5 Best Free Writing Tools for an Essay

Writing an essay can be a very daunting task for a student. In this article, we'll share the best five free writing tools for an essay

Updated on September 3, 2023
5 Best Free Writing Tools for an Essay

Writing an essay can be a very daunting task for a college student. Essay writing is a skill that is very important in life. It helps you document your words and increases creativity. Here are five different writing tools that might help you write the perfect essay and land a decent grade. In this article, we’ll share the best five free writing tools for an essay.

Write Monkey: Free Writing Tools for an Essay

Many skilled writers use Write Monkey to develop their essays. If you have been using MS Word, this app might seem empty and bland. However, this is not the case. The app contains all the necessary tools that you might need in the writing process. We all know that distractions are the main source of sub-standard writing. While using MS Word, you might face multiple distractions, leading to a lack of focus. Write Monkey can rectify this situation by providing a distraction-free environment where your sole focus will be on the essay at hand. 

The interface of the app will make your life easier. It has an easy-to-navigate design that will look after your work and ensure that you are on your best performance. 

Let’s talk about the user experience in detail. The lack of flashy objects known as the furniture of the app helps you stay on track. You might be interested in knowing that the app’s main aim is to eliminate all distractions and the overwhelming toolbar of other apps like MS Word is the source of unease for many users. For instance, one click on the wrong button on MS Word might alter your whole document and leave you clueless about undo the changes. 

If you are still unable to craft the perfect essay, worry not. You can always hire a custom essay service to look after all your assignment. Just place an order and set a deadline. Professional individuals will complete your work in the given time.

Thesis Generator

As the name suggests, the Thesis generator is an essay tool that will help you in writing an essay or even a long thesis. The website interface might look old, but it is super helpful. It the whole of your long essay and generates a short thesis statement. So, good free writing tools for an essay. Instead of reading the whole thesis and then figuring out its core objective, you can just put in the whole document and wait for the magic to happen. You can get a core idea of what’s in the essay and build your thesis around something very similar. Let’s look at the step that might help you navigate around the website more effectively. 

  1. Enter the whole information that the company might need to generate the thesis statement. Make sure to keep it short and precise. Avoid using long sentences at all costs.  
  2. The only thing that you need is to copy and paste your text and insert the title into the title box.
  3. Never use full stops, capital letters, or periods in the answer.
  4. Next, you have to click on the ‘thesis generator’ button, and a list of samples of your thesis statements will show up.
  5. Select the most relevant ones, and voila!

Here is a list of things that you must have to generate a thesis:

  • The Concluding Arguments
  • The Topic Of The Paper
  • The Main Conclusion Paragraph
  • The Arguments

This writing analysis tool will help you a great deal in your thesis. It will cut down hours of work into seconds, and you will be left with ample time to complete your essay.

Plagiarism Checker: Free Writing Tools for an Essay

Another extremely helpful tool that you will need while writing an essay is a Plagiarism Checker. While writing an essay, you have to make sure that there is zero plagiarism in the document. The document’s authenticity holds great importance, and the professor makes sure that your work is no-plagiarised. He might use different software to make sure there your document is an authentic one. If you already have a tool that does this checking, your work will automatically become more reliable. 

Once you complete your essay, go on plagiarism software and insert your document. Within minutes you will know that exact part that is copied. This tool might improve your writing and make sure that you don’t submit a wrong essay. Sometimes the consequences of a plagiarized essay are too much. So, your professor might get you an F grade or even suspend you on the grounds of unethical practice. 

Another reason why this tool is so important because it helps satisfy your inner mind. You will be more relaxed when you know that the document submitted is free of all errors and objections. Most plagiarism detection software is free of cost, but if you want to pay for better and accurate service, go for the paid ones like Turnitin, etc. 

Hemingway App

This app allows your essay to become a professional one by various methods. If you want to make this sentence better and easier to read, this tool will do it for you. It identifies the problems in the grammar and the vocabulary, making it a well-written document. Good sentence delivery is an integral part of the perfect essay. In addition, by using Hemingway, you can factor out all the difficult errors to comprehend just by proofreading. Moreover, it gives an expert eye to your document, and your assignments will be as great as the writing of Ernest Hemingway himself!

There is much other software similar to this app, but this one is the most accurate. You have to copy and paste the entire essay in this application and wait for the magic to happen. So, the app will automatically tell you what to improve, and you can make the changes. 

VisuWords: Free Writing Tools for an Essay

Last but not least, VisuWords might also be a great asset to your writing. This tool improves your work by showing different connections of your words to others. So, acts like a dictionary that tells you what to connect and where. It helps you by reading your word, analyzing it, and telling you the accurate meaning. In addition, tells you where to use it and the pronunciation. It won’t just improve your essay but will also improve your spoken and written vocabulary. Finally, you can use VisuWords to improve your writing skills, ultimately making you a great essay writer. 


The tools above will help you a great deal in your essays. So, they are the best companion of a college-going student and will even help you in the professional life. If you still think writing is out of your domain, try to seek free essay help and land decent grades in your assignments.