5 Free WordPress Plugins To Improve User Interaction

Looking for a way to create a real taste of user interaction on your site? You'll see 5 free WordPress plugin that improve user interaction

Updated on July 25, 2022
5 Free WordPress Plugins To Improve User Interaction

Are looking for a powerful way to create a real taste of user interaction on your website? In this article, you’ll see five top free WordPress plugin that improve user interaction.

If there is a sense of community and living life surrounding a website people tend to come back and when they do they tend to stick around – exactly the sort of metrics that will drive the site up in Google. 

Creating a website from a template isn’t enough. You need to personalize it. That’s where different plugins come into play, they take a simple WordPress site to a whole new level. 

5 free WordPress Plugins To Improve User Interaction

Plugins allow you to customize your website without the need to attend WordPress classes. So, there’s are thousands of WordPress plugins to choose from.

In this article, we will be discussing five of the most popular ones. So, that will enhance the site experience for your users, drive higher engagement and more interaction. 

Even better, they only require you to have learned how to navigate WordPress rather than understanding how to code it.

5 free WordPress plugins for improving user interaction

What is user interaction?

User interaction means that your audience is actively interacting with your site. They’re not just passively reading a page but visiting other pages and following links to other articles and pages. 

This post highlights some excellent plugins and resources that greatly help create a sense of involvement amongst your website visitors.

1 3CX Live Chat: WordPress Plugins To Improve User Interaction

Are you looking for a free live chat plugin to communicate with customers on your website with chat, voice, and video for free?

3CX isn’t just about website communication. It’s a whole business PBX that includes contact core features. Moreover, Facebook messaging integration, SMS, and video conferencing.

Publishing media and small businesses are comfortable with live chat alone. So, the standalone plugin is a great solution that can be set up in minutes, with no coding needed.

Its a perfect solution that comes with all kinds of communication features, including voice, video, Facebook messaging and SMS integration. It also includes call centre features like queues, reports, recording and more.

3CX Live Chat is a free WordPress live chat solution that offers a ton of flexibility for setting up your chat system. As a result, one of the top WordPress plugin to improve user interaction.

2 AddToAny Share Buttons

AddToAny is a totally free, very simple social sharing plugin for your WordPress website. So, which does not require you to register. 

Installation and setup is very quick and simple. In addition, It is full of social features, and you can add social share buttons with a share count to any of your postsor pages.

The AddToAny WordPress plugin offers floating social buttons, so you can have a great-looking fixed floating sidebar that runs along with your pages and post.

It also offers lots of other great features like custom share and custom icon buttons. So, finally also allows you to integrate with Google Analytics so you can keep an eye on your engagement metrics.

3 Better Click to Tweet: WordPress Plugins To Improve User Interaction

Better Click to Tweet is a fantastic free WordPress plugin that makes sharing your content on Twitter super easy. As the name suggests, visitors can tweet your content with a single click if you are using this plugin.

Better Click to Tweet is very simple to use allowing you to use a simple shortcode to make an important piece of text tweetable (without leaving your website). So, you can use the buttons to let your visitors tweet a link to one of your content or encourage them to tweet a section of it.

It’s a great way to enhance user’s interaction, makes your article more appealing and also increases the number of tweets you get in the post.

4 WP Sticky Sidebar

Having a solid call to action on your website will help you grab the attention of your website visitors. Floating elements that stick to your screen as you scroll tend to have a higher click-through and conversion rate than static objects. Also, a page is more interesting when the blog content sits all alone in the middle of the pages. 

This is an excellent way to boost your call to actions throughout your pages and post. As a result, one of the top WordPress plugin to improve user interaction.

The best feature of this plugin is that the sidebar stops and sticks when the last widget enters the screen. This means that you need to position the widgets you want to remain visible in the lower part of the sidebar. The ones higher up will be hidden ones the visitor in on the final screen. 

It works with all of the different types of sidebar widgets. In addition, using Sticky Sidebar is a great way to high business goals like email subscriptions and sales, etc. 

5 wpDiscuz

wpDiscus is the fastest loading ajax powered WordPress comment system plugin. 

wpDiscuz is an excellent solution for WordPress users because it provides so many tools to encourage readers to participate in discussions. 

Enhanced comment layouts and support for social media platforms make it easy for readers to publish comments.

Commenting is an excellent way to develop an audience around your website. Moreover, getting people to interact with each other will boost the user interaction metrics on your website. So, one of the top WordPress plugin to improve user interaction.

Disqus users can ‘follow’ other users and view their comment history. It is compatible with many top anti-spam plugins, including Akismet. Visitors can also log in via their favorite social network accounts or post anonymous comments.

Installation is quick and simple as the developers have provided a user-friendly installation wizard.

One of the best features of wpDiscuz is forms. In addition, you can create an unlimited number of comment forms, and each one is customizable.


User interaction is a broad term that includes all of the ways that users can interact with your web pages. 

Strong user interaction metrics are a great way to boost your website and grow your company. Finally, having a live chat, engaging content, great CTAs, and easy navigation are simple ways to increase user interaction.

In conclusion, dou know of more ways you can increase user interaction on your website? Please include them in the comments below.