5 Modern Bootstrap Templates to Try in 2021

Modern Bootstrap templates let you add or change items on a website without spending a fortune or taking up a ton of time. See the best ones

5 Modern Bootstrap Templates to Try in 2021

Are you in the process of adding new elements or sections to your current website? It might seem like your only option is starting the build process over again, which can take tons of time, money, and effort. However, there is another solution. Modern Bootstrap templates let you add or change items on a website without spending a fortune or taking up a ton of time.

5 Modern Bootstrap Templates to Try in 2021

Bootstrap templates are an excellent choice when a custom-built website isn’t the right solution. These templates are easy to customize so that anyone can use them. The Bootstrap framework is well-documented, well-supported, and appreciated by business owners, developers, and designers worldwide.

What You Should Know About Bootstrap Templates

The statistics show that Bootstrap is one of the most used frameworks for websites. Of the more than a million top websites on the Internet, over 20% use Bootstrap somewhere in their libraries. It’s best known for being helpful in situations where you’re making a mobile-first website focusing on front-end web development.

Bootstrap was launched in 2011 and has been updated and supported ever since. While it had less than 2% of the market share in 2013, it has gone up 12 times. One of the top features of Bootstrap is that it’s incredibly flexible. It can be used with various UI kits and integrates with design language systems.

Bootstrap is an excellent resource for creating consistent code and maintaining design patterns, but it does the same with code. This isn’t just a popular tool but a continually growing and often used library with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.

The Top Reasons to Choose Bootstrap Templates

Bootstrap offers a wide variety of utilities, including the option to create various user interfaces for websites. These elements can range from simple forms to more advanced items like drop-downs, navigation bars, tabs, and forms.

Bootstrap lets you make templates, create plugins, or place content wherever you like on a page. All of the items involved in responsive web design, such as PSDs or graphic web design, can easily be converted in Bootstrap. That’s precisely what makes it possible to create bootstrap templates.

One of the top utilities available through Bootstrap is a lightning-fast path for web design that works on any device. All of the components you can use in a Bootstrap template can be adjusted to any screen dimensions.

There’s also a grid system that makes it easier to position and size the screen’s different elements. Since the system itself is made to handle changes in the browser window or screen size, it can distribute content across one to a dozen columns for a responsive design.

The Main Features of Bootstrap Templates

The basic framework of Bootstrap is one of its most considerable advantages. It lets you apply different colors, sizes, grids, and fonts in basic style definitions through the entire spectrum of HTML elements. This creates a uniform look across containers and elements alike. In most cases, the out-of-the-box style works well, but it can also be modified or edited to meet your needs.

The addition of JavaScript elements through JavaScript and jQuery plugins also adds additional UI elements to work with, such as sliders, tooltips, and dialog boxes. Bootstrap includes an HTML structure, additional JavaScript code, and a CSS declaration that allows for greater functionality with various interface elements.

The layout tools in modern Bootstrap templates are also essential and using a CSS grid layout. This kind of layout is defined by columns and rows and has become an industry standard for both designers and developers.

The Best Modern Bootstrap Templates for 2021

Since Bootstrap templates came onto the scene, they have become prevalent and continue to gain popularity every year. The templates available can fit various business types while making it simple for anyone to develop and design a website without hiring a professional developer.

The Bootstrap templates on this list help you cut down on costs when building a website and save the time that would go into development. Since there are hundreds of templates available on the market, we want to focus on a variety that will offer the most bang for your business through an easy installation, regular updates, and the ability to publish content quickly.

Designmodo Startup Template

Startup Framework uses a block model system that gives designers and developers the option to use more than 100 different content blocks in various combinations to create a unique website. This Bootstrap template comes in both a free and a paid version, so users can try the software before deciding whether to pay for extra features.

The free version of the template has access to all of the features, includes a demo mode, offers free Figma sources, and comes with extensive support. This Bootstrap template gain updates regularly. Some of the most recent updates include editable classes and attributes of elements, the ability to change backgrounds and images, and the option to share a project with an entire team.

Nobel Minimal & Versatile Multi-Concept Template

This Bootstrap template has a minimalist but versatile design focusing on photographs and other imagery in design. There are five different landing page designs from which to choose, four portfolio layouts, and nearly unlimited custom slideshows. For a videographer or photographer, this is a template that makes an excellent choice. It has an unusual layout structure that is ideal for those kinds of websites.

This template has video support for YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Wistia. It comes with a 30-page user guide that includes example code screenshots to make using it simple. All of the inner pages included in the template have the most critical components needed for a portfolio-style website.

Pheromone Smart Multi-Concept Template

Another of the most versatile and feature-filled Bootstrap templates available in 2021 is the Pheromone template. It’s a multi-purpose template that focuses mainly on the content of a website. It includes more than 80 HTML files and a selection of other files to work with. The minimalistic design works well for those who want to build an online store, a blog, a portfolio, or a corporate website.

There are more than 25 home page styles with templates, including a shop layout and fully responsive designs. It supports the latest jQuery and Bootstrap, offers lifetime free updates, and allows CSS animation. It comes with both one-page and multi-page demos and friendly for coders and designers.

TemplateFlip Awesome App Template

Awesome App is another modern Bootstrap template. Moreover, derives some of its power from Paper Kit 2. It acts as a landing page where you can show off your software, apps, or other products. It offers sections that include a pricing table, app screenshots, downloads, and testimonials. The template works with any screen size and adapts easily to various window size changes.

This template comes with Font Awesome Icons that can be along with app features. There is also a selection of app store icons, social icons, and download buttons, so you can easily display your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles. There is a free version of the template, but the premium version comes with more than 1,000 UI components.

Andior Responsive One & Multi Page Portfolio HTML Template

Andor is a template that focuses on offering an elegant, modern, and simple design. It can be for freelancing portfolios, showcasing creative digital work, or selling online services and products. It’s on Bootstrap, so it offers robust features, including Font Awesome icons, an Ajax Portfolio, and a working contact form.

There are 13 different homepage styles with the template and more than 100 HTML pages from which to choose. It includes isotope filtering for smooth effects and portfolio details without bringing up a new page. Those who enjoy working with WordPress will also appreciate a version of the template for that blogging system.

Choosing the Perfect Bootstrap Template for Your Needs

Since there are many Bootstrap templates available, there are a few things to look for when choosing one. The best Bootstrap template will meet the criteria below:

  • An experienced and established tech agency created it. If the firm that makes the template has been around for a few years, you can expect the product to be more professional.
  • Niche market. The more specific a Bootstrap theme is, the simpler it will be to customize for your purposes. If the template has the pages you’ll need, there will be less editing required.
  • The template is by tech assistance. While modern Bootstrap templates are user friendly, being able to get support when you need it is crucial. Tech issues come up, and it’s often essential to deal with them quickly. Knowing how to get support should factor into your decision.

Bootstrap templates come in all sorts of types and are easy to learn to use. As popular as the technology is, it’s likely that Bootstrap will be around for a long time. Choosing a template that meets your needs from a professional company will give you the best base to work off. Give Bootstrap a shot and see how easy it can be to build the perfect website.