5 Best Online Proofing Tools to Speed Up Your Projects

Here we are talking about the 5 best online proofing tools that can help you not just make reviewing of creative and design files and speed up projects

5 Best Online Proofing Tools to Speed Up Your Projects

Reviewing of creative and design files using emails can be quite a pain. Not only do emails make the entire process cumbersome, but it is also a huge waste of time scrolling through those long threads with feedback and change requests from the client. Online proofing tools make this process quick, easy, and hassle-free.

Here we are talking about the 5 best online proofing tools that can help you not just make reviewing of creative and design files, but also speed up your projects as well. Let us take a look at them:

5 Best Online Proofing Tools to Speed Up Your Projects

  1. ProofHub: Online Proofing Tools

If you are looking for an online proofing tool that makes your review process faster, and at the same time brings your team together, then ProofHub is just the right option. It simplifies the review and approval process by letting managers easily annotate changes in design files. They can add threaded comments to share their feedback and make the process clear and easy.

With file versions, you can save time while comparing and reviewing the changes. The one-click approval makes the overall process quick and streamlined. You can also collaborate with stakeholders outside ProofHub. Simply generate a proofing link, and share it with them for effortless collaboration.

  1. GoVisually

GoVisually is another popular proofing tool that teams love to use for online proofing and reviewing. It streamlines the creative review process by giving a single place for feedback, comments, reviewing, and approval of your design files.

You can quickly upload your creative work and share it with reviewers and stakeholders for their feedback and approval. GoVisually makes it easy to work on the changes suggested by converting the comments added on files into a task list. Plus, there are real-time progress indicators to keep track of the progress made in the process.

  1. Notism

With Notism, you can easily share and review the creative design and video files. Like other proofing tools, you can share your feedback using comments, notes, sketches, and highlight specific areas on the files.

The real-time notifications update you whenever a comment is made or any activity is done on the design file. With activity statuses, you can keep everyone updated on what needs to be done. Notism also allows you to create to-do lists and assign them to team members for streamlining your workflows.

  1. Pastel

Pastel is an online proofing tool that caters to the needs of web designers and design agencies. By letting you share feedback directly on websites in real-time, it speeds up the projects and helps designers work more productively.

It lets you mention the names of team members to quickly get their attention while sharing feedback. You can organize feedback with labels, disable comments to control the feedback process, integrate with other tools to create tickets, and tasks, and do a lot more with this handy online proofing tool.

  1. Ashore: Online Proofing Tools

If you are looking for a simple online proofing tool that makes the process easy and fun, Ashore is just perfect. Ashore lets you review image files, PDFs, videos as well as audio files. It integrates workflows into the proofing process, allowing you to define the stages and automate it.

The best part of Ashore is the auditing features that the tool offers. A log is created for every status change. A new file version to help you keep track of everything that’s happening during the process.

This was our list of 5 best online proofing tools to speed up your projects. If you and your creative team are spending a lot of time surfing through email threads for reviewing and proofing of your files. So, it is time you switch to any of these online proofing tools and make your processes faster and more streamlined.

Author Bio: Vartika is the Chief Marketing Officer at ProofHub, a project management software. She has been one of the LinkedIn Top Voices in 2016, 2017, and 2018. She is also a contributor at Business.com, The Next Web, YourStory, and Huffington, among others. Her articles mainly revolve around productivity and leadership.