While online bingo has been around since approximately the early-mid 2000s, it wasn’t really until quite a few years later until it really took off as people started to understand the benefits. Since 2010 the volume of sites now available to play bingo has increased considerably and as a result, players are spoiled for choice. In this article, we’ll share examples for beautifully bingos sites design.

5 Beautifully Bingos Sites

5 Beautifully Designed Bingos Sites

It has meant that the best sites have had to really focus on standing out from their competition and one of the ways that they have done this is by making sure to pay particular attention to the aesthetics of the site itself, such as the design. Let’s take a look at five of the best designs out there and why they are so appealing.

Costa Bingo

Having a banner that dominates the home screen of a site is always a risk, however, at CostaBingo there are no worries on that score. Players are treated with a tropical paradise of a desert island, azure, and palm trees and are bursting with blues, orange, and yellows. Finding the most beautiful online bingo sites can be hard if you do not know where to find them, so Costa Bingo should definitely be one that you try, while you can also find more at bingosites.net as well.

Bingo Loft

At BingoLoft players are greeted by a screen that resembles a bingo site in the clouds, with a nice white, fluffy background, with blue trim running across the top. The site itself is easy to navigate because they keep things simple and you are able to quickly find everything.


When you first land on SailorBingo you are full of impacts. By a medley of blues and whites which perfectly depict the sea. Sky and as a result, it is easy on the eye. With great functionality as well, this is definitely deserving of a place in the five most beautiful bingo sites.


Arguably one of the most vibrant bingo sites that there is. The home screen of Zingo Bingo is bursting with the vibrant color of blues. Moreover, yellows, whites, reds, and purples, while as you scroll down. All of the available games appear in a way that really draws you in. Each one complements each other with their colors, continuing the trend from further up the page.

888 Ladies

Encompassing colors of pinks, blues, and whites this has very clearly beautiful. So, there has obviously been a lot of thought that has gone into it. Also, 888 Ladies is part of the behemoth 888 Holdings group. Which is one of the biggest companies in the industry? So, are experts at building brands. As a result, a good example of beautifully bingos websites.

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