5 Keyword Research Tips For Digital Marketing Success

Keyword research is a vital part of every marketing campaign. We'll share five top keyword research tips for digital marketing success.

Updated on July 25, 2022
5 Keyword Research Tips For Digital Marketing Success

Keyword research is a vital part of every marketing campaign. It allows a marketer to determine what keywords and key phrases will generate the most traffic. In this article, we’ll share five keyword research tips for digital marketing success.

However, keyword research isn’t something that you should only do once. Keyword research is an ongoing process and it can provide a major impact on your digital marketing success. 

5 Keyword Research Tips For Digital Marketing Success

Using the keyword research tips below in your digital marketing campaign will allow you to take your search engine optimization to the next level and boost your online presence.

1 Know Your Audience: Keyword Research Tips For Digital Marketing

This might be the most important (and overlooked) part of keyword research: understanding who you’re trying to reach. Knowing your audience should always be done to help marketers get to the minds of their potential target markets. Knowing the important topics that customers are likely to search for on the internet is the first step towards narrowing down your keyword selection in the search field.

2 Use A Premium Keyword Research Tool

There are many good keyword research tools available today. You can easily search for these and evaluate their effectiveness. Although the free tools can work fine, they may not provide you with the level of detail that you’d require to really understand which terms your audience is likely to search for. Paying a few dollars for a quality keyword research tool, however, can help ensure your website is found by your target audience whenever they do an online search. 

One good example of a premium keyword research tool is the SEO Scout. SEO Scout offers a position tracker for all of your site’s keywords, making the whole process a lot easier even for beginners. 

Keyword research tools give you lots of data about search volume and competition for hundreds of individual keywords. These tools can tell you which phrases are getting the most traffic, and which ones aren’t. They can also give you great insight into the highest-ranking sites for your chosen keyword or phrases.

3 Avoid Using Commonly Used Keywords: Research Tips For Digital Marketing

Another of the many great keyword research tips revolves around avoiding the commonly used search terms. Colorado restaurants, for example, are often searched for using common search terms such as pizza, burgers, or diners. But using more specific search terms such as Colorado pizza. Colorado burgers can drastically improve the chances of ranking highly in the search engine. Avoiding these highly-used search terms. Or keying in your niche keywords in the title and body of each article can help you skyrocket your page rankings.

4 Use Niche

One of the most important keywords research tips involves keying in the long-tail keywords in your niche. There are three types of long-tail keywords, and there are two types of people using those keywords. The first set of keywords is by websites and blogs that contain information about your niche. Therefore, wouldn’t rank highly in the search engines for that term. However, websites and blogs that are related to your industry would rank highly for the long-tail keywords in your niche. Thus, could help you climb the ranks of the search engines.

5 Take A Look At Your Competition

As with any type of digital marketing strategy, keyword research starts with an assessment of your competition. You want to know what keywords they use to get the most hits. You can learn this information by looking at their websites. One of the first things you’ll find is how many words they use to describe the products or services they offer. If they’re too generic, you’ll be losing out on potential sales. So, great keyword research tips. However, if their main keyword does fit in perfectly with your product or service offerings. It may give you the upper hand when it comes to search engines.

You should also look to see what your competitors are doing to take advantage of the competition. This is simply done by looking at their websites. So, good keyword research for digital marketing. Do you have a better design than your competitor? Are their keywords more effective? What types of ads do they have on Google? These are all important questions that you should answer in order to come up with better keyword research ideas.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get your website noticed by those who are searching for keywords. It’s important that you invest time in content strategies and the development of keyword phrases. Doing so can ensure that you’re on top of the list rather than buried in the dozens of other sites on page one of a search volume.