5 Best Rapid Elearning Development Platforms

The corporate world requires the fast development. In this article, you'll see the five best rapid elearning development platforms.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
5 Best Rapid Elearning Development Platforms

The corporate world requires the fast development of eLearning modules in an era of tight deadlines. The markets have become increasingly fast-paced. As a result, employees need to upgrade their skills frequently to match this pace. In this article, you’ll see the five best rapid eLearning development platforms.

5 Best Rapid eLearning Development Platforms

The success of any organization depends on the efficiency of its employees. Rapid eLearning ensures that they can remain up to speed with the latest trends. It allows Instructive Designers to create and deliver training modules faster than ever before. 

With Rapid eLearning, new training modules can be finished from ideation to delivery within weeks. Irrespective of misconceptions, it doesn’t compromise content quality at all. It helps create training modules with interactive elements that foster better engagement among learners. 

A rapid eLearning approach can quickly update existing courses to ensure skill enhancement. It can provide fast-paced learning outcomes to speed up the learning process. 

Many Rapid eLearning Development platforms can do the job. Here, we will list the top five to help you choose the best fit for your needs. These are: 

1. eWyse eLearning Development Platforms

eWyse follows a bespoke 3C build process. It seeks to keep you in control, save time, and ensure fast delivery of precise courses. Moreover, never compromises the quality of its courses even when the delivery windows are very small. 

It adopts a multi-step approach for course creation. So, starts with a needs assessment and quickly offers a demo based on the former. Finally, they revise the final content according to the feedback. 

They have a Project Management and storyboarding SaaS tool called Storygizer. It offers advanced communication and collaboration opportunities. It ensures that your courses match your exact requirements based on performance management using development elearning. 

2. CommLab India 

CommLab India leverages their expertise in industry-leading authoring tools such as Lectora Online, Adobe Captivate, and more. It has a solid Instructional Design background to enhance the content creation process. 

It provides the option to convert classroom material to eLearning modules. In addition, has the functionality to convert legacy content to modern formats. So, focuses on performance-based learning to rapidly create the most suitable courses. 

It provides assessments at the end of each course to track the progress. Its rapid courses involve interactive learning strategies such as gamification and storytelling. Additionally, users can personalize their learning modules.

3. Obsidian Learning: eLearning Development Platforms

Obsidian Learning focuses on collecting and distilling the most relevant content from SMEs. It is an industry leader in customer service, flexibility, and innovation. Its design teams have up to 20 years of experience in creating learning assets. 

It makes the learning process interactive through videos, animations, quizzes, and more. It focuses on attention to detail. So, thereby providing an enjoyable learning experience for learners.

Its courses are developed with a close collaboration between their technical writers and Instructional Designers. Thus, its learning material is highly engaging and visually stimulating.

4. Learning Pool 

Learning Pool has expertise in multiple development methodologies. In addition, It can oscillate between rapidly developed modules and complex gamified learning solutions with ease using the elearning development platform. 

It collects development-ready content from clients and efficiently breaks it down. Then it makes the content interactive and builds it into an engaging course. Finally, the resulting outcome makes the learning process easy for all stakeholders. 

It can also build rapid projects from scratch using the Scrum methodology. It defines the vision, scope, and deliverables of the project upon consulting the SMEs and various stakeholders. So, its Time Box and Sprints structure ensure fast-paced project development.

5. SweetRush

SweetRush is known for its commitment to caring for its clients. Its training modules can connect with the learners and motivate them to give their best. Finally, its courses engage learners in many ways through its varying delivery methods. 

It works on the Agile processes to optimize timelines. Moreover, creates learner-centric solutions for clients through design thinking. Design thinking is a crucial part of its CoDesign experience. 

Its team of experts adapts new technologies and authoring tools to stay up to date. So, It uses new technologies to make its courses more interactive, appealing, and engaging. 


You can shortlist your learning objectives and match them with the platforms in this list. Thus, you can choose the platform that will be the most suitable for your organization’s learning needs. 

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