5 Biggest Digital Marketing Trends In 2022

Keeping up with digital marketing trends in 2022 can be tricky. As more people go online for work, entertainment, and leisure, the demand

By Larissa Lopes
Updated on July 25, 2022
5 Biggest Digital Marketing Trends In 2022

Keeping up with digital marketing trends in 2022 can be tricky. As more people go online for work, entertainment, and leisure, the demand to stay updated on every aspect of digital marketing can be a draining experience.

5 Biggest Digital Marketing Trends In 2022

The rate of change in digital marketing can be overwhelmingly quick. So, with so many moving parts in a successful marketing strategy, a full-service digital marketing agency may be the help your brand needs so that you can focus on operations and other high-priority activities.

But before you start looking for collaborators, you may want to research; and consider any of the five biggest digital marketing trends in 2022.

1 – Marketing Inside The Metaverse

Metaverse is one of the most significant buzzwords in 2022, thanks to the rebranding Facebook went through in the latter part of 2021.

The term ‘metaverse‘ was conceived 30 years ago to describe a future world where advanced technologies are heavily embedded in the fabric of society. And although the original ‘metaverse’ is all about blockchain and decentralizing information, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, dedicates itself as a platform that centralizes the way its users connect and how marketers can engage them.

Digital marketers should expect to develop strategies that would help them integrate their placements seamlessly inside this universe to avoid alienating users from their brands. Aside from this, the fearless forecast is that interactive content would be an in-demand part of any marketing effort inside the metaverse. Thus, businesses must look into incorporating technologies like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI) in their digital marketing strategy.

2 – The Return Of First-Party Data: Email

Another trend digital marketers should expect in 2022 is the return of email popularity. A few years back, there was some talk about email marketing as a dying marketing tactic.

But with the more stringent implementation of general data protection regulations (GDPR); and more consumers pushing for better data security and privacy regulations, third-party cookies that collect a user’s data will cease by 2023. Knowing the imminent demise of third-party cookies that track a user’s online activity; marketers should start re-invigorating tactics they can use to create email lists for their brand.

3 – The Explosion Of Social Commerce

If you’ve been monitoring the changes and features added to various social media platforms; you may have seen how social commerce changes the e-commerce landscape.

Another digital marketing trend is social commerce is the fulfillment of the end-to-end shopping experience directly on a social media platform. Instead of forwarding a user to another site to pay for the items, they intend to buy; these buyers transact using social media apps like Facebook and Instagram.

This type of shopping creates an interactive experience for the buyers. They can review comments, interact directly with the brands they like; and show off purchases easily since they do everything on a social media site.

4 – Videos That Are Short And Raw

In a study by Forbes, 56% of the executives surveyed said they’d rather watch a video than reading text. This finding isn’t surprising because videos are easier to digest than reading long-form texts. In addition, scientists have been telling everyone how the attention span of people these days is growing shorter; and how this information influences the way content is published at present.

Furthermore, it’s critical to note that the current type of video is videos that look raw and candid. This digital marketing trend people are more attracted to short-form videos that don’t look like they’re professionally taken as these are perceived as authentic and more relatable.

Today, people are wired to watch videos rather than read content like videos. So if you’re still not using short-form, vertical videos in your digital marketing; it’s high time to start creating vertical videos for your business.

5 – Continuous Growth Of TikTok

Tiktok has exponentially grown over the past years. This platform has slowly evolved from an entertainment platform into a popular promotional space for businesses and influencers alike.

Brands are now taking TikTok seriously compared to before. And many are starting to pick up on how vital appearing on this social media platform is for startups or small businesses.

In short, TikTok continues to be one of the most innovative social media platforms you can use in your digital marketing strategy.

2022 will be a hectic and exciting year for marketers and businesses. From dipping into another universe, a.k.a. the metaverse, to the return of email marketing; opportunities to drive revenue and sales are never-ending, provided you know how to ride the wave of trends.

These digital marketing trends won’t be suitable for everyone; so it’s best to keep an open mind when experimenting and trying new things for your company.