5 Most Intriguing Web Design Trends Of 2021 for WP Users

In this article, you'll see the five most intriguing web design trends for WP users that you will like to check and implement on your site.

5 Most Intriguing Web Design Trends Of 2021 for WP Users

There is a silver lining in the stay-at-home order that was forced upon us by COVID-19. Web designers were pulled out of their comfort zone and tasked to create websites that make working remotely feel almost the same as working in close proximity with people. In this article, you’ll see the five most intriguing web design trends for WP users.

5 Most Intriguing Web Design Trends Of 2021 for WP Users

Web creators have embraced this challenge wholeheartedly. We are now seeing new website trends that include bold color schemes, 3D products for online shoppers, typography that makes you want to check out a site, and there is better mobile compatibility.

Here are some trending website designs you may want to try.

Days, when web creators play it safe with fonts, are long ago. These days, we see the use of sans serif fonts more and more where they were informal. Since we now see more white spaces that are a result of bigger screens, the clutter aspect is all gone. This is even better by the availability of design bundles such as those package by MasterBundles, where you buy a one-off online product with a variety of templates and fonts to use now and in the future.

With themes changing over time – and maybe even welcoming a new target age group into the site. You may have to tweak things after the site design. Having such a design bundle ensures you don’t have to incur extra costs later.

Comfortable Colors

We are spending too much time on our laptops these days, which leads to eye strain. Web creators are correcting this by using warmer colors that are kinder to the eye. We see darker google slide themes too, where a lot of them were predominantly white. Moreover, softer palettes like subtle greens, pastel blues, warm browns, and light pink are being a middle-ground between dark and white hues.

There was a time when emojis wouldn’t be for any other writing than informal texting friends. Now that change lately and is more embraced in content creation, such as emails related to work and marketing. We are also seeing brands use emojis as images in the background since the new buyer accepts this as a proper communication method. We think it is cool that it makes a site approachable. So, this non-verbal form of expression allows the user to show how they feel without really texting any word.  

Digital Interpretations of Products

One of the complaints online buyers have about clothing is that they don’t always get what they ordered. Web creators are countering this by using 3D simulations. In addition, give a clearer picture of how an item looks like in real life. This makes the shopping experience much better with fewer regrets. With great 3D visualization techniques such as those adopted by Adidas. So, buyers can tell the texture of the fabric they are about to buy from seeing it online.

The first time a user checks out a website, they have to read the captions to know whether. Or not that service or product works for them. Developers know users do not favor reading most of the time as they have other things to do with their time. So they are adopting the use of questionnaires to make this process easier and faster.

These questions design to get as much personal information from the reader as possible. Without making them feel burdened or poked. Finally, the user gets a personalized product or service. That removes the need to scroll through an entire list. So, good WP web design trends.

WordPress Site Designs Winning

At the end of the day, designers focus on creating softer, more interactive websites that are not traditions. These trends are winning the minds of younger audiences that cannot be bother to take things too seriously. With them, the texture of images used and the clipart have to have an esthetic appeal. In conclusion, these changes are long overdue, we think.