8 Awesome Websites To Create Free Logo For Your Business

Every company wants to stay in the memory of customers. Here are the top 8 best free logo makers websites to create your business identity.

Updated on April 12, 2023
8 Awesome Websites To Create Free Logo For Your Business

Every company wants to stay in the memory of its customers. And to that end, your company’s logo can help you. Let’s remember the logos of famous companies. They are pretty simple, aren’t they? Of course, it’s not an easy task to create your brand, especially without design skills. But nowadays, many other options exist when creating a logo. So, here are our top 8 best free logo makers websites to create your business identity.

1. Canva

You may recognize Canva as a social media platform, but it can also be utilized to create a logo. Canva’s interface is intuitive and drag-and-drop; this benefits those with no design experience. It’s easy to create your logo with over 100 different templates.

You enter the name of your corporation to begin, then answer a few simple questions to customize your search for logos. Moreover, it will be questioned about the industry. You will be asked to select a style from a variety of different style options (based on the industry you chose).

The most beneficial aspect is that the logo will have a high-resolution version for no additional cost. Another popular free logo creator that doesn’t require prior design experience.

Additional point: Access the software and design your logo directly on your cell phone. Check our top 8 best free logo makers websites to create your business identity.

Logaster - Free logo makers
Logaster Website

The Logaster is an online brand maker that allows you to create a logo in a few clicks. Plus, you can create a simple logo and a social media kit without special skills. All files are in a raster (JPEG, PNG) and vector (SVG, PDF) formats. So you will have a high-resolution picture for printing.

Creating branded business cards for you and your employees is also possible. Follow millions of Logaster users and benefit from all the options.

Adobe Spark
Adobe Spark

This online tool offers quite an extensive range of ready-to-use templates. But all of them have a predetermined size.  Without any problem, you can modify and customize free logos.

The big advantages of Adobe Spark are its speed of work and user-friendly interface. However, the simple interface could be considered a weak point because it takes time to understand how to do it or that action. As a result, on the list of top 8 best free logo makers websites to create your business identity.


Graphic Springs is another free logo maker. At first glance, everyone notices its beautiful interface. However, that’s not all the options to see and try. The service has logo categories that you can sort by different criteria. You can also create the logo in various shapes, lines, badges, etc. Once you choose the shape you can edit fonts, logo effects, or text.

5. Online Logo Maker

Here you find an austere design and logo editor in Flash. You can edit almost all the elements of the logo: text, symbols, layers, and even download your pictures from the PC.

But notice that this logo maker doesn’t offer many fonts and symbols. So if you need to create something complicated, you’d better use a well-tried Photoshop.

Logotype Creator
Logotype Creator

This logo creator allows making a professional logo for your business. It has many features to offer, and you do not need to possess specific skills to test all of them. It would help if you chose whether you want to import any images or text to the logo. Besides, the tool offers many logo variations and themes depending on the activity type.

7. Zyro

The logo creator on Zyro will help you turn your original concepts into a reality. You can alter every logo component, including the icon, size, and text.

You can create a free logo in four straightforward steps. All you have to do is use this logo creator if you want to utilize it is to enter your brand’s name, select a template, and then customize your logo until you’re satisfied with the results. Then take the time to download it and get started.

8. Vectr: Websites to Create a free logo

Vectr is similar to the GIMP foundation version. This logo design software is not difficult to utilize if you don’t have experience in design, but it is more complex than the other options in this article.

This program is inspiring because you can utilize it online or download it to your computer for free. It can even edit live, allowing you to collaborate or share your progress with a team.

All the files you create will be of high quality, and no additional fee is charged. They have a helpful user manual and tutorials if you need them. Cost: free.

Final Words

As you can see, creating a logo is not as time-consuming as it seems to be and can be free. You don’t need to have special designer skills or knowledge. You can create your desired logo in minutes with the logo makers listed above.