4 Ways SaaS Websites Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

Is cheaper to keep an existing client than onboard a new one. Learn four ways that SaaS websites can improve customer satisfaction.

Updated on July 25, 2022
4 Ways SaaS Websites Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

It is a well-known fact that it is cheaper to keep an existing client than onboard a new one. In fact, it can be up to 60% cheaper to retain an unhappy client through discounted services and special offers. Happy clients are the backbone of any company, which is even more true in the case of a SaaS business. In this article, you’ll learn four ways that SaaS websites can improve customer satisfaction.

4 Ways SaaS Websites Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

Not only do loyal customers ensure a stable monthly income into your business, but they can actually fuel customer acquisition through word of mouth as well. Think about it, if something is working really well for your company and is worth every penny, you are more than likely going to recommend it to your peers who are looking for a similar solution.

So, how can you keep your customers happy on your site? What steps should you be taking every day to make sure that they are kept surprised and delighted at all times, and how do you hook them back if that changes? We looked at a few ways to heighten your customer experience on your site for customer retention.

Ensure Instant, Flexible Communication Options

Communication is the key to any human interaction and needs to be the center focus of your business. Customers who struggle to contact their service provider with questions, inquiries, or problems are highly likely to seek the solutions elsewhere where they have access to direct assistance.

Make yourself as accessible as possible to your client, and highlight the fact that you are available. Granted, 24/7 support might be tricky for smaller start-ups, but provide your customer with the option to speak to a real person at some point. It is also important to give your customer various options to contact you. Some prefer contacting brands telephonically, while others prefer digital communication. Limiting their options means limiting your customer retention rate.

One of the most recommended options for your SaaS is live chatbots and online inquiry forms. These provide instant automated responses to your customer and then allow them to speak directly to a real person in your organization who can assist them. There are numerous affordable tools for you to integrate onto your site to serve both you and your customer’s needs, especially if your site is based on WordPress. Spend some time looking for the right WordPress support plugin for your company, and make sure your customers can reach you at all times.

SaaS to Improve Customer Satisfaction: Heighten the User Experience on Your Site

UX or User Experience is a critical aspect that you need to consider when mapping out your site. From the moment the client enters the onboarding experience and all the way to checkout, each process needs to be thoroughly optimized for the customer experience.

Examine your landing pages as well as your product pages. Do they provide your customer with enough simply-written content about your products and services to convert them to paying customers? What are your sales funnel like? Is it long and complicated? Are there long, unnecessary forms to fill out?

Simplify as much as possible on your site. Remove all of the clutter, choose simple, emotive imagery that will resonate with your customer, and include eye-catching, high-converting CTAs. Map out the layout and flow of your site carefully. Keep the most vital information, CTAs, and images above the fold of the page. Below it, you can start delving into more information about your business for those who continue to scroll down. But keep that vital information above it.

Remember, you will need to add in keyword-rich content for SEO purposes and the customers who want to know more, but keep your sales copy high on the page to catch their eye first and convince them to convert with an emotive CTA.

SaaS to Improve Customer Satisfaction: Make Check-Out Simple and Painless

Everything about your customer’s interaction with your brand needs to be seamless and streamlined. Customers are more likely to churn when the onboarding process and sign-up are long and drawn out. In fact, customers want to complete their profiles once and never again with your company.

As mentioned before, keep your onboarding forms down to a minimum. The customer might be initially enquiring for more information, so provide them with simple, necessary forms to fill out and request further, necessary information from them at their convenience.

Provide complete pricing information as soon as you can in the sales funnel. One of the biggest causes of abandoned carts is unexpected fees like shipping or admin fees popping up during checkout. Be as transparent and accurate as possible as early as possible.

But what if your customer has churned? What if the cart is left abandoned and your customer has seemed to have forgotten about you? A quick and simple email to your customer letting them know that their basket is still waiting for them and finding out if you can help them might do wonders to bring them back

Keep Measuring and Monitoring, and Following Up With Customers

The only way to really know how you are doing is by measuring your success with your customers. Luckily for you, you can essentially monitor and track almost everything you and your customer do on your site. Many tools are either incredibly affordable to improve customer satisfaction with SaaS, or they are free, like Google Analytics.

You can track where your traffic is coming from. How it behaves on your site, what your bounce rate is and what your conversion rate is. You can identify exactly where your customer drops off if they do, and using a great tool like HotJar. They can actually identify where they click on and how far down the page they go. With this kind of information, you can mold a strategy going forward or amend certain aspects of the site to optimize it for customers.

You can also directly approach your customer for their feedback and insights. Surveys and questionnaires are a great way of finding out what the customer liked about your product. Service and site, and what they would improve. Tools like your Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT). Surveys are vital to keeping track of how well you are doing in your customer’s eyes and where you can improve. So, schedule these regularly during the course of the year to track your progress.

SaaS to Improve Customer Satisfaction: Last Thoughts

In wrapping up, it is important to ensure that your brand’s customer journey is optimized at every touchpoint. Customers need to feel surprised and delighted in every interaction with you. Open, transparent communication is vital at all stages. So, brand uniformity is important to ensure your customer aligns with your brand at every interaction stage.

Keep testing everything on your site if you include a new CTA, for example. Or upload a new image, A/B, test it to see how well it does. This way, you will ascertain what attracts the customer. What drives them to convert and work the rest of your strategy out based on that.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to contact your customer and ask for feedback. From surveys to leaving feedback on your site or even a personalized conversation. This is vital information that could help you retain that client and attract new ones.