4 Ways a Chat Feature Can Transform Your Small Business Website

Enter the age of the chat feature.  Read further about how a live chat or chatbot feature can greatly transform your small business website.

4 Ways a Chat Feature Can Transform Your Small Business Website

Are you seeing lackluster results on your small business website? This can be so frustrating and disappointing, especially when you’ve poured your blood. Sweat, and tears into building a small business website. In this article, we’ll explore four ways that a chat feature can transform your small business website.

4 Ways a Chat Feature Can Transform Your Small Business Website

After all the effort and time you’ve invested into your website. You might be wondering what else you can do to convert visitors to customers or get better results online. Enter the age of the chat feature.  Read further about how a live chat or chatbot feature can greatly transform your small business website for the better.

Statistics About Chat Features

According to online chat statistics. Almost half of all customers looking to buy something on a business website expect a chat feature.  This is because consumers today prefer to find answers for themselves when deciding to purchase a product or service online. 

Furthermore, 68% of online shoppers prefer chat features because they have access to answers immediately.  The days of waiting 12-24 hours to get an email reply about a product inquiry are ancient history.

Additionally, over 80% of consumers claim they are more inclined to shop on a website that has a chat feature versus those that do not.  As the numbers indicate, consumers prefer the immediacy and engaging experience chat features offer on websites.

Differences Between Live Chat and Chatbots

After viewing these statistics, you might be convinced to add a chat feature to your website.  This begs subsequent questions such as, “What’s the difference between live chat versus chatbots?” and “Which type should you choose?” 

As you might have assumed, live chat is a real, human customer service representative who communicates with customers online.  A chatbot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to answer common questions online shoppers ask. Such as return policies or hours of operation.

While over 85% of customers admitted to being satisfied with having their questions answered. By a chatbot, a whopping 70% of shoppers confessed they prefer the personal touch of real-time live chat support.  Therefore, deciding which chat feature to use will ultimately be contingent upon your objectives. Your small business genre, and your resources. 

Start out by trying a high-quality, free live chat software on your website, and observe the results. This will give you and your customers the opportunity to see how this chat feature can make an impact on both your website and your visitors.

How Chat Features Can Positively Impact Your Business Website

Now that we’ve established why chat features are so integral in today’s online marketplace. So, what types are available to you, let’s go over how this amenity on your website can revolutionize your online business.

1) It Can Improve Sales

As mentioned, customers who have instant access to answers via chat features are more likely to ultimately buy.  This obviously contributes to your bottom line as it converts visitors into customers and therefore, live chat or a chatbot can drive sales for your business.

2) Chat Features Can Improve Marketing Strategies

When you implement a chat feature on your website, you have access to visitor and customer information. To explain, chat software and plugins can be programmed to retain customer contact information. This allows you to build lead lists, and expand your marketing pool to a demographic you might not have had without a chat feature.

3) It Can Build Your Brand and Business’ Trustworthiness

According to live chat statistics, 41% of online shoppers reported they felt more confident in making a purchase on a website that featured a chat helpline.  This makes sense if you think about it.  If a customer walks into a brick-and-mortar store, they are more likely to buy when a knowledgeable salesperson can answer their questions. Alternatively, a supportive chat rep on your business website can allay any concerns or doubts about a customer buying your product.

4) Gain Valuable Insight Into Customer Behavior

When utilizing a chat feature, you are uniquely positioned to better understand your customers and their needs.  By analyzing customer inquiries, you can begin to formulate trends and begin to answer these questions through your product line or website design.  For instance, if your chat results reveal an exorbitant amount of customers asking if your product comes in blue, that’s valuable information. It tells you that you might want to provide your consumers with that item in blue in the future.

The Final Word on The Power of Chat Features to Transform your Website

The choice to implement a live chat or chatbot on your website is completely up to you. However, in light of these staggering statistics, it’s hard to argue that the advantages of using the chat option are multitudinous and potentially lucrative for your small business website.