5 Marketing Tips to Help a Franchise Location Succeed

We will show you a list of 5 excellent tips on how to use marketing strategy to make your location franchise business succeed

5 Marketing Tips to Help a Franchise Location Succeed

Being a franchisor has some inherent perks. A location franchise will generally provide marketing materials or, at the very least, some guidance on how to go about earning new customers. Combine that with the brand recognition of being a franchisee, and you have a nice setup for success. We will show you a list of 5 excellent tips on how to use marketing strategy to make your location franchise business succeed.

However, the issue is that not every franchisor knows how to market. It’s a skill that takes years to cultivate and one that makes all the difference when it comes to your bottom line. Your business is part of something bigger, but it’s also a local business that needs to connect with your community to succeed.

5 Franchise Location Marketing Tips

Build Up Your Online Reviews

Online reviews for a local business are more important than you might expect. Not only are they something customers routinely check before entering any business, but they are also important to your business’ search engine optimization. Positive reviews will make it easier for customers to find you online and help you build trust with potential customers immediately.

The first thing to know is you can’t take anything personally with online reviews. There will be positive and negative reviews for your franchise and your location. No business will please everyone. It’s also true that the one person with a negative experience will be more likely to complain online than the loyal customers who love your business.

So, in the Face of all That, How are You Supposed to Get Positive Reviews for Your Franchise Location?

This might seem too easy, but the answer is to ask. You may have seen stickers in the front window or at the cash register for other businesses, encouraging customers to write a review.

Beyond having a sticker or some other signage, you can also train your employees to mention this when talking to a customer they think seems happy with their transaction. Reward those who take the time to review as well. It can go a long way in establishing a lasting customer relationship.

Use Social Media to Connect With Your Customers

When people come to follow your franchise location on social media, it’s because they want to know about your specific store. That gives you an excellent opportunity to connect with them and make them feel loyal to your business.

The secret to using a marketing strategy to make your local franchise business successful is to post things that matter to your followers. If temperatures have dipped, discuss your products that will help customers warm up – a new jacket or a steaming cup of coffee. You can post about local sporting events and other events in your area. Your location is more accessible than the franchise; capitalize on that.

Build A Website For Your Franchise Location

Customers can find basic information about your franchise location on the franchise’s website, but relying on the company’s main website to refer customers to you is unwise. By building your website, you can connect with your customers with specific, relevant information. You can become more accessible by creating a branded website specifically for your location.

This website should have all the information customers usually look for on a business website. Like contact information, store address, and store hours. You can also include local events or other things relevant to your business.

Build Up Your Local SEO

You don’t need to build your search engine optimization (SEO) to appeal to major, global search terms. Instead, focus on local SEO. If your business sells hats, look for keywords about buying hats in your town. These keywords will be easier to compete for and more relevant to your business.

One benefit of being part of a franchise location is that customers are more likely to trust you. Another way to compound trust is having your business show up for these terms. You want to meet customer expectations, and they expect to find your business when they search this way.

Find keywords relevant to your local business to get started on your local SEO strategy. Build them into your website with content useful for your customers. Learn how to rank your business on Google Maps and interact with local businesses. In addition, discuss link exchange opportunities with them.

Use Press Releases

What can you highlight about your business this month? Do you have fun events or specials happening? At least once a month, possibly bi-weekly, you can write press releases to send to your local newspapers. This is free publicity and another way to connect with your local community.

The more your franchise location cements itself as an accessible. A friendly and essential part of the local community, the more affection customers will feel for your location.

Final Words About Franchise Location Succeed Tips

We hope this list of 5 excellent tips on how to use marketing strategy to make your location franchise business succeed has helped you! Leave us a comment.