5 Best Gaming Website Templates: Design Made Easy

Craft a sleek & modern look for your gaming platform without stress by reading our review of the top five gaming website templates

5 Best Gaming Website Templates: Design Made Easy

Know the 5 best gaming website templates; Website design takes a lot of work, especially if you’re new to coding and development. And unless you have a background in those areas, you may struggle to get your website to a level that satisfies you.

Whether you are designing a platform where people can play poker online or enjoy other types of games, you will want to ensure your site looks great. People can immediately close the tab if they come across a website with a poor or dated design.

Aside from great aesthetics, your website must load quickly and perform flawlessly on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Rather than hiring a website creator or taking a development course, you can use gaming website templates to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Below are five excellent gaming website templates that you will find appealing.

1 – Gaming Website Templates: Divi

Divi is an outstanding option for gaming websites, a sleek and unique template that you can use if you are on WordPress or a similar platform. The goal of having a gaming platform is to make it easy for your users to access the titles they want to play. You can accomplish this with Divi.

Another positive of this template is that you will have a very modern design. So the moment a person opens up your site and goes to the home page, they will find the aesthetic impressive. That will ensure that you are getting a lot of retention among new site visitors from your social media platforms or other links.

2 – Jevelin

Another template that you might find helpful is Jevelin. Again, you can use this site skin with its default aesthetic, or you can easily customize it to fit your needs. One of the reasons that people find Jevelin useful is because it not only looks great on computers and tablets. But the smartphone template options are also excellent.

Studies have shown that people spend more time playing mobile games than computer games, especially among the newer generation. Moreover, if you want to compete with others in the gaming space, you must be ready to have a top-class, sleek, and fast-loading mobile website.

3 – Gaming Website Templates: Blogger

If you want to combine a gaming platform with a blog, then Blogger is an excellent option for a template. For example, you may have reviews of games that you wish to post. And along with information about newer titles that you are adding to your platform.

It can show all this information on the home screen. While you can also set up different pages for your games and another for your blogs. Everything you put up on your site will look sleek and pleasant thanks to the Blogger themes you can choose.

4 – Arcane

Rated as among the best templates on WordPress for gaming. Arcane is another excellent option if you are serious about building a gaming platform. For example, suppose you look at the sites of more established companies in your sector. You will notice their spots are very sleek and full of high-resolution images. You can create such an appearance using Arcane.

Not only can you set up the pages to look great. But the gaming features within Arcane make it easy for you to set up individual pages for each game. In addition, you can add many features, such as online tournaments, player rankings, gaming stats, etc.

5 – Gaming Website Templates: Eldritch

The final gaming website template that you may want to consider for your new platform is Eldritch. When you open up this template on your WordPress or another website. And you will notice that it looks like an esports game’s home page.

The templates are outstanding within Eldritch, which gives you plenty of customization options. For example, the color scheme and logos can match what you are setting up for your game. While you can customize the esports or online gaming options to ensure players have a great time trying your various gaming titles.


The bonus gaming site creator template for WordPress is the Anzu free WordPress theme, for have awesome templates for poker, streaming, gaming, YouTubers gamers, and many more features to a modern and fast casino and games site.

Constant Updates are Necessary

One of the most critical steps that you must take with your gaming platform is to make regular updates. Regardless of the template you choose, the games must run smoothly. So you need a team that constantly monitors any possible issues and resolves them within hours for your users.