5 Great Ways to Amplify the Performance of Your WordPress Website

Let’s put all of this into context and show you the best ways you can amplify the performance of your WordPress website to get more results.

5 Great Ways to Amplify the Performance of Your WordPress Website

Running a WordPress website can be quite demanding, especially if you’re a beginner. To get the best results, you’ll first need to find a reliable hosting provider. Doing so will ensure that your site experiences the best uptime rates possible. Choosing lightweight themes, the right plugins, and finding the ideal size for your images, CS, and JSS files is a skill that requires some expertise in the field in order to amplify performance of your WordPress website.

The aforementioned aspects are geared towards ensuring that any internet user who visits your website can enjoy a responsive platform. Therefore, if you want to improve lighthouse performance score of your site, these are the main factors that you should consider. The question is not should you aim to improve and amplify the performance of your WordPress website. The question is how you should do it without wasting resources or waiting to get penalized by the search engines.

You probably know by now that your online reputation heavily depends on the user experience metric, which is directly correlated to the performance and responsiveness of your WordPress website. If the visitors aren’t impressed by what they see on your website, they will leave as soon as possible. Such behaviour is usually noted by search engine algorithms and can be used to adjust your site’s SEO ranking.

From the way you create and optimize your content, to the hosting plan you choose and the theme you pick from thousands of viable options, there are many factors that go into a fast and responsive website design. Of course, there are many options for you to choose from but finding the right balance is where many people fail. If you believe that your website’s performance isn’t up to the expected standards, then this article is for you.

Amplify the Performance of Your WordPress Website

5 Great Ways to Amplify the Performance of Your WordPress Website

Your goal is to combine those seemingly small solutions such as cleaning up your media library with big fixes such as optimizing your site for a seamless browsing experience on mobile devices, in order to make your site perform at its best on all fronts. Let’s put all of this into context and show you the best ways you can amplify the performance of your WordPress website.

It all starts with your hosting provider to amplify WordPress performance

Before you go poking around your website and tweaking visuals and various settings, be sure to analyze your hosting plan one more time, because this just might be the thing that’s holding you back and hindering the performance of your website. Now, understand that your hosting provider cannot be held responsible for your site’s sluggish performance unless they are in direct breach of your contract. For example, if you’re running a cumbersome website on a shared hosting plan, then you can’t really blame your provider because you choose to share the server with a bunch of other websites that also consume precious resources. As a result, amplify WordPress performance.

With that in mind, and assuming that you’re working with a reliable provider, you should assess whether or not the time has come to migrate to a dedicated or a VPS plan. When you make this transition, you will immediately notice an increase in website speed and performance overall. You also have to be mindful of where your server is located. If you’re operating in the European market but the server is located in Australia, then you can’t expect to get top website performance. However, assuming that you’re not on a subpart hosting plan and that your servers are located on the same continent, there are other concrete steps you can take.

Choose a balanced and optimized theme

The WordPress theme library has thousands of options for you to try out, but it’s important to keep in mind that looks alone shouldn’t be your deciding factor. There is a big difference between a good-looking theme and a well-balanced and optimized one, and the former can have a big negative impact on your website’s performance, which will negatively affect your bottom line, which will negatively affect your business overall. It’s all a downward spiral, really, so it’s important that you choose a theme that focuses on performance.

Ideally, you’ll want to work with a professional WordPress developer who will be able to advise you on the key features that your theme should have, and perhaps even pick the theme for you. Your theme should have a minimalist design that brings form and function together. Just enough features to accommodate all of your needs without putting any unnecessary strain on the server.

Tailor all of your visuals for amplifying WordPress website performance

One of the most important elements of a well-performing WordPress website is its optimized and lightweight visuals. Visual elements can consume a lot of resources. They can be extremely difficult to load if you are running a cumbersome website. That is supposed to load numerous visual elements at the same time. While it is important to minimize the size of your images and to clean up your media library. It’s also important to create visual content that focuses on maintaining the site’s speed and responsiveness.

This is exactly what experienced designers like Infostarters are emphasizing in their visual strategies nowadays, as professionals in the industry realize the importance of visual marketing for audience engagement and branding, but also the problems that cumbersome visuals can bring to the table. The solution is to craft optimized visual content from the ground up that emphasizes performance. So, it complements it with appealing aesthetics.

Don’t forget about WordPress caching

On the other end of the performance spectrum, there are certain optimization essentials. That is often out of scope for novice website owners. When you’re managing your WordPress website, you should understand the caching feature, a pivotal piece of the puzzle that can either keep your website in top shape or slow it down significantly.

This is a somewhat simple, but very effective solution to enhancing your website’s speed and performance. By providing your visitors with a static version of your content. Which is much faster to load. Luckily, there are various WordPress caching plugins that make the process simple and automated. But they still require you to spend some time learning how to use these features properly. However, the time you’ll invest in mastering the art of these plugins will have many perks. The main of them is your website’s seamless amplify WordPress performance.

Leverage mobile optimization

Google along with other search engines continuously updates its algorithm to provide a better user experience for searchers online. These engines want to make sure that each user gets the best. Most relevant results and that their experience is seamless. So, naturally, when users started switching from desktop to mobile for browsing. Google introduced an algorithm update to treat mobile website versions as primary. Making it a top priority for brands to optimize their mobile presence to amplify WordPress performance.

To prevent slow-loading pages, images that don’t fit a mobile screen. Other glitches, brands have started implementing the accelerated mobile pages plugin. Also known as AMP. For more refined user experience. For starters, you need to make sure that your pages are ready for mobile devices. Then put this plugin to work for better performance and unhindered loading times.

Wrapping up

WordPress is one of the most frequent platforms for modern-day websites. As such, it is to serve the modern customer and represent your brand in the best possible light. However, the performance of your site will heavily depend on factors other than the platform itself. So, since you’re the one able to maximize its potential with the right plugins. Design principles, and the latest customer trends. Use these ideas to give your website performance a boost and ultimately impress any visitor with stellar customer experience.  In the long run, your overall SEO ranking will improve and you’ll gain more prospects who can help grow your brand even further.


Jacob Wilson is a business consultant, and an organizational psychologist, based in Brisbane. Passionate about marketing, social networks, and business in general. In his spare time, he writes a lot about new business strategies and digital marketing for the Bizzmark blog.