Why should you be excellent at writing if you want to become a professional digital marketer? These 5 reasons go far beyond writing formal letters to a boss and develop your writing skills.

5 Reasons Why Professional Digital Marketers Develop Writing Skills

With more than five years of both freelance and full-time experiences in web content writing and digital marketing, I still can’t help wondering how little people appear to know about these two spheres.

5 Reasons Why Professional Digital Marketers Develop Writing Skills
5 Reasons Why Professional Digital Marketers Develop Writing Skills


Interestingly, the circle of these people includes not only my family and friends, whose jobs aren’t linked to these spheres at all. Some of my customers and even employers may have a rather blurred idea of what they hire me for.

Seriously, I’m thinking about writing a book on the art of persuasion and mutually beneficial conflicting.

Still, when I’m asked what I do for the living, I feel like I’m going to explain quantum theory to a toddler. My interlocutor nods respectfully, pretending that he or she gets what I mean: ‘Ah, digital marketing? Yeah, I’ve heard about it.’ But I’m never sure if they really understand what my job is.

At the very dawn of my career, I compared content writing with sensible, purposeful essay writing at high school. Rereading my first blogs, I can’t but notice all those academic banalities.

However, modern digital marketing, and content marketing as its integral part, demand more advanced writing skills than school or even university papers, let alone much deeper and wider knowledge of literally everything you are ordered to write about.

So, yes, a good digital marketer must be a good, knowledgeable, and creative content writer. Nevertheless, there’s no point in waiting till you become as great as Charles Dickens or Ray Bradbury. Content writing is a changeable matter. The more you write, the better you can harness it.

But why do you need upgrading your writing skills as an aspiring or a veteran digital marketer?

Reason 1: Writing Helps Formulate, Develop, and Convey Your Ideas

Digital marketing is a very specific sphere of activity. Despite its apparent independence from other areas, it serves as a tool for their development and prosperity. To put it simply, digital marketing helps various businesses create and promote ideas of their products or services on the Internet with the help of technology.

Yes, it includes advertising, if you are thinking about it at the moment. But it isn’t limited to making ads and sales.

Marketing itself is about giving life to a business idea, bringing it into being, updating it, and most importantly, about maintaining a positive connection between this idea and people, its target audience. However, an idea actually means nothing until it is expressed with words and turned into a product, which can be sold and bought.

While making a product tangible is a task for manufacturers, introducing it to potential buyers and investors is a task for marketers. Their material is words. The more skillfully they use it, the more chances they have to attract an audience.

Design or graphics also matter a lot, but they don’t have any sense when words don’t have it either.

Correctly selected and smartly used words are able to provide the understanding and impression of a product or brand which you need as its seller or promoter. So, good writing skills will stand a marketer in good stead.

Good writing makes customers think what a marketer wants them to think, however bossy it may sound.

Reason 2: Quality Content Marketing Is Now at the Core of a Successful Business

The Internet is the main assistant and the main challenge when it comes to running a business. On the one hand, it helps to introduce a business, attract people’s attention to an innovative offer, build beneficial relationships with a target audience and monitor its needs and preferences. I bet you can continue this list.

On the other hand, however, it’s getting more and more complicated to fascinate, shock, intrigue, and interest the Internet community and search engines.

When you work on a scientific article or a fictional story, you tailor your writing for real people. But when you work on web content, that is on a blog post or a text for a brand web page, you write not only for people but also for Google (or, maybe, Baidu or Bing) robots. Their special algorithms are probably even more demanding than humans, though Googlers say that the algorithms are programmed to understand the text as humans do.

If only it all was that simple. Writing for the web today requires not only an excellent knowledge of a language you use and understanding of people’s needs and moods. Content marketing can be rightfully considered a crucial facet of information technology, so a content writer also must know quite a lot of tech things.  

Quality content is essential for business development, and not just in the online environment. A good digital marketer knows it and attaches much weight to writing such content so it successfully serves a business purpose.

Reason 3: Smart Social Media and Email Marketing Attract Your Audience

Enlisting the support of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other online communities is a great achievement. And a new challenge. Netizens give us 7-8 seconds to catch their precious attention, and then they just scroll down, without even remembering what we try to tell them.

But that’s the worst scenario, of course.

We, content writers and digital marketers, can use our power over discerning Facebook and Instagram users if we write the right message to them. A pic of a product and a photo or video from its presentation are nice, but we need words, the fewer the better, in order to explain everyone why on earth they want this product. Though they don’t even sense that. Yet.

Write for them, write about them, write because they need to know. And consider the quality of your writing – its flawlessness, originality, and logic.

Reason 4: Good Writing is a Key Element of Effective Team Building

Remember I’ve mentioned persuasion and problem-solving? Good writing plays a crucial role in them. Even if everything’s relatively fine with the promotion of a product, communication behind the scenes, that is within the company or between its specialists and customers, needs correctly chosen words too.

Instructions, reports, presentations, even corporate emails matter for the success of an idea and a promotional campaign which is aimed at bringing it into life.

Even if you are a freelancer, believe me, it takes great efforts to write messages to a person who intends to hire you in order to build a clear understanding of what he or she really wants from you. Or is it just me who gets a little annoyed with the phrase “Do it like our competitors did, but in a different way”?

Reason 5 (Bonus): AI Will Never Replace You  

Yes, I follow the news and I know that the greatest of human brains are trying to create an AI algorithm that would help a robot write an original text.

But content writers, as well as journalists and fiction writers, shouldn’t worry that this innovation will deprive them of their jobs.

Well, that still may happen, but only after we, humans, discover what exactly helps us generate new ideas and put them on paper so skillfully that others of our kind like these ideas and follow what they appeal to.

Science makes no forecasts for that. Assuming that it just doesn’t know, we can enjoy our jobs for at least a century. Or, probably, forever.

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