5 Most Effective Tips to Select Attractive WordPress Theme

An attractive WordPress template plays a big role when it comes to website appearance. Check out effective tips to select WordPress themes

5 Most Effective Tips to Select Attractive WordPress Theme

WordPress might seem a bit tricky for its new users. Some might wonder how to make it perfectly fascinating with all the essential features. An attractive WordPress theme plays a significant role when it comes to the appearance of the website. As soon as you start looking for a suitable theme, you will be overwhelmed with the amount and variety of themes you find on the internet. Check out the most effective tips to select an attractive WordPress theme and do the right decision.

Applying them to a WordPress site positively impacts its layout, design, fonts, and overall look. It significantly influences traffic and makes it more business-driven for the website’s proprietor. If you are looking for a WordPress theme for your site, make a list of your requirements and find one accordingly:

– What is the purpose of the website? Is it just marketing or blogging?

– How would the visitors navigate through the site?

– What kind of theme can be best for the website?

– How the brands or content would display in a specific theme?

– What looks and feels does the website need to have?

Well, if you are still perplexed about your choice, here are a few things you should keep in mind to find the most suitable WordPress theme:

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5 Most Effective Tips to Select Attractive WordPress Theme

5 Most Effective Tips to Select Attractive WordPress Theme
5 Most Effective Tips to Select Attractive WordPress Theme

1 Keep it simple to Select an Attractive WordPress Theme

Although you might like a theme extra colorful or full of graphics, Simplicity makes the visitors stay longer on the page. Flashy layouts and tricky animation design might look good at one glance. But, it becomes uncomfortable for the eyes if there are products to look for or content to read. Hold on to a simple theme with soft and beautiful colors.

The theme should be that a page visitor should like to surf more. The site’s simplicity adds value to the overall value of the site by making the appearance more user-friendly. A good WordPress theme always helps you to grow your business by attracting higher numbers of subscribers or readers to it.

2 Go for a responsive design of the theme

Your site should be easily accessible from any gadget a visitor uses. So, ensure that the theme you are about to finalize is responsive. Mobile or other similar handy devices generate a remarkable amount of web traffic. Although most of the traffic relies on the type of website and what it offers, it can be increased by 50% with the right choice of theme.

Your site must be mobile-friendly to appear at the top of the Google search engine. So, regardless of demographics and blog topics, ensure the WordPress theme is responsive and easy to access from any device.

3 Get a theme that lets you add valuable plugins

If you have chosen a simple and supportive theme that you think is perfect for your site, keep it. Ensure if it lets you add plugins. No matter how preferable a site is, there is always something that you can edit to make it better. It is possible only if the attractive WordPress theme supports new plugins.

Some widely known plugins are Gravity forms, W3 Total Cache, Yoast SEO, etc. You can provide your site more flexibility by additional changes to plugins. It is beneficial for your visitors and so, ultimately, for you.

4 Browser compatibility is important

Once you know that your website can be accessed from any gadget or device, you must confirm if it is easy to open from any web browser. The user might use a diverse range of browsers to open your WordPress site. If the theme looks perfect on your browser, have you tried to open the area from any other browser? Is it still the same with its looks and layouts?

Thus, you must ensure that nothing is changed or broken when the site is opened on another browser. It must look perfect in various browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Opera mini.

5 Speed and Optimization is a Part of Any Attractive WordPress Theme

There are heavy themes that make the loading time too slow. Website loading speed is crucial for excellent user engagement, fantastic user experience, and significant search engine ranking. A website page loads faster. It delivers higher growth and, thus, high revenue. Choose a theme that makes the loading time stipulated and keeps the visitors engaged.

5 Most Effective Tips to Select Attractive WordPress Theme Speed and Optimization
5 Most Effective Tips to Select Attractive WordPress Theme

Also, if you are keen to have a steady flow of website visitors on your web page, ensure your site is easy to optimize for search engines like Bing and Google. If your good-looking site has poor HTML coding, it can affect its performance on search engines. So, the basic structure of your WordPress theme must be search engine friendly.

You can find several free themes online. There are numerous premium WordPress themes too. Buy them at discounted rates. Surf and purchase numerous articles as it is the most vital part of your website, but do not forget to consider the above-given points.

Bonus: Updated frequently and has a high-quality code base

Your WordPress theme will form the foundation of your website. In addition to the overall design, you want to ensure it loads quickly and is regularly updated.

The size of your WordPress theme can significantly impact your speed and performance. Your load speed will affect everything from your user experience to WordPress SEO, so you’ll want to assemble sure your theme is weightless and has a quick load speed.

You can always run a site speed test to see how fast the theme loads. For more details, see our guide on adequately running a website speed test. You can install the theme for free themes and execute a speed examination. With a pro template, you can run a speed test on a sample URL to give you some concept of ​​how well the theme functions.

Another thing to look for is the latest theme update. New versions of WordPress are released all the time, so you’ll want to ensure your theme is up to date. An outdated theme can generate WordPress protection issues and clashes with other plugins on your site.

For free WordPress themes, you can find the last update date on the WordPress.org theme list. Ideally, your template will have been updated in the previous few months and have a consistent update history.

Bonus: Updated frequently and has a high-quality code base
Anzu WordPress theme free wp org last updated info

If you look at premium WordPress themes, you can almost guarantee that the theme receives an update to work with the latest version of WordPress. Since you are paying for the theme, the developer or development team will have more resources to devote to updating the theme.