5 Best W2 And 1099 Preparation Software For CPA Firms

What is the best W2 and 1099 preparation software for your business or CPA firms? Well, here are our hand-picked five best payroll software

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 10, 2024
5 Best W2 And 1099 Preparation Software For CPA Firms

Payroll software is a boon to contractors and accountants to process the payments for the daily wage workers. It eases off complex processes through automation with only a few tweaks. Besides, there are several advantages to using such automated software. What is the best W2 and 1099 preparation software for your business of CPA firms? Well, here are our hand-picked five best payroll software that has updated W2 and 1099 preparation.


ThePayStubs provides an all-encompassing solution for CPA firms, streamlining W2 and 1099 preparation while ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and regulations automatically, so you don’t have to worry about it.

It automates payroll taxes with the appropriate federal, state, and local agencies, eliminating any hassle on your part. You can generate accurate pay stubs and tax forms quickly and efficiently, from your main office to remote locations. ThePayStubs salient features include:

  • Firstly, generate pay stubs and tax forms with automated calculations.
  • Secondly, customize templates to fit your firm’s needs.
  • Interactive user interface with comprehensive reporting options.
  • Finally, pricing starts affordably.


SentricHR is solely for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). You will find everything from employee onboarding to payroll processing; it is an all-in-one software. The application is crafted to handle both small tasks and complex processes in day-to-day operations.

The critical element of SentricHR is its Employee Self Service (ESS) module that grants complete access for the employees to view their payslips, attendance, and leave details, and company announcements.

It has certified payroll reporting with inbuilt W2 and 1099 preparation software to truncate taxpayer-identification numbers quickly. SentricHR salient features include

  • It helps track filing status instantly with its electronic signature capture feature.
  • Assists in handling unlimited forms of 1099 returns for CPA firms.
  • Tracks 401(k) retirement plans skillfully.
  • Pricing starts at $4.5 only with a free trial option.


Even your company has five employees or 5000 employees, Zenefits unifies all the payroll and benefits administration processes.

It has all features to tackle tax compliance, insurance with QuickBooks integration in it.

This W2 and 1099 preparation software have tax ID validation with the IRS database directly, thus eliminating inaccuracy during reporting time. Also, it assures that your business complies with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) quickly.

Zenefits salient features include

  • Firstly, reports on employee eligibility and coverage status.
  • Secondly, extensive selection options to choose from new benefits in the system.
  • Accurate payments based on hourly works.
  • Finally, pricing starts at $8 only with a free trial option.

PayNorthWest W2 And 1099 Preparation Software

PayNorthWest is a Human Capital Management software (HCM) with diverse and equitable options for payroll processing. It has highly capable accrual, cost center, tax, and reporting engines for improved precision and performance.

Additionally, PayNorthWest has W2 and 1099 preparation software solutions with support experts for catering to your payment needs. PayNorthWest features include

  • Firstly, exportable data formats like Excel, HTML, Word, and PDF.
  • Secondly, general ledger to virtually record payment processing.
  • Approval process control to double-check the payroll.
  • Finally, hundreds of HR automation projects implemented.


From onboarding to offboarding, you can manage all employee operations seamlessly with Rippling.  Moreover, it handles W2 and 1099 preparation compliance with all relevant laws and regulations automatically that you needn’t worry about it.

It automatizes payroll taxes with the right federal, state, and local agencies without any hassle from your side. Interestingly, you can pay your employees and contractors within minutes through your corporate HQ to a Timbuktu satellite office. Rippling salient features include

  • Firstly, customize your PTO policy with the self-service portal.
  • Secondly, review and approve employees’ time-off requests with a click.
  • Interactive UX features with customizable reporting templates.
  • Finally, pricing starts at $8 only with a free trial option.

Ultipro 1099 Preparation Software CPA Firms

Ultipro emphasizes effective workforce management, thus streamlines all the process right from hiring the apt candidate for your business. It simplifies all the employee information like personal details, performance history, and benefits. Surprisingly, it is an AI-powered platform that leverages the prediction and personalization of HCM processes soon.

Ultipro salient features include

  • Firstly, compensation and payroll management.
  • Secondly, efficient progress tracking tool that sends reports instantly.
  • Time clock integration with accurate overtime calculation.
  • Finally, multi-currency accessibility with smoother compliance management.


Payroll can be a daunting task to manage manually. With effective W2 and 1099 preparation software, you can eliminate risks and accurately pay your employees.

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