WordPress is a very competitive CMS. Its post editor gets the job done, any day. Of course, that’s only till you need basic text plus images to create your content posts. If you try to come up with unique web design, you might find the default post editor interface restricting. Still, WordPress continues to be the preferred website editor of choice for many. That’s because it offers stunning themes, and more than that, it offers powerful drag and drops based page builders.

This theme and plugins together, put WordPress at the forefront of WYIWYG website creation. With useful editing features, a library of responsive themes, and customer support, these plugins elevate your website creation experience using WordPress to the next level. In this guide, we will cover 5 of the most value-adding and feature-rich and drag and drop powered builders for WordPress. All Visualmodo WordPress themes are fully compatible with it and we also include Visual Composer for free on our themes pack.

5 Best Powerful Drag & Drop Page Builders

Thrive Architect

5 Best Powerful Drag & Drop Page Builders – Best Page Builders List


Thrive Architect brings together all features you can hope to find in a true WYSIWYG editor and packs them in a neat and intuitive interface. The list of elements it supports is growing. Thrive Architect works with all WordPress themes and lets users see the changes made to the website rapidly, enabling the creation of beautiful websites. In the builder interface, you can use content elements such as headings, text, images, and even use conversion elements such as CTA buttons, countdown timers, testimonial boxes, and lead generation forms.

Apart from the drag and drop powered website editor interface, Thrive Architect offers other useful features. Create full-width pages, play around with background layers to get the perfect look, add a video background, and rest easy as the end result is mobile responsive. Thrive Architect also offers you more than 100 landing page templates organized into different sets, each with an opt-in page, download page, and confirmation page. The editor also offers you features like highlight boxes, images and media, style lists, tweet buttons, and more, to help you create engaging and enriched blog posts. The plugin excels at helping WordPress users create perfect landing pages, sales pages, blog posts, and product launch pages.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder – Best Page Builders List


Regarded as one of the best WordPress drag and drop editor plugins, Beaver Builder is easy to use and feature-rich. It comes with an onboarding experience that eases out the learning curve for new users. Beaver Builder works with all your existing WordPress website, helping you edit their content and add new content using its wonderful live drag and drop builder. Plus, you get dozens of special themes, custom made to work perfectly well with Beaver Builder, to base your WordPress website on. Apart from basic content elements, the builder also offers advanced elements such as sliders, backgrounds, content blocks, buttons, carousel, and a lot more.

Websites built using Beaver Builder are responsive. You can save your own templates and reuse them across your site, or export them for use on a different website. You can easily explore the nuances of content elements offered by this plugin; just click on it and check out its different configurations and settings. This makes it easy to create large websites using Beaver Builder. Create an unlimited number of websites using Beaver Builder, and enjoy its responsive customer support should you get stuck using any of its features. More than 100,000 websites are successfully using this plugin for drag and drop website editing on WordPress already!



Elementor plugin delivers drag and drops based editing experience, albeit in a different manner. With Elementor editor, you get the option of placing several sections on the screen, with customization options within these sections. You can place widgets such as carousel bars, icon lists, progress bars, and many more within these sections. Elementor is a live editor, which means that your changes are visible immediately on the screen, without the need to press any update or preview button. Among the elements on offer are posts, portfolios, slides, forms, pricing tables. Moreover, the flip box, price lists. Blockquotes, animations, login share buttons. Social media embeds, navigation menu, testimonial boxes, and a lot more.

A great advantage is that Elementor lets you create full-width pages using any of your existing themes, apart from the special themes it offers on its own. In the editor screen. So, you can save widgets as global, which lends them to easy reuse across the website. The visual form builder also offers a lot of ease, as you can create forms without leaving the page you’re working in. All Elementor themes are responsive. Professional designers and developers can even add custom CSS code to every element to create a truly unique and branded website.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Page Builder by SiteOrigin - Best Page Builders List
Page Builder by SiteOrigin – Best Page Builders List


SiteOrigin’s Page Builder is a simplistic yet powerful drag and drops editing plugin. It gives you an interface that looks much like WordPress and is as intuitive. In addition, create your web pages using drag and drop based content elements, and let the plugin create the code in the backend. Page Builder works with all themes, and if you switch theme, the content is transferred to the new theme. So, the Row Builder functionality along with precise control of column weights helps you create beautifully proportioned webpages.

This builder supports live editing, allows you to undo and redo changes, lets you explore a variety of row and widget styles, and works with standard WordPress widgets. Page Builder is also well renowned for rolling out upgrades and new functionalities to the plugin, keeping users excited, interested, and happy.

Page Builders: WPBakery Page Builder – Formerly Visual Builder

Page Builders WPBakery Page Builder
WPBakery Page Builder – Formerly Called Visual Builder – Best Page Builders List


For a no holds barred drag and drop website creation experience on the WordPress platform, choose WPBakery Page Builder. The plugin offers you more than 50 premium content elements. Lets you choose from more than 100 preset layouts and works with more than 200 3rd party addons. No wonders, WPBakery Page Builder is among the most powerful drag and drop builder plugins for WordPress. With 40+ grid design templates, you will be able to create unique looking websites every time, using this plugin. Forget coding. In addition, WPBakery Page Builder offers you are full of resources to create a stunning website. Merely using its drag and drop functionality.

WPBakery Page Builder creates SEO friendly websites. Is easily extendible via APIs, comes with an ever-growing and comprehensive knowledge base, and even has video tutorials on offer. Also, note that it’s one of the few (arguably, the only one) plugins that offer backend as well as frontend editing. So, you can develop your web content on the backend, or quickly move to inline editing. It works with all WordPress themes. Moreover, is compatible with Yoast SEO. Supports parallax and video backgrounds offer image filters. Moreover, offers multisite support.

Page Builders Concluding Remarks

5 Best Powerful Drag & Drop Page Builders for WordPress
5 Best Powerful Drag & Drop Page Builders for WordPress


Finally, the time required to create a good looking website can be to a fraction. By switching to a drag and drop WordPress builder plugin. These plugins help you get the design right the first time. Understand how the website will look before publishing it and offer responsive and professionally designed themes that you can use. The difference they make it visible, and value-adding. Go for one of this 5 drag and drop builder plugins for WordPress.


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