The usage of videos in marketing, in general, is definitely not brand new information, however how it’s presented nowadays is completely different than how it was a few decades back. The difference between then and now is the importance of consumers’ input in today’s video marketing. Especially with the great advancements in social media and technology in general. The importance of video marketing in the creation of content marketing strategies is almost vital to succeed.

So here are 5 different reasons why you should use videos in online marketing to guarantee reachable objectives for your business!

Videos in Online Marketing

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Videos in Online Marketing
5 Reasons Why You Should Use Videos in Online Marketing


Almost 100% Guaranteed ROI

Yes, video production is not the easiest thing to do and it takes a lot of time especially if you’re working on it without a trusted marketing company. But if executed properly, it pays off! The best way to know if a project you’ve been working on has been succeeding or not is through business goals. Accurate measurement of ROI (return on investment) in videos are essential to match these business goals and finally, know whether it did really pay off or not. If this might be slightly hard for you to concentrate on planning, ensuring results and analyzing the project; seek an Internet Marketing Company that can do the job for you that has even more specialization in the online field. When measuring ROI, it can be seen best through video views and subscribers.  

Getting All Sorts of People Digitally Engaged!

Rather than reading on and on about the product and its information; modern consumers now prefer to see the product in action with different appeals formed in a video. Visual content is very important to creating great engagement that’s quite different from what is seen every day, especially if it has this in direct relation to the culture being targeted. The reason why all sorts of people can be targeted in all sorts of video content is that almost everyone with diverse characteristics has one thing in common; a smartphone!

Connecting With The Customers Emotionally

What better way can you connect with your customers than video content created that is done to catch your customers attention AND reflect the business’s nature. Videos create a very strong connection between the brand and the viewer. According to WTWH Marketing Labs, researchers found that campaigns with emotional appeals in content perform double of how a normal campaign would perform. With videos, customers can engage with each other, share and comment on the content through just their smartphones.  

Videos Will Drive your Website’s SEO

Videos = rich media content. So when the video is added to your website, the chance of your website to become front page on Google is more than 50 times more likely with a video! Videos drive so many keywords to it so the probability of increasing its chance of front page appearance is super high! However, its strongly recommended that the keywords be related to the title and description so the SEO can be properly utilized. Besides Google, YouTube can also be used in the form of SEO. When you upload your video on your YouTube channel, you’re able to put your video content at a higher rank especially if you’re working on YouTube, Google, and the social media platforms.

More Appealing on Technology

The involvement of technology in our lives has made the market re-adjust their content strategies to become more mobile-friendly. Especially since some social media applications on smartphones have ‘auto-play’ so you basically have people watch your video even if they weren’t intending to from the beginning! Video creation can be perfectly optimized with mobile users and help create more accessible rates and content for fast, on-the-go customers. This means that you as a business owner or a marketer need to have some sort of content personalization to create a personal experience with the mobile user on their smartphone.

Market your Presence Online, Wisely!

Making videos that match your brand vision and be appealing to the customer is tough work, it requires creativity and knowledge so make sure your business is experienced enough to execute such a project. If not, seek internet companies that will do that for you just perfectly! Videos have become more affordable by the day and it has become an easier task to do. So make sure you know how to penetrate your market the right way with the suitable video objectives. Create videos that have a higher chance of being always remembered and don’t forget to build an emotional connection with your viewers helps a lot the marketing.

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