Making sure that you put relevant and high quality content on your blog or website is vital as it can give it the much required SEO tips boost it. So, before publishing your next piece of content, take a look at these simple tips for the best results.

SEO Tips

5 Actionable SEO Tips To Improve Your Search Rankings in 2018
5 Actionable SEO Tips To Improve Your Search Rankings in 2018


1. Use Relevant Keywords

Although keywords have been around for years, they are still the foundation of successful SEO. When people use search engines keywords are exactly what they use. There are many resources out there that can help companies find the right keywords such brainstorms, keyword research tools, or use the suggested keywords on a search engine.

2. Optimize Content

The main elements on a webpage that needs optimising are header tags, the body content, and any images or videos that are used. You should create content that accurately describes and promotes your business and uses keywords naturally.

Images and videos can be optimized with the name of the image. This will allow for your page to be visible for a wider array of terms across a larger set of customers.

3. Use The Web

Although your website is the main place that visitors will go to when they are looking for information, it is not smart to be the only place on the web where your business is listed. Social media and business directories are also likely to have details of your business, so you should ensure that these are all completely up to date, as search engines also pay attention to this sort of information.

4. Link Building

Building links is a great way to drive visibility. This can actually also hurt your search engine visibility, so you need to use this strategy carefully. A good, relevant link can be helpful, but is often the hardest part of the SEO process. if you decide to outsource your link building efforts to agencies? Spend enough time researching on their portfolio or take help from websites that rate agencies like clutch ,

There are a few simple strategies that can be used, such as using highly credible directory sites, analysing competitor’s links, and offering to write testimonials with companies that you already work with.

5. Website Speed

Surprisingly, website speed can play a big part in a website ranks. You should try to remove anything that slows down your website, so get rid of anything that is non-essential. This could include things such as large images, flash graphics, and any unnecessary plugins.

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