5 Metrics to Boost Your WordPress Site’s Performance in 2022 and Beyond

In this article, we will talk about some important metrics that you should check regularly to boost your WordPress site's performance

Updated on July 25, 2022
5 Metrics to Boost Your WordPress Site’s Performance in 2022 and Beyond

Know the 5 metrics to boost your WordPress site’s performance, WordPress is the widely known content management system that is famous for its user-friendly features and plugins. Approximately 500 sites are built on WordPress each day, as it is free to use and can be customized by anyone. According to recent WordPress statistics, it is powering more than 14.7% of the world’s famous websites and holding a 61% market share in the CMS market.

5 Metrics to Boost Your WordPress Site's Performance in 2022 and Beyond

WordPress has become a powerful website builder due to its robust content management system. Many famous brands such as Facebook, The New York Times, Disney, and more are powered by WordPress. If your WordPress site is performing well and driving conversions, it clearly shows that you are making the most out of its features and plugins.

5 Metrics to Boost Your WordPress Site's Performance in 2022 and Beyond

But what if your WordPress site is losing its search engine rankings and not generating the desired sales. Monitoring your website is critically important to check which components of your website can be improved to grow your website. And if you are wondering how to improve your WordPress website’s performance and get higher conversions, here I have listed some important metrics that should regularly check to improve your site performance.

Let’s delve into them.

1 – Sessions

Okay, it is one of the most important metrics that help website owners to measure the effectiveness of the website.

And fortunately, there are many analytics tools available that lets you track your website traffic. With the help of analytics tools, you can easily check the number of people who visit your site and the number of unique pageviews.

The graphical representation of website traffic helps you understand whether the visitors are satisfied with your content or offers. If the website traffic is decreasing and is experiencing a high bounce rate. Then it is the right time to find some effective ways to increase your website traffic and boost user engagement.

2 – High Performing Pages or Posts to Boost WordPress Site’s Performance

It is another very important metric that you need to know about your website. Finding the best landing pages or blog posts can help you improve your website traffic. If you figure out the best performing blog posts, it will give you interesting ideas for your blog that your readers will enjoy. It will eventually increase website traffic and drive audience engagement.

Thanks to analytical tools, it will help you find out the high-performing landing pages, and blog posts by displaying the number of unique visits, duration and bounce rate. Having this important data will help your content marketing team to make important changes in your content strategy. You can check keyword rankings and incorporate more related keywords to achieve higher rankings on SERPs.

Collecting this important data will also help you create an effective email marketing campaign that will definitely convert visitors into email subscribers. If used well, this important metric can be used to effectively promote your products or services and eventually achieve your sales target.

3 – Top Google Search Terms

For every website owner, finding the list of keywords that your potential customers are using to discover your website is important. With the help of WordPress analytical tools, you can easily uncover the list of Google search terms for your website. Moreover, with the help of useful tools, such as MonsterInsights and Google Search Console. You can easily find out the top keywords people use to find your website.

Having a list of these important keywords can help you boost your SEO efforts. You can optimize your content by incorporating these keywords in your website content and blog posts. By optimizing meta title, internal linking and targeting important keywords on your website, you can grow your organic traffic. This strategy will help you increase your rankings in the search engines.

4 – Use Outbound Links to Boost WordPress Site’s Performance

Measuring outbound links is the most important metrics for your WordPress website. Outbound links are the links in your content from different websites that take users to another site. Adding outbound links to your website builds trust and sends quality signals to search engines. With analytics tools, you can easily track all the external links clicks. Finding the list of these websites gives you a great opportunity to build relationships with other brands.

For instance, you can reach out to those sites and request for a backlink for your website. By tracking outbound links, you can better understand the interests and behavior of website users and create more effective ideas for your website. It gives you useful insights into which links on your site are performing the best. Tracking outbound links greatly helps you when you include affiliate links on your website to promote affiliate products.

In addition, it helps you discover how users interact with the site and how long they stay on a specific page of your website. This strategy helps you improve your content marketing strategy and design better content for your audience.

5 – Boost WordPress Site’s Performance with Form Conversions

Digital marketers put their best efforts into creating effective campaigns that drive more leads and convert users. Forms play a key role in driving more conversions as they encourage users to sign up, buy a product, or request a free consultation.

Conversion tracking helps marketers understand how users interact with the site and which forms are driving maximum conversions to your website and which forms need to be changed.

Conversion tracking allows you to discover users who abandoned the form before submitting it. This way you can make tweaks in the form such as:

  • Choose the right layout
  • Change the position of the form
  • Minimize the number of fields
  • And use the right color for the CTA button
  • Write compelling CTA copy
  • Remove Captcha
  • Add social proof
  • And add optional fields
  • Add Micro Animations

The goal of form conversion tracking is to measure the effectiveness of the forms so that you can make improvements, attract users and encourage them to fill the form. Moreover, a web design company can help you design effective forms for your WordPress website that will perform well and help you grow your business.

Boost Your WordPress Site’s Performance: Final Thoughts

For every website owner, it is essential to know how your website is performing. They keep track of important metrics to make necessary tweaks in their content marketing and web design strategy. Checking important metrics helps you make well-informed business decisions and improve the overall growth of your business. Hopefully, these metrics will help you improve the performance of your website, deliver a better UX and achieve more sales.