For any WordPress (WP) website owners, it is an important decision to consider ‘Which web hosting provider to choose?’ Majority of new site owners and small business owners who are coming with their business website are confused with this aspect and many of them tend to fail in their attempt to find the right one, which creates trouble later. There are so man hosting providers to choose from, but not all of them are the same.

5 Important Things to Know About Choosing a Managed WordPress Hosting Service

Self-hosted WordPress is an option, which is so easy to install and there are many hosting options which are powerful. You also get complete control over your website and can handle all aspect of the site. Going a step ahead, the WordPress-specific hosting services also offer the option of managed hosting, which means the host will maintain your server and manage it well when you are more focused on developing a stunning website with welcoming content.

Here in this post, we will discuss managed WP hosting. If you are building a WordPress site or looking forward to hosting one, knowledge of these essential elements of managed WordPress hosting will come into your help. As HostingWiki does.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

To understand the concept of managed hosting well, you may consider it as owning a car. A car is a big machine, which has many parts which could be compared to a website. You need to maintain your car well to keep it in good running condition and perform optimally. There are two options for you in terms of maintaining it.

One option is that you look after your car all by yourself or you may also think of taking it to a garage once in a while for the maintenance. A typical website also works in the same manner. You can consider the managed hosts as garages, which provide a hands-on approach to maintaining your web server. There are many unmanaged hosts too, which primarily places the responsibility of managing your website back on you by simply providing the hosting space.

As you can infer from it, you have to pay an additional fee for managed hosting services. However, if you are signing up with a professional and dedicated managed to host service, then the premium paid is fully worth it. A good managed hosting will provide you the opportunity to focus more on creating welcoming content and earn more money than they need to focus consistently on maintenance and troubleshooting.

Things to consider while finding a managed WP hosting

Now that you are searching for an ideal managed to host service, here we will discuss some of the key elements to consider. This overview may help you to pick the right host and then plan various options they put forth to enhance your site’s performance and reach.

1 Reliable support

There may be a frequent need for asking help when your site is hosted with a third party. So, the primary thing which makes a hosting provider acceptable is a stellar customer support team. By shelling out a considering sum on managed hosting, it is your privilege to get a solid support 24×7 to ensure maximum uptime and instant troubleshooting of your technical issues. Consider the following aspects as:

  • What are their customer support channels?
  • What additional help resources they are providing?
  • How fast and accurate customer support is?

If they have a resource center, check if there is a comprehensive knowledge base where you can find answers for all FAQs and if the content is well presented.

2 Reassuring feedback and user preferences

Even though popularity is not the single directive in choosing a service provider, it can surely be a solid indicator of their quality if you are looking for a branding firm or hosting service. The most popular solutions may also not always be the best available, so it is essential to carry out some baseline research by gathering customer feedback, reviews, and references from others. You can check what is recommended by other similar WordPress, especially if your site is expected to have heavier traffic.

3 Flexibility and scalability

Any of the managed WP hosting service which is worth their cost may be offering a wide range of solutions based on the customized need of their clients. Provided this, you may have to look for the most suitable plans based on your hosting requirement in hand, but by considering the future potential for upgrading the plan by scaling it up or down. One major thing to consider in terms of hosting is that it is always better to stick to the same host than changing the host from time to time. So, scalability of service is the prime thing to consider before signing up with any provider now.

4 The provider’s expertise in various industries, niches, and handling bigger sites

In continuation to the above point, you should also be able to extrapolate from the different plans they offer. Determine what strengths and experiences the provider have. In terms of handling heavy loads and volume of traffic. Even if you have modest goals to meet initially. You can enjoy peace of mind by knowing that your site is in a safer hand with higher uptime. Also looking for the hosting providers’ client base. See if there are any major customers will also give food for thought about the expertise. In addition, the quality of your provider.

5 Focus on speed and performance

In terms of website administration, speed is a killer element. Along with ensuring optimum user satisfaction, speed is also an essential SEO element now. Slow site speed is a website’s death sentence nowadays. So, it is important for the site owners to find a managed WordPress hosting service which is optimized. For loading speed. Optimum site performance to boost the traffic level. The home-page of any provider will be simply boasting about it. So you may better look at under-the-hood elements such as the version of PHP their servers are running at. The location of the servers, and the other speed-boost technologies they adopt.

To conclude, one shouldn’t decide to adopt a hosting service simply based on the peripheral elements. More importantly, you need to consider their core attributes as discussed above along with genuine feedback. Client testimonials about their services before choosing a managed hosting service, which is essential for your website success.

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