5 Reasons Why Quality Assurance and Software Testing Are Important

Here are a few reasons why you should have software testers conduct frequent quality assurance and testing on your software products.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 5, 2024
5 Reasons Why Quality Assurance and Software Testing Are Important

Businesses are often required to carry out quality assurance (QA) tests on their software products to locate and fix any bugs. However, there are far more benefits to this process than diagnosing software errors. This process is the core of software development, and ensures that products are reliable and functional. Here are a few reasons why you should have software testers conduct frequent quality assurance and testing on your software products:

1 Cost-effective

Faulty software can be costly in several ways. Firstly, if the product doesn’t function as intended, it may yield a negative return on investment (ROI). This is often cited in the developers versus QA testers’ argument. A QA process identifies glitches that impede the product’s functionality and fixes them before it scares users away.

Secondly, as a product owner, you may be forced to reimburse users who experience glitches as they interact with your product. Additionally, extra costs may arise from software testing but are easily clouded by the returns. Successful brands often release product updates after testing and successfully fixing bugs and upgrading the products.

2 Enhanced security: Quality Assurance and Software Testing

The cyber crime industry is at an all-time high, netting millions of dollars from hacks annually. One way to fortify your software from hack-related vulnerabilities is by carrying out frequent testing and quality assurance. Today, customers opt for products that secure their investments and personal information from marauding hackers. Software testing and quality assurance increase the product’s trustworthiness and save you trouble in insurance policies.

Testing your products for bugs not only protects you from cyber-crime but also protects the lives of its users. For instance, a software bug on China Airlines Airbus A300 caused a crash in 1994. Leading to the loss of 294 lives.

3 Improved product quality

There are dozens of other products that offer similar services as yours. If your product’s quality is unsatisfactory, you are likely to lose customers to a competitor with a better product. Carrying frequent tests identifies bugs and checks if the product delivers the intended purpose. By inspecting aspects such as functionality, graphics, and compatibility with the intended devices.

4 Improved user experience: Quality Assurance and Software Testing

The goal of any product is to deliver an unrivaled user experience. This helps to secure loyal customers for your business. A great user experience is an indirect form of marketing since satisfied customers are likely to refer your product to their friends and family. Remember when British Airways lost thousands of customers in 2019 due to rampant IT software failures? That is the cost of offering a poor customer experience.

5 Accelerated software development

Nothing slows down the software development process more than fixing bugs at the end of the project. If your developers can perform parallel software tests at various stages of development. The chances of having problems when launching the product will be scarce.


Software products tend to acquire more glitches as time goes by. So, it pays to have an expert perform frequent quality assurance and software testing. In conclusion, a well-functioning product serves the intended purpose and offers an excellent user experience.

Claudio Pires

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