an hourly basis through various websites such as Guru or Upwork. Do your research and find a person that meshes with your vision and company ethos to better forge a lasting relationship.

Assistant Jobs to Outsource as a Small Business

We have already established that your time is valuable. As a small business owner, we are sure that you never have enough hours in the day to accomplish your to-do list. Whether this is professionally or personally. While having a full-time assistant might seem like a luxury you can hardly justify, a virtual assistant might be ideal. We challenge you to sit down, count the hours that you could save, and work out the math.

Human Resources

Outsourcing your HR requirements to a specialist firm might seem like an unnecessary expense. But this is one job that we highly recommend leaving to the experts. The professional lines can easily in a small business, making grievances feel like a personal attack. Let yourself step away from the situation and reduce any risk you may encounter. By outsourcing your HR from the get-go. So, possible jobs to outsource as a small business.

The above list is far from all-encompassing since your small business outsourcing needs will be case-specific. Whether it be storage requirements, graphic design, competitor research, or collaborating a calling list. So, there is likely a freelancer available where you can outsource the task. You can then focus your time where it is most productive and beneficial for your business.