5 Surprising Facts about Nursing Assistants

Check the most surprising & amazing facts about nursing assistants and important things to consider in a CNA career that you need to know

Updated on June 14, 2023
5 Surprising Facts about Nursing Assistants

A career in nursing is a promising one as it offers great salaries, flexibility in work timings and job security. Due to the increasing population of the aged group, there is a great demand for qualified and certified nursing aid staff who can provide care to those who need it. Check the most surprising & amazing facts about nursing assistants and important things to consider in a CNA career.

The increasing demand has also increased the average salary for a certified nurse which is expected to rise further in the coming time by 8% according to recent surveys. Check the top 5 surprising and amazing facts about nursing assistants and CNA careers things you don’t know.

A certified nursing assistant is responsible for providing the needed care to patients in a hospital, at the patient’s home or at a nursing facility.

This might include moving, eating, taking a bath and keeping track of the medical treatment being given to the patient. If you are thinking of making a career in this field, here are a few less-known facts about performing the role of a nursing assistant that you should be aware of:

1. Nursing assistant training is more challenging than you believe

In addition to the basic academic training, nursing assistants are required to undergo rigorous hands-on practice for learning clinical work before they head to the field. This is usually a mixture of theory and practical cna training.

They need to have a practical experience of the duties they are expected to perform to learn thorough patient care including monitoring patient’s vital signs, keeping track of improvement, providing emergency support, etc. Check the most surprising & amazing facts about nursing assistants and important things to consider in a CNA career.

2. Additional benefits of possessing a certificate in nursing

If you have acquired a CNA certificate, you are eligible for becoming a nursing assistant but in addition to that, you have better chances to advance your career in the healthcare industry by becoming a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or a registered nurse (RN).

In some institutions providing LPN and RN courses, it is essential to have a CNA certification. You need to clear the CNA exam within three attempts. Certain CNA programs may include additional training programs in the course such as emergency support services, CPR, geriatric support, etc.

3. Openings are available for CNAs in varied work environments – Surprising facts about nursing assistants

Being a certified nursing aid doesn’t mean that you will have to work only in a healthcare institute or a home medical care setting.

In the current times, the demand for CNAs has been increasing in special settings such as specialty hospitals, research facilities, rehabilitation centres, blood donation centres, colleges and various non-traditional medical settings. As a CNA, you have wide prospects to have a successful career in the healthcare industry.

4. CNAs have to perform surplus responsibilities

Taking care of the ongoing remedial treatment of the patient. So, helping him in his everyday tasks are not the only things for which nursing aids are responsible.

There are various additional duties they are up to do. A nursing assistant needs to regularly record crucial information regarding the condition of the patient.

Should attentively observe any changes in the patient’s symptoms. If there is any variation in the vitals, the CNA needs to share it in a well-documented manner. With the medical staff involved in the treatment.

Sometimes, the patient may need emotional support to recover from a mental trauma affecting his/her treatment. Also, the family members of the patient require encouragement and hope to look forward to improvement in the patient’s health. All these responsibilities come under the category of nursing aide duties.

5. The history of nursing aids – Surprising facts about nursing assistants

Though the demand for nursing aids has increased in the current times, it is not a new profession. The role of nursing assistants dates back to the era of World War 1 during which the Volunteer Nurses Aid service present in America. By the American Red Cross to train individuals to provide assistance to the nurses.

The role of a nursing assistant may be very daunting and exhausting at times. Nursing assistants must possess extraordinary emotional strength. Nurses may have to take care of more than one patient with different requirements. They need to be very attentive, active and specific while taking on patients with different needs. Sometimes, the deteriorating condition of a patient may leave them emotionally weak.

To face such situations while staying professional. As well as compassionate and supportive at the same time requires extra emotional strength. Possessing these soft skills would certainly have a positive impact on the patient’s condition as well.