5 Best Tools To Improve UX And Boost SEO

User experience is one of the vital factors to improve the organic rankings. We'll share the five best tools to improve UX and boost SEO.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on November 15, 2023
5 Best Tools To Improve UX And Boost SEO

User experience is one of the vital factors to improve the organic rankings of a website. Search engines like Google value UX and promote sites that offer a seamless experience to the users. In this article, we’ll share the five best tools to improve UX and boost SEO.

According to research, 88% of visitors leave the website because of poor user experience. Optimizing for user experience can make users stick to your website resulting in improved traffic and increased conversions.

Here are the five best tools to improve UX and boost SEO:

1 – GTMetrix

GTMetrix is a website speed and performance monitoring platform. It provides metrics like speed, Core Web Vitals score, and performance score. The tool offers recommendations to improve the scores.

GTMetrix has analyzed over one billion web pages so far. It is used by popular and well-known brands like HP, PayPal, Twitter, GoDaddy, Samsung, Spotify, and Microsoft.

Top Features

  • You can set up alerts to notify you whenever your website performs poorly.
  • Secondly, GTMetrix allows users to visualize the performance with four types of graphs: Page Timings, Performance Score, Web Vitals, and Page Size/Request counts.
  • Users can check the website speed in 22 locations with 65 servers. So, including Vancouver, San Antonio, Chicago, Chennai, and Dubai.
  • You can test your website speed on mobile devices via simulated device options on over 20 different mobiles of various variants.
  • You can test your site on different connection types and speeds such as 3G, LTE, Dial-Up, and Cable.

Tools to Improve UX Price

GTMetrix offers four pricing plans:

  • Free: $0 per month (with daily site monitoring for one domain and three months data backup)
  • Solo: $10 (with daily site monitoring for three domains and six months data backup)
  • Starter: $20 (with hourly site monitoring for six domains and six months data backup)
  • Growth: $40 (with hourly site monitoring for twelve domains and six months data backup)

All of the above plans include reports in PDF format.

2 – Finteza

With over 50 CMS support, Finteza is one of the leading website and app analysis platforms. In addition, Finteza provides advanced analysis of websites and apps with features like bot detection, location tracking, IP address tracking, device tracking, funnels creation, and conversion analysis.

Top Features

  • Firstly, you can create funnels to target various segments, including pages, UTM tags, traffic sources, keywords, and ad banners.
  • Secondly, it lets you identify and filter 12 types of bad traffic.
  • Finteza is available as a plugin for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Shopware, PrestaShop, and several other leading CMS platforms.
  • Finteza allows you to bypass the ad blockers that help you increase your impressions.
  • You can analyze traffic with 15 metrics, including device type and conversions.
  • Finally, you can access analytics in real-time to improve UX and increase conversions.

Tools to Improve UX Price

Finteza offers a pricing plan of $25 for up to 100k unique users per month. Finteza also offers a 1-month trial period with a fee that costs $12.5 for up to 50k users a month.

3 – Zendesk

Zendesk is an award-winning customer service software that is trusted and used by popular companies like Mailchimp, Uber, Tesco, Khan Academy, and Siemens. Zendesk supports communication modes like text, phone, email, social media, and live chat.

UX Tools Top Features

  • Zendesk offers hundreds of app integrations, such as Shopify, ActiveCampaingn, GetResponse, and Notify.
  • With AI-powered bots, you can build your own personalized answers to the questions.
  • The answer bot supports over 15 languages, including English, Arabic, Italian, and Japanese.
  • You can use various data and reports provided by Zendesk that help you in improving the customer experience.
  • Finally, with “Group messaging,” you can connect or add other team members to provide the best customer service.

Tools to Improve UX Price

Zendesk offers three pricing plans:

  • Suite Team: $49 per month (voice, email, SMS, and live chat support)
  • Growth: $79 per month (up to 100 AI-automated answers)
  • Suite Professional: $99 per month (up to 500 AI-automated answers)

4 – Optimizely

Optimizely is a leading experience optimization platform with options like A/B testing, multi-page experimentation, server-side testing, and multivariate testing. Moreover, Optimizely supports channels, including websites, apps, TV apps, and IoT. Popular brands like IBM, HP, Sky, eBay, GAP, and American use Optimizely to optimize the user experience.

UX Tools Top Features

  • Firstly, you can perform rigorous A/B testing on your websites and apps with tools to improve UX.
  • Secondly, optimizely allows you to update your app in real-time without the wait for Google and App store.
  • With an easy-to-use and clean user interface, you can manage all your releases and updates in one place.
  • Optimizely provides an open-source SDK that supports languages like Javascript, Go, Java, Swift, PHP, Python, Ruby, C#, and Docker.
  • You can use the feature “Flags” to reduce risk on new rollouts as by using this feature, you can rollback anytime whenever you detect any error or performance issue by switching off the toggle.

Tools to Improve UX Price

You need to contact customer support for the pricing.

5 – Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a website SEO auditing software available for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu. So, it is used by big brands and agencies like Apple, Google, Seer, Amazon, and Disney to optimize their websites for better SEO.

Top Features Tools to Improve UX

  • Firstly, screaming Frog offers an analysis of websites’ SEO with different metrics, including server code errors, heading tags, low content pages, and missing page titles and descriptions.
  • Secondly, you can find images over 100kb in size and without any alt tag.
  • Screaming Frog allows you to bulk upload the files you can further share with your developer and team.
  • You can also perform a redirections audit to find temporary and permanent redirections on the website.
  • Finally, you can review the URLs blocked by the robots.txt file with tags like ‘noindex’ and ‘nofollow’.

UX Tools Price

Screaming Frog offers two pricing plans:

  • Free: £0 (with up to 500 URLs crawl limit)
  • Paid: £149 per year (with unlimited crawl limit)

Tools to Improve UX Conclusion

UX and SEO are the essential parts of website optimization. Optimizing your website for UX and SEO can help you reduce your website’s bounce rate because if your website is easy to navigate with proper structure, users will take actions leading to improved revenue.

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