5 App Marketing Strategies That Really Work

Marketing an app can be a very challenging proposition. In order to do that effectively, you need to have coherent app marketing strategies

5 App Marketing Strategies That Really Work

Marketing an app can be a very challenging proposition. Even if you have experience in marketing other products and services, marketing an app still presents a number of unique challenges. Remember that apps are not like physical products; when you release your new app, it isn’t going to be visible to potential customers on a store shelf. If you want your app to be noticed, downloaded, and used, then you need to let people know that it exists. In order to do that effectively, you need to have a coherent app marketing strategy that you can utilize.

App Marketing Strategies That Work

5 App Marketing Strategies That Really Work

Below are 5 tried and tested app marketing strategies that we know produce good results.

Focus on a Few Channels at a Time

A common mistake that inexperienced app marketers make is to try and hit every possible marketing channel simultaneously. This inevitably leads to them becoming overloaded and incurring unsustainable resource costs. There’s simply no way that you can effectively target all the different marketing channels that are open to you, not unless you happen to have the weight of a massive marketing department behind you.

Instead of trying to hit multiple marketing channels simultaneously, try to stick to just one or two at a time. By focussing on the marketing channels that are most likely to yield strong results for you, you can minimize your costs while maximizing your efficacy.

Know Your SEO: App Marketing Strategies

Search engine optimization is vital if you want other people to be able to find your website. Every app should be supported by a website. This isn’t just a useful resource for anyone who wants to find out more about your app but it is also an important part of a multi-pronged marketing approach. By focusing on the website’s SEO, you can capture internet users searching for words and phrases that are relevant to your app.

Don’t Forget Your ASO

Everyone has heard of SEO, but ASO is just as important for app developers. App store optimization is exactly what it sounds like; it’s the equivalent of SEO but the aim is to make apps more visible in app store searches. One key difference between SEO and ASO is that the search engine landscape is by Google, meaning that you only need to worry about one set of algorithms when you are optimizing your website.

But when it comes to ASO, both Google and Apple use different search algorithms to rank search results on their respective app stores. This means that you will need a different ASO strategy for each mobile platform that you want to release your app on.

Consult with Your Developers App Marketing Strategies

If you are developing your app entirely in-house. Then you will have to take the initiative yourself when it comes to your marketing. However, if you are working with an external development team. They may well be able to help you work out your marketing strategy. Many app development businesses, including Australian app developers Appetiser, can also help you to devise an app marketing strategy. It is hard to overstate the value that an experienced marketer can bring to the table. A business that is proficient in both app development and marketing can provide you with even more value.

Use Your Users

If you can get every user that downloads your app to get someone else to download it. Then you will have sustainable linear growth. Of course, if you can get that average number above one, your app can grow exponentially. Turning your users into frontline soldiers for your marketing campaign enables you to harness the power of organic marketing. Your users will be very effective at selling your app because they are people, not businesses.

When you tell people that your app is the best thing since the bread slicing app, they will naturally be suspicious. After all, of course, the business that is profiting from an app is eager for other people to download it. However, other users that don’t stand to profit from an app are seen as much more objective. So, their recommendations count for more than yours ever will. With your users working to help you promote your app. You can reach out to people that your other marketing methods don’t reach.

Having a coherent marketing strategy is essential for a successful app launch. If you don’t know how you are going to promote your app. So, grow your audience, your launch is going to be a rocky one. We can guarantee it. It’s hard enough getting your app amongst all the others in 2020 anyway. So you don’t want to make things harder for yourself by fudging your marketing approach. The strategies above methods for marketing a new app. That we know can work very effectively when they are correct.