5 Things That Should Be Included On Every Company Website

In this article, we will discuss five things that should be included on every company website to drive potential consumers to conversion

5 Things That Should Be Included On Every Company Website

Online web content has the ability to drive potential consumers to conversion. Nowadays, over 67% of customer experience happens digitally. Since so much of the customer experience relies on having compelling web content, websites must have all of the critical factors needed to drive sales. Not only do web pages need to maintain a high conversion rate, but they also need to create a personal connection with site visitors. Your website should be aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. In this article, we will discuss five things that should be included on every company website.

5 Things That Should Be Included On Every Company Website

1: Mission Statement and “About Us” Section

When consumers visit a web page, they should immediately know what they can expect. “About Us” sections are the most underrated aspect of a company website. These pages allow companies to establish their personality as a brand. A mission statement allows a brand to show its values while showcasing their areas of expertise. Both the “About Us” section and the mission statement are tools in developing a personal connection with the reader. These sections develop context, expertise, and personality.

2: Published Content Library

Your website is the platform used to showcase your expertise in the industry. No matter what industry you work in, you can publish blogs and articles that showcase your advanced knowledge about trending topics. In addition to blog articles, publish highlights from recent projects you have completed for your client base. Many content marketing tools can help you establish your content marketing strategy. Published content shows that you are professional, intellectual, and inclined to educate your audience. Finally, this can have good things to include in a company website.

3: Links to Other Resources

Successful websites utilize backlinks to connect their readers to other sites and platforms. Firstly, always link to statistics and resources that provide further context into the information you are sharing. Second, link to the social media platforms associated with your brand. So, if a company is not currently utilizing social platforms, they may want to complete a cost-benefit analysis to see if social media presence would be a worthy investment. Social platforms have the ability to increase the traffic that is brought to your website. With increased web traffic, there will be a greater number of people that are funneled through the customer experience. Several companies, like Famoid help, expand your social media reach to increase traffic to your website.

4: A Contact Section: Things to Include on a Company Website

All websites should have an up-to-date contact section. Consumers experience a lot of frustration when they do not have the ability to ask questions. So, consumers are looking for the ability to contact your company using various methods, including email, phone, and chat. The “Contact Us” section provides a way for you to have direct conversations with your customer base.

5: A Direct Call To Action (CTA)

A CTA allows for conversions and sales to happen directly on your website. Companies have the ability to create multiple CTA’s that align with their goals as a company. You can “call” people to like your page on social media, purchase a product, or subscribe to a program. Moreover, it is crucial that brands strategically choose the design, placement, and language on their call to action function.

Things to Include on a Company Website Summary

With a high percentage of the customer experience taking place online, your web platform must be robust and relevant. When a consumer enters your website, they will immediately see the mission and vision of your brand. From there, readers can explore your products and services. If they have questions about the services you offer, they will contact your customer service team. In conclusion, by investing in your online presence, you will increase your reach and improve customer experience.