Statistics show that 38.5% of users judge a business by how their website looks during their first visit. Do you have a clean website that is user-friendly for your potential customers? What areas of your website could use improvement? How can you convert more users to buy your product? In this article, we’ll see the five must-have elements of a successful ecommerce website design.

Anyone can make a website, but it takes specific attention to detail to create one that converts.

5 Must-Have Elements of a Successful eCommerce Website Design

Keep reading to learn about the must-have elements of an eCommerce website design:

1. An Easy-to-Use eCommerce Website Design

Think of your website as a clear path to the finish line of your customer purchasing your product. The more difficult it is to navigate your website, the more barriers there will be on their path to purchase.

This can be as simple as choosing the correct website theme for your business.

Let’s say that you are an online clothing retailer. Moreover, your website will need a design that can include several photos of the products. So, this will differ from a company that sells digital products online and doesn’t require the same emphasis on photos. As a result, a big part of the elements of a successful eCommerce website Design

2. Optimize for Mobile

It is no secret that many consumers shop and purchase from their mobile devices. Your eCommerce website development will need to be designed in a way that is easy to navigate on a phone. 

Prioritizing this feature will allow you to capture the customers that discover you in a mobile setting and decide to purchase a product on their first visit to the site.

3. Reviews and Referrals Elements of a Successful eCommerce Website Design

Credibility is key for any business and eCommerce sites are no exception.

Including reviews on your products can help customers who are on the fence decide to purchase. Something as simple as mentioning if something fits true to size or that this is a great gift could sway someone to purchase. So, let your current customers help your future customers make sound buying decisions.

4. Clear Shipping Details

Do you offer free shipping? How long will it take for the product to be processed and shipped to the customer? So, do they need to spend a certain amount to achieve free shipping? 

In the world of speed and needing everything right away, it is very important to clearly communicate what your shipping policy is. This will manage the expectations from the start and avoid confusion later on.

5. Concise Descriptions of Products Elements of a Successful eCommerce Website Design

Writing great copy for your products is high on the priority list. So, If a customer has never purchased from your site, they won’t know what to expect from the product. 

Explaining the product in a clear format that provides valuable insight to the customer can be more effective than the photos in selling it.

Get Started Today

Now that you have read about the must-have elements of an eCommerce website design, you can start building out your website today! Start stunning your potential customers with the perfect website for your business.

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