5 Excellent Tips to Create a Logo

The logo creation process is something special & really important, learn how to create an excellent logo with the best tips & ideas

By Claudio Pires
Updated on February 4, 2023
5 Excellent Tips to Create a Logo

When I started my business a few years ago, I thought designing a logo was a simple thing. Something I could do in a few hours edit it on a computer and print it so that I could insert it on the face of my product. And that is what I did. After a few days, I met with some of my friends who had created businesses that went on to be successful. Learn how to create an excellent logo with the best tips & ideas.

I told them that I had completed creating logos in one day and I was ready to start hiring and selling my products. They were astonished!

And I thought I had done something heroic, only for them to tell me to rethink my logo. “What the hell?” I asked myself. What is important for a logo to think about for a few days? They even advised me to get a logo designer to help me out.

I later realized the importance of taking my time when creating logos for businesses. And I am here to tell you that you should too. Why? When a customer wants to buy a product from you, what does he or she look at first? The logo of your business.

Take your time and study the logos of big successful companies worldwide. You will realize that they took their time to design their logos.

They learned how to blend the colors according to the preferences of their potential customers. They even hired a professional logo designer to advise them accordingly.

Companies such as Nike, Apple, Starbucks, Coca-cola, and Pepsi have paid much attention to their logo. And you can see the results for yourself.

A business without good logos cannot survive in the market for long. As you know, the type of colors you use on your logo will affect the buying decisions of your customers. You may have noticed that even children are influenced by colors.

When you take out your child to the store or a supermarket, pay attention to the type of products he or she pushes you to buy for him or her. Only those products that have logos with shapes and colors that blend is bought.

Maybe you started a company and were as ignorant as I was about logos, and now you want to improve it.

Or you are about to start your business, and you want to know how to create compelling logos. Either way, this article will assist you by giving you five tips to create an excellent logo for your business. Read on now!

As you were growing up, your parent or guardian probably told you that no one in the world looks or behaves like you. In short, you are unique and special. And so should your logo. The purpose of a logo is to help your consumers differentiate your products from your competitors.

Why should you try copying someone else’s logo? You are a very creative person. You believe in your business. Show how much you believe in it to your consumers through your logo. Take your time and imagine what business logos will look like.

Take a walk while thinking about it. Sleep on it. The longer you think about it, the better the logo will look. Please write down your ideas and share them with your business colleagues. A logo is just more than a representation of the product or service an organization offers. It is the essence of the business.

A logo can be thought of as an image that introduces your brand. And that is true. The purpose of a logo is to help you reach your target market easily. You have to keep this fact in mind when designing logos. What do you think of your brand? Could you write it down?

Do your research on the internet. Do not copy other businesses Stay true to your brand’s personality. What does your logo mean?

Can you describe it to a five-year-old child and help them understand? Your brand and logos should match perfectly. Creating a simple and unique logo for your brand is all needed.

Color creates difference

When thinking about your brand, the image you will use says everything about your business. Taking your time to think about every aspect of your logo is key. Among these aspects is how the colors you use to blend. It is essential to know that every color has its message.

With a message comes a variety of feelings. 80% of buying decisions are based on emotion. Do not tie your shoelaces together and fall on your face. Do not use a color just because you love it. Remember, you are not the consumer.

I realized that the most successful business owners create questionnaires and give them to their potential customers. After they fill out the questionnaire, they give them a gift. In the questionnaire, the customers are asked about the colors they feel represent the business perfectly.

The business owner then takes his or her time to blend the colors. Just as a writer used to write great essays, so does the business owner use the services of a professional logo designer.

Here are some examples the meaning of different colors according to the Psychology of Colors.

  • Red – bold, energetic
  • Yellow – optimism, sun
  • Green – organic
  • Blue – trustworthy, professionalism
  • Black – powerful, authoritative
  • White – pure, simplicity
  • Orange –  friendly, young

A logo comprises two ingredients which are a symbol and a wordmark. Before you decide to represent your business with any symbol, it is essential to note that you will have to use many resources to advertise it so that your target market can recognize it. A good example of such an organization is Mercedes.

You can also choose a unique logotype which is just the name of your business. A good example is Coca-cola or IBM. If you decide to use a generic, then you need to come up with something unique that will help people differentiate your business from others.

Avoid too stylish fonts and big spaces. Remember, simplicity is key when it comes to creating a logo. Some websites can help you create an attractive font and look for logos, for example, Font Squirrel.

Success is earned every day

Every simple and unique logo you admire today did not start as a successful logo. It was once at the bottom and it took a lot of time and effort to popularize them. Successful business executives will tell you this. Patience always pays.

Do not give up just because your logo does not seem to gain popularity. Ultimately, it is for the market to decide how your business will perform.

And there is nothing wrong with this. There is always room for improvement. The easiest thing for you to do is to understand and implement the basic principles when creating your logo.

And your success is guaranteed. Do not keep on changing your logo rapidly. Give it some time in the market. The market responds slowly, but it always responds.

Best Tips to Create a Logo Conclusion

As the saying goes, Rome was not built in one day, and so is your success in this area. Success is earned daily. Always remember to use online tools if you find yourself stuck somewhere.

They can be relatively cheaper compared to hiring a professional logo designer. Discuss your ideas with your closest friends or partner. Listen to their ideas as well. When you finally draw logos, think of how to improve them from time to time. And remember, simplicity is the key to success.

Claudio Pires

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