5 Signs You Need Web Development Help

If you wouldn’t like your site, neither will your users. In this article, we’re going to illuminate 5 signs you need web development help to your website

5 Signs You Need Web Development Help

Nowadays, web users are pickier than ever. They expect a lot from websites. If a website doesn’t deliver, they’ll leave. But you already know that! When’s the last time you’ve waited more than a few seconds for a website to load? More importantly, how many times have you left a website that was visually confusing? If you’re being honest… a lot. That being said, you should hold you or your company’s website to the same standard you use the web. If you wouldn’t like your website, neither will your users. In this article, we’re going to illuminate 5 signs you need web development help to bring your website up to speed.

Signs That You Need Web Development Help

5 Signs You Need Web Development Help

1. Speaking of Speed…

Firstly, your website needs to be fast. Google suggests that websites aim for the three-second mark. By ten seconds, your users have already left. When you type your website into the URL bar, how fast does it load? You can go the traditional route and time it, or use a tool like GTMetrix to scan your website’s speed and what’s holding it back. If you find the load time to be less than desirable and can’t seem to decode the GTMetrix report, turn to a web developer.

2. Your Website Looks Terrible on Mobile

Secondly, most searches are made on a smartphone. Year over year, we see that trend growing. When testing your website for speed, make sure you know how that translates to mobile devices. A website can be fast on your desktop and slow on your smartphone. In fact, most speed tests like Page Speed Insights will give you two website speed scores: One for desktop and another for mobile devices.

3. You Need Web Development Help When The Website is Always Breaking

How many times do bugs hold you back? How many mornings have you woken up to a broken website? Messy code can hold back even the best of designs. If you’re copying and pasting code from W3b schools without an understanding of how code lives and functions within its framework, it’s not a good idea to continue on without the help of a professional web developer.

4. Your Branding isn’t Consistent

Does your website look like a complete idea? Did you create a style guide? If not, chances are that your website doesn’t look like it ‘belongs’ together. To create a strong brand image that customers will remember, you want to make sure all of your brandings are consistent. With a professional web development team on your side, you can ensure that.

5. You’re Not Indexing

Finally, If you know anything about Google Search, you know that the first step in keyword rankings is making sure that you’re indexed. In fact, when you’re not indexed- it’s nearly impossible to reach new users without running paid ads. If you can’t find your website on Google, you’re not indexed. Hiring a professional web developer will change that.

Conclusion About When You Need Web Development Help

Long story short? In conclusion, If you’ve taken the time to read this entire article, you probably need web development help. Though today’s tools make it easier than ever to put together a website, it’s still its own job. If you’re a business trying to run day-to-day operations, it’s a good idea to hire a web developer to handle your website. In the same light, if you have a web developer and still seem to have all of these issues you may need to find a new developer to work with. Use your current developer’s shortcomings to qualify your next.

When did you know you needed to hire professional development help? So, share your experience in the comments.